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August 17, 2018
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Czech senators inspect Romany settlement over racism

Ostrava, North Moravia, 1.8.2007 20:02, (CTK)
Three senators for the Independents (SNK), today visited Bedriska, a neighbourhood in Ostrava, notorious for conflicts between majority society and Romanies, to check whether racism exists there.
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Roma to be part of the Kosovo status negotiations

Kosovo/Strasbourgh, 1.8.2007 14:25, (ERTF)
In a letter to the representatives of the International Contact Group the President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Mr. Rudko Kawczynski, reiterated his demand for the inclusion of the Kosovo Roma in the status negotiations process. According to Mr. Kawczynski, the new negotiations are chance for a truly inclusive process taking into account the rights and the interests of all Kosovo people.
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More than 100 Serbian Gypsies cross illegally into Romania, claim police abuse at home

Bucurest, 1.8.2007 10:45, (AP/International Herald Tribune/ROMEA)
More than 100 Serbian Gypsies have crossed the border illegally into neighboring Romania in recent days and filed applications for asylum claiming they were being subjected to abuse and attacks at home, police said Wednesday.
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New local coordinator for Czech Romanies facing many challenges

Kladno, 31.7.2007 18:24, (CTK)
Ludmila Svecova will take up the post of Romany coordinator in the Central Bohemian town of Kladno on Wednesday, thus replacing outgoing coordinator Anton Lukac, Kladno town hall spokesman Petra Kucerova told CTK today.
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Czech Romanies resettled from Vsetin must move out - press

Vsetin, 31.7.2007 11:26, (CTK)
The Tulej Romany family whom the town hall in Vsetin, north Moravia, moved to a dilapidated house in Cechy pod Kosirem, south Moravia, last year, will have to move from the house that is unhabitable, daily Pravo writes today.
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Czech police accuse extremists detained at weekend demonstration

Vlasim, Central Bohemia, 30.7.2007 15:48, (CTK)
The Czech police have accused two extremists detained during an ultra-right wingers' demonstration in Vlasim on Saturday, local police spokeswoman Sona Budska told CTK today.
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M50 Gypsies abandon Irish dream

Dublin/Bucurest, 29.7.2007 14:28, (The Observer)
'I told them not to go to Ireland, that it would be a disaster - and now they are all coming back again,' says Anna Demian, matriarch of the Tileagd Roma community to which about 100 men, women and children have just returned from an encampment on the M50 roundabout at Ballymun, Dublin.
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