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September 18, 2018
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Czech Christian Democrat leader did not violate law - server

Vsetin, 9.10.2007 10:38
Former mayor of Vsetin and Czech Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) leader Jiri Cunek did not violate any law when the town hall evicted some Romany families under his leadership, the server writes today. The police have closed the investigation of the case and said that no criminal act occurred, said.
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Former Czech official on post-1989 changes at Czech-German Forum

Erfurt, Germany, 6.10.2007 20:33, (ROMEA/CTK)
Former Czech politician Pavel Bratinka pointed to the differences in the developments in the Czech Republic and the eastern part of Germany after the fall of communism, at the annual conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum today.
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Slovak government should pay more attention to Romanies-NGOs

Bratislava, 4.10.2007 16:59, (ROMEA/CTK)
Two Slovak non-governmental organisations, the Institute of Romany Public Policy and the Milan Simecka Foundation, today called on the government to pay more attention to Slovak Romanies' problems.
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Czech civic group launches anti-discrimination project

Prague, 3.10.2007 14:18, (ROMEA/CTK)
The Partners Czech civic group presented an educational anti-discrimination project Our Neighbours designed to trigger a discussion on discrimination among Czech students at a press conference today.
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Far-right wingers stage St Wenceslas demonstration in Kladno

Kladno, Central Bohemia, 29.9.2007 17:16, (ROMEA/CTK)
Czech far-right wingers criticised the current and the past Czech cabinets and voiced their opposition to ethnic minorities and to the U.S. plan to build a radar base on Czech soil at their 3rd St Wenceslas demonstration that some 200 people attended in Kladno today.
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Czech far-right party considering forming "protection" guards

Prague, 28.9.2007 20:23, (ROMEA/CTK)
The Czech nationalist Workers' Party, a ultra-right extra-parliamentary entity, is considering forming its own "protection teams" that would secure order at the party events and also monitor problems involving immigrants, among others, the party head Tomas Vandas said today.
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Brussels to approve first Czech operation programmes in few days

Brussels, 27.9.2007 16:49, (ROMEA/CTK)
The Czech Republic will have first operational programmes, through which money will flow to the country from European funds, approved within a few days or weeks, Czech Local Development Minister Jiri Cunek told journalists here today.
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