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January 19, 2019
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videoCzech town councilor: Yesterday was a disgrace to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, 16.2.2014 18:27, (ROMEA) Nazis wearing Fascist symbols and carrying torches marched through the Czech town of Karlovy Vary up to the colonnade yesterday. Accompanied by the Hitlerite rhythm of several drums, they closed off the destination for an hour as their speeches, 80 % of which were in German, resounded through the space.  full story

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videoCzech and German neo-Nazis march with flaming torches through Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, 15.2.2014 20:07, (ROMEA) According to information from the Czech Police, about 100 neo-Nazis from the Czech Republic and Germany came to Karlovy Vary on Saturday for an assembly which organizers claimed was intended to honor the victims of bombardment during WWII. About 50 anti-Fascists protested against their march through the town.  full story

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videoStudent life: Roma Students in Central Eastern Europe

Budapešť, 6.2.2014 12:27, (ROMEA) This year Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) is hosting more than 5o Roma students both MA students and Roma Access Programs students. CEU is well known in Central Eastern Europe for its higher education programs for Roma students. Currently there are two ongoing programs: Roma Graduate Preparation Program and Roma English Language Program.  full story

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videoCzech rapper Bonus: Alone in the dead of night, heading upstream

Prague, 15.12.2013 22:07, (ROMEA) Bonus, aka Bourek, aka Martin Tvrdý - real name Martin Hůla - is a DJ, musician, rapper and songwriter. He was behind the creation of the band Sporto and has recently been performing with the Martin Tvrdý Trio project.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: 41 Romani college students win scholarships

Prague, 15.11.2013 1:18, (ROMEA) On 8 November, 41 Romani college students were awarded scholarships from the Roma Education Fund (REF). The students received EUR 800 for the academic year, although students attending private colleges are allowed to request even more money to cover tuition.  full story

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videoDNA tests confirm child removed from Greek Roma has Bulgarian Roma parents

Sofia, Bulgaria, 25.10.2013 17:39, (ROMEA) DNA tests have confirmed that the mother of blonde Maria, who was discovered living with a Romani couple in Greece last week, is Sasha Rusev, a Romani woman from Bulgaria. International wire services reported the source of the news as a spokesperson for the Bulgarian Interior Ministry, Svetlozar Lazarov.  full story

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videoEuropean panic over "white" children in Romani families

Dublin/London/Atheny, 24.10.2013 0:20, (ROMEA) Fair-skinned children in Romani families have recently been taken into temporary care by authorities in Greek and Ireland and have been threatened with such removal by members of the public in Serbia. The mention of the family's Romani ethnicity in the reporting on the Greek case has resulted in a frenzy of international media coverage.  full story

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videoIreland: Blonde girl taken away from Romani couple is their biological child

Dublin, Ireland, 23.10.2013 22:36, (ROMEA) The hysteria prompted by the international media reporting of Greek authorities recently removing a blonde girl from a Romani family there has now resulted in a scandalous blunder by authorities in Ireland. Police in Dublin removed a seven-year-old blonde girl from the custody of a Romani couple on Monday.  full story

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videoItaly: Romani people attacked in Naples

Naples, 16.10.2013 21:58, (ROMEA) The situation for Romani residents of Naples is deteriorating. On 15 October press agencies reported on an alleged “accident” in which acid was spilled onto a Romani child and his mother from a balcony above them.  full story

Approximately 300 people participated on Sunday 6 October 2013 in the Roma Pride march in Prague (Repro PHOTO: Vít Hassan)

videoCzech Republic: Roma Pride 2013 marches through Prague

Prague, 6.10.2013 20:48, (ROMEA) Approximately 300 people participated in the Roma Pride 2013 march today in Prague. The parade set out from the Old Town Square at around 13:00 for Prague Castle.  full story

Nikos Michaloliákos, leader of the Greek party Golden Dawn, now seated in parliament

videoGreek police arrest head of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and several of its MPs

Athens, Greece, 28.9.2013 22:07, (ROMEA) The Greek police undertook an extensive raid today against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which is currently seated in parliament. Police have arrested party head Nikolaos Michaloliakos and sever members of the party, including MPs.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Three simultaneous neo-Nazi demonstrations in Krupka, Prague and Vítkov

Praha/Krupka/Vítkov, 28.9.2013 21:19, (ROMEA) Approximately 100 right-wing extremists participated in a demonstration on St. Wenceslas Day that was convened by neo-Nazis in Prague. Small groups of ultra-right radicals gathered in the lower section of Wenceslas Square before marching to the Edvard Beneš embankment of the Vltava river.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: DSSS supporters attempt pogrom on Romani residents of Ostrava once more

Ostrava, 27.9.2013 22:10, (ROMEA) Supporters of the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) attempted yet another pogrom on Romani residents of Ostrava today shortly before 7 PM. A mob did its best to attack a residential hotel predominantly occupied by Romani tenants.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Neo-Nazi anti-Roma event in Duchcov a debacle

Duchcov, 17.8.2013 21:51, (ROMEA) Approximately 40 neo-Nazis gathered today in the Czech town of Duchcov for an anti-Roma assembly there. Shortly after 15:00, those participating set out from the train station down Husova Street in the direction of Republika Square.  full story

videoGypsies, Roma, Travellers: An Animated History

14.8.2013 11:07, (ROMEA) Europe is home to 10–12 million Roma and Travellers, yet many Europeans are unable to answer the basic question, “Who are the Roma?” Even fewer can answer questions about their history.  full story

Young people commemorated victims of Roma Holocaust in Auschwitz (2. 8. 2013, FOTO:

videoYoung people commemorated victims of Roma Holocaust in Auschwitz

Auschwitz, 5.8.2013 22:50, (ROMEA) The world’s largest Roma Genocide Remembrance Event “Dik I na Bistar/look and don’t forget” took place today in Memorial – Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, with more than 400 young people from 20 countries. The big number of participants at the youth commemoration at the Memorial of the formal so called “Gypsy camp”, underlines the growing Roma movement fight´s against prejudices and stereotypes and for the recognition of the 2nd August as a Roma Remembrance day.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Police detain three people, confiscate 22 weapons during neo-Nazi event in Vítkov

Vítkov, 3.8.2013 22:42, (ROMEA) Speaking to journalists after today's anti-Romani march was over, Tomáš Kužel, director of the Moravian-Silesian Regional Police, told journalists that during today's demonstration in Vítkov (Opava district) police officers detained three people and confiscated 22 weapons, but there were no clashes of a more serious nature. About 200 people attended the right-wing extremist assembly, but not all of them participated in the march. Around 200 police officers supervised public order during the event.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: 200 people at neo-Nazi assembly in Vítkov, minimal police intervention needed

Vítkov, 3.8.2013 20:25, (ROMEA) The 6 000-strong town of Vítkov (Opava district) has experienced only two of the three assemblies that had been announced as taking place there today. Neo-Nazis came to the town and marched through its streets, including past the site of one of the worst racist attacks in the Czech Republic ever.  full story

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