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March 2, 2021




Renata Berkyová  (PHOTO:  Private archive).
Renata Berkyová (PHOTO: Private archive).

Renata Berkyová: How a Czech gadjo from Reflex magazine couldn't help showing his racism

30.5.2018 12:40 The discussion of what words we are supposed to use to refer to people who are not Romani has apparently been underway since the term "Rom" became domesticated as part of Czech journalistic discourse. The Editor-in-Chief of Reflex magazine, Marek Stoniš, published a commentary on 24 May in which he objects to the term "non-Rom", specifically, the term "non-Romani children".  full story

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Dr Erika Horváthová: Romani people's basic problem in the Czech Republic is low educational achievement, but it's improving

9.10.2017 10:12 In Erika Horváthová's family education comes first. Both of her parents have degrees, and she herself has just completed her medical degree at Charles University.  full story

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Scholarship for female Romani students at Czech pedagogical secondary schools open until 31 August

22.7.2017 13:08 The Roma Education Fund is still accepting applications for the scholarship program designed for female students accepted to Czech pedagogical secondary schools for the
2017/2018 school year. The program activities are focused on supporting female Romani students at pedagocial secondary schools studying in the field of "Preschool and
extracurricular pedagogy" or the "Pedagogical Lyceum".  full story

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Czech Public Defender of Rights issues recommendations for primary school enrollments

15.1.2016 20:23 Today first-grade enrollments began in the Czech Republic. Children who will turn six during 2016 are those affected.  full story

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Commentary by Karel Holomek: Special educators' lobby has tried to convince us for years that inclusion can't happen yet

12.1.2016 8:00 Among some of our educators the conviction predominates that inclusive education would be equivalent to the Czech schools planning to commit suicide. This has already become a kind of obsession, and some members of the special educators' lobby have been doing their best to convince us for at least 15 years that the time has not yet come for children with varying degrees of mental backwardness (mainly social backwardness) - or even for some children without any such backwardness - to be included in mainstream education.  full story

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Some Czech schools report inclusion already happening, Romani pupils achieving average results

26.10.2015 10:20 Primary school administrators in the Semilsko and Trutnov districts have told the Czech media that they are not having any problems with the Romani pupils attending their schools. The principals say Romani children are achieving average results, both in their behavior and in their studies.  full story

Council of Europe Secretary General Jagland. Photo: Council of Europe

Europe's human rights watchdog disturbed by Czech Republic's segregated schools and treatment of asylum-seekers

17.10.2015 0:05 The Czech Republic has not yet managed to eradicate the reprehensible segregation of Romani children in its schools - despite its integration strategy many educational institutions continue to exist that are "only for Roma" where children are taught according to reduced curricula. The Council of Europe has published this criticism in a recent report.  full story

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