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February 21, 2018
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Czech Constitutional Court to deal with Cunek's statements

Prague, 30.10.2007 13:59, (ROMEA/CTK)
Czech Romany woman Claudie Laburdova has filed a constitutional complaint against the police decision to shelve a criminal complaint filed against Deputy Prime Minister Jiri Cunek for his statements about Romanies, Laburdova's lawyers Martin Conka and David Masa told CTK today.
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Czech Deputy PM Cunek saved millions, but lived on welfare - CT

Prague, 29.10.2007 23:54, (CTK/ROMEA)
Jiri Cunek, Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) leader, deposited 3.5 million crowns to bank accounts in 1998 when his family received social benefits from the state, the public Czech Television (CT) informed today in the Reporters programme.
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Project helps one hundred Czech Romanies find jobs in Prague

Prague, 29.10.2007 18:57, (Romea/CTK)
The Support for Romanies project has helped some 100 Czech Romanies find jobs in Prague, Jelena Salajdzicova, director of the Slovo 21 (Word 21) civic association, told journalists today.
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Far-right National Party establishes paramilitary unit

Prague, 28.10.2007 22:06, (ROMEA/CTK)
Several tens of supporters of the Czech far-right National Party (NS) attended a Prague meeting today marking the anniversary of the birth of Czechoslovakia in 1918, at which NS leaders delivered speeches and founded the National Guard as a paramilitary organised group.
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The gypsy king

New York, 27.10.2007 0:54, (Source: Mirror - VIDEO)
Earlier this year, Ukrainian-born Eugene Hütz and his band Gogol Bordello appeared onstage with Madonna at Live Earth. Their show-stopping collaboration on La Isla Bonita was the latest remarkable step in one of the most heartwarming, barrier-breaking success stories of the century. And now, Eugene and his band have just completed work on a Madonna-directed movie entitled Filth And Wisdom, partly based on their life and times.
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Bulgaria Allocates BGN 15 M for Roma Ghettos

Sofia, 26.10.2007 16:00, (ROMEA/SNA)
A total of BGN 15 M from the state budget in 2008 is to be allocated to the development of the infrastructure in Roma districts, Bulgaria's government decided on Thursday.
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Gypsies lose their appeal

London, UK, 26.10.2007 15:57, (ROMEA/The Hunts Post)
Two Gypsy families who set up home in Huntingdonshire without planningpermission have failed in an appeal against a High Court order whichforced them from the land.
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