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July 4, 2020
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František Bikár

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Controversial Czech EdMin adviser files criminal charges against Shadow Education Minister

České Budějovice, 5.5.2011 16:37, (ROMEA) News server reports that Ladislav Bátora, an economic adviser to the Czech Education Minister, has filed criminal charges with the state prosecutor in České Budějovice alleging that opposition Czech MP Vlasta Bohdalová (Czech Social Democrats - ČSSD), the Shadow Education Minister, has committed defamation against him. His evidence is that the MP issued a press release in which she said Bátora was infamous for making racist statements and had called "for the voluntary transfer of Gypsies to the promised land".  full story

Member of dissolved extremist party convicted of attacking Czech MP

Plzeň, 5.5.2011 16:13, (ROMEA) A court in Plzeň has sentenced Václav Prokůpek (39), the former leader of the Olomouc region organization of the now-dissolved Worker's Party (Dělnická strana - DS) to four months in prison, conditionally suspended for a 1.5 year period, for physically attacking Czech MP Vladislav Vilímec (Civic Democrats -ODS) of Plzeň. The prosecution said that two years ago, Prokůpek punched Vilímec, who at the time was Vice-Governor of the Plzeň Region in charge of the economy, in the center of Plzeň. Vilímec suffered facial weals.  full story

Hungarian Interior Minister: No one can break the law and take it into their own hands

Gyöngyöspata, Hungary, 28.4.2011 15:22, (ROMEA) Last night, after undergoing an exceptionally tense situation during the day, everything was calm in the Hungarian village of Gyöngyöspata. The tensions had been caused by street fighting between local Roma residents and members of paramilitary "Guards". Hungarian Interior Minister Sándor Pintér is promising to intervene uncompromisingly against those who provoked the violence and against those Roma people who took justice into their own hands.  full story

Czech lower house committee proposes suspending activities of extremist parties

Prague, 28.4.2011 14:38, (ROMEA) All of the parties elected to parliament have delivered their complete financial reports for last year to the Czech lower house, even though some of them had to be asked to supply missing data. Failure to fulfill this legal obligation means that 11 party coalitions and another 73 parties now face the possibility that their activities will be suspended. The Monitoring Committee of the lower house approved a resolution today calling for the suspensions.  full story

Austrian Police arrest operator of Nazi propaganda website housed on US server

Vienna, 12.4.2011 16:43, (ROMEA) Today in the early morning hours, Austrian Police arrested neo-Nazi Gottfried Küssel for running a seditious website with neo-Nazi content on a server in the United States. The police also performed searches in the homes of other well-known neo-Nazis. All Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda is banned in Austria by a law against the revival of Nazism. The state prosecutor in Vienna released the information today.  full story

Czech court gives Slovak neo-Nazi six month suspended sentence for hate speech

Teplice, 12.4.2011 15:37, (ROMEA) Today the Teplice District Court handed down a criminal injunction against a 62-year-old man from Slovakia for a speech he gave on Saturday in Krupka during a rally for the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS). The court said his speech incited hatred against members of a particular ethnicity. News server reports that the man left the court with a six month sentence suspended for two years and promised to leave the Czech Republic as quickly as possible.  full story

Slovakia: Nationalists want referendum against minority languages

Bratislava, 12.4.2011 14:27, (ROMEA) The nationalist Slovak National Party (Slovenská národní strana - SNS) wants a referendum to be held that would make Slovak the country's only official language. Some lawyers are warning that such a vote would contravene the Constitution, which makes it possible for members of minorities to speak their native language with the authorities. The SNS needs to get at least 350 000 signatures in the country of five million in order for a referendum to be held. The nationalists are starting their campaign to win support for such a referendum in southern Slovakia today, where many members of the Hungarian minority live.  full story

Open letter to Czech Education Minister: Bátora's opinions incompatible with EdMin mission

Prague, 29.3.2011 19:07, (ROMEA) A group of experts and organizations working on human rights, aid to immigrants and Roma education have sent a letter to Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš (Public Affairs - VV) regarding his upcoming appointment of an adviser. It is speculated that the chair of the conservative D.O.S.T. initiative and one-time candidate for the nationalist National Party, Ladislav Bátora, may become the minister's adviser on Friday. The letter-writers are calling on the ministry to reconsider and choose an adviser "who will be sensitive to the needs of all groups in society", the Czech Press Agency reports.  full story

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