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July 12, 2020
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videoCzech Republic: 1 May assemblies against refugee reception and against xenophobia, right-wing extremists verbally assault journalists

1.5.2016 17:22 Since the early morning hours of 1 May there have been peaceful demonstrations, marches, and traditional assemblies throughout the entire Czech Republic. One demonstration against tax havens and xenophobia was attended by 250 people and began on the Square of the Republic in Prague.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: NGO campaign draws attention to anti-Romani prejudice

2.4.2016 20:43 A new campaign against prejudice toward Romani people has been launched in the Czech Republic to mark International Romani Day this year by the ARA ART organization. The campaign is called #PrayForPrej and one of its main ideas is that Romani people do not live according to prejudiced expectations, but fully participate in Czech society, and people should not believe the lies disseminated about them.  full story

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videoCzech town offers Romani family accommodation in uninhabitable residential hotel

28.3.2016 9:51 The Gorol family of the Czech town of Slaný recently requested an apartment from local officials after their previous rental arrangement came to an end. The local council approved a place in its residential hotel for them, which is comprised of three adjacent buildings.  full story

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videoUltra-right extremists riot in center of Prague, Czech Police intervene and arrest racist activist

27.3.2016 3:15 Police in Prague arrested the chair of the right-wing extremist National Democracy (ND) party, Adam B. Bartoš, on Saturday, 26 May at a demonstration against "Islamicization". Four other demonstrators were arrested later in the day.  full story

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videoVideo footage shows recently-elected Slovak MP attacking Arab family including children last year

14.3.2016 18:41 Milan Mazurek (age 22) is a violent racist who will be seated in the Slovak Parliament on behalf of Marian Kotleba's fascist party, the People's Party Our Slovakia (Lidová strana Naše Slovensko - LSNS), as was documented last year when he vulgarly shouted at an Arab family with children who were being protected by police officers when extremists began throwing rocks at them during an anti-immigrant demonstration in Bratislava. Mazurek will be seated instead of the originally-elected LSNS candidate, who has had to give up his Parliamentary seat because he is being prosecuted for having assaulted a dark-skinned foreign national in 2014.  full story

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videoCzech Government to answer questions about illegal sterilizations, mostly of Romani women, from UN Committee tomorrow

22.2.2016 23:10 Tomorrow, 23 February, a delegation from the Czech Republic will answer questions before the UN Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The Czech Republic should inform the Committee of the steps it has taken for the purpose of fulfilling the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.  full story

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videoHighest-paid Hungarian footballer of all time is Romani

14.1.2016 19:50 What has been suspected for several days has now been officially confirmed. Hungarian footballer Norbert Balogh will continue his career as a player in the highest Italian competition, the A Series, as a member of Palermo.  full story

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videoEXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Romani police officer originally from Czech Republic becomes a Member of the British Empire

31.10.2015 17:46 On 29 October, police officer Petr Torák received the honor of being appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) from the UK Home Office. The high civilian honor was awarded to him by Queen Elizabeth II for his community work in the town of Peterborough.  full story

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videoLIVE BROADCAST 10:30 GMT today: Romani people meet with Pope Francis

26.10.2015 7:01 Pope Francis will receive more than 5 000 Romani people from the Americas, Asia and Europe today in the Paul VI Audience Hall, Vatican City at 10:30 GMT and the event will be broadcast live online. The meeting concludes the International Pilgrimage of Gypsies, which was organized by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples between 23 and 26 October this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's visit to Romani people in a travellers' camp in Pomezia, Italy.  full story

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videoBulgaria: Romani dwellings demolished in Varna

21.8.2015 22:13 Radio FOCUS in Bulgaria reports that houses built illegally by their Romani occupants in the Maksuda quarter of the Mladost municipal department of the city of Varna began undergoing demolition yesterday. Residents reportedly threw rocks at police and attempted to attack them during the demolition.  full story

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videoKHAMORO: Annual parade of Romani performers marches through the center of Prague

31.5.2015 23:11 This year the 17th annual Khamoro Festival parade of colorfully-dressed Romani dancers, musicians, and singers made its way through the center of Prague accompanied by live music. The annual festival began last Sunday on the banks of the Vltava River in Prague and culminated last night with a gala concert of many Romani performers.  full story

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video Marine Le Pen visits former Czech President, activists confront her in Prague

8.5.2015 11:38 Activists from the Young Greens (Mladí zelení) organization in the Czech Republic protested on 6 May at a conference called "Peace and Prosperity in Europe After the European Union" against the appearance of French politician Marine Le Pen in the Czech Parliament. The chair of France's Front National (FN) arrived in Prague on Tuesday and attended the conference, which was organized by the Civic Conservative Party (Občanská konzervativní strana - OKS).  full story

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video"Romani Black Panthers" undertake "guerilla action" in a Prague supermarket

5.4.2015 2:02 On Tuesday, 24 March, the art group Romane Kale Panthera (Romani Black Panthers) presented an exhibition at the Hraničář Gallery in Ústí nad Labem about their "guerilla action" called "Happy Pork from Lety" ("Veselý vepřík z Letů"). Through this action, the group attempted to draw public attention to the fact that a pig farm still stands on a Romani Holocaust memorial site in Lety by Písek, that the Czech Government promised to get rid of the farm in the 1990s, and that the state has still not bought out the farm.  full story

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videoNews server switching to Disqus for online discussions

Prague, 4.4.2015 23:48, (ROMEA) As of 31 March 2015, a new system is being used by news server for readers to comment on our articles. Before now we have been using Facebook.  full story

--ilustrační foto-- interviews authors of the "official" version of the Romani anthem

28.3.2015 19:02, (ROMEA) Does there now finally exist an official, standardized form of the Romani anthem? Has the situation in which hundreds of various versions of the anthem were being played for different occasions at different places now been overcome?  full story

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videoIs this the official version of the international Romani anthem?

27.3.2015 22:45, (ROMEA) The authors of the website are claiming that for the first time in history, the international Romani anthem, "Gelem, gelem", now exists in an official, standardized form. The anthem has been recorded in three versions: A choral one, an instrumental one, and a solo vocal one.  full story

The only source of water for Roma in a Slovak town (PHOTO: ERRC)

videoWorld Water Day: Let's talk about Roma in Europe

22.3.2015 18:42, (ROMEA) Most of us take clean water for granted. It is abundant, provided directly in our homes, and checked continuously to ensure it meets quality and safety standards. Images of long treks to access water, sometimes through difficult or dangerous terrain, are associated in our minds with other continents, where we imagine that this time-consuming and labour-intensive task is a part of daily life for some people. Yet all across Europe there are people living without access to clean water and many of them are Roma.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Romani charity ball raises money for children's home

Ústí nad Labem, 22.3.2015 1:25, (ROMEA) The second annual Romani Charity Ball took place on Friday, 20 March 2015 in the House of Culture in Ústí nad Labem, raising CZK 50 000 (EUR 1 820) for children living in a children's home there. Mayor Josef Zikmund gave his auspices to the ball and contributed CZK 10 000 from his own fund, while those in attendance collected the remaining CZK 40 000.  full story

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videoEuropean Platform for Roma Inclusion meets in Brussels

Brussels, 19.3.2015 19:01, (ROMEA) The ninth session of the European Platform for Roma Inclusion took place in Brussels earlier this week, attended by Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, as well as by a delegation from the Czech Republic led by Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation Jiří Dientsbier. Through this initiative, the European Commission facilitates a broader dialogue between the Member States, nonprofit organizations and Romani representatives with respect to inclusion and integration policies.  full story

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videoSlovakia: Scandalous verdict acquits police of torturing Romani children

Bratislava, Slovakia, 28.2.2015 23:57, (ROMEA) Yesterday a court in Slovakia acquitted all 10 current and former police officers who faced prosecution for abusing Romani children at a police station. The police filmed their humiliation of the children using their mobile phones and shared the footage.  full story

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