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August 17, 2022




Boston, UK (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Right-wing British press warns of "beggar" influx in 2014

Boston, UK, 23.2.2013 18:36, (ROMEA) Agence France-Presse reports that the town of Boston in Great Britain has begun to resemble a small corner of Eastern Europe, where butcher shops feature wreaths of Polish kielbasa and vodka on the shelves and people converse in Latvian and Lithuanian on the street. According to the latest census, more than 10 % of the inhabitants of the quiet little town in the county of Lincolnshire in eastern England is from one of the formerly communist countries that joined the European Union at the start of the millennium.  full story

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Commentary: The difficult path to integrating Czech Roma

8.2.2013 1:11, (ROMEA) The dismal housing situation, long-term unemployment, a high percentage of Romani children educated in the "practical primary schools" (special schools), and numerous incidents of anti-Romani sentiment, including demonstrations, in many towns throughout the Czech Republic: All of this shows that the process of integrating Romani people into society is markedly failing in practice. The living conditions and social situations of many Romani families continue to significantly intensify.  full story

Czech Television reports case of successful Romani integration in France

Aubervilliers, France, 8.2.2013 0:54, (ROMEA) Czech television reported last month that the municipality of Aubervilliers in France has "found the formula" for integrating Romani people there. For five years the administrative bodies of the Paris suburb have been trying to correct various problems linked to the municipality's rising population of Romani immigrants from Romania.  full story

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Canada: Why are the Hungarian Roma fleeing to Canada?

Canada, 31.1.2013 13:25, (ROMEA) The situation of the Roma in Hungary is indisputable very difficult and the reasons to leave the country are obvious. The discrimination of Roma takes place very publicly. This month there was a demonstration against the governing party because of anti-Romani commentaries. And also the living standards do not fulfill human right standards. But why do they choose Canada? A flight to Canada is about 1000 $ so it is very difficult for the Roma to get there, in fact they have to sell everything they own and that is not a lot.  full story

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Germany: TV discussion Sinti and Roma a concept of enemy: are we too intolerant?

Germany, 24.1.2013 14:11, (ROMEA) 58 Percent say that they do not want Sinti and Roma as neighbors. Where do those prejudices come from? Are the Germans to intolerant? There is an increase in incoming Sinti and Roma from new and future European states. It is without controversy that in their countries the Sinti and Roma live under horrible conditions and in penury. But the public fight started, not just in politics, if Germany can and should accommodate them. This public interest was the reason why they brought up the topic “Sinti and Roma a concept of enemy: are we too intolerant?” in the TV discussion round “Menschen bei Maischberger” on the 20th of November in 2012.  full story

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Britain: Roma children are Britain’s hidden care problem

Rotherham, Britain, 24.1.2013 10:11, (ROMEA) “I’ve seen the news and read the stories on the internet. They’ve made me worry about my children,” says Jonas, father of four and a Roma immigrant form Czech Republic, now living in Rotherham. “They think we're stupid and can't take care of ourselves... if social services knock at my door, I won't let them in. "It's because we're Roma. We can't speak English; we're an easy target," adds his wife Yvetta. The distrust between Rotherham's Roma community and social services has grown in recent years - as has the city's Roma community.  full story

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Canada advises Romani people to stay home in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, 22.1.2013 22:05, (ROMEA) Czech Radio reports that the Canadian Embassy to Hungary is urging Romani people not to attempt an overseas move. Since this past weekend, the embassy has been conducting a campaign in the poorest of Hungary's regions, specifically in the town of Miskolc, which has the country's highest population of Romani residents. Canada has tightened its immigration laws and has reduced the opportunity for people to receive asylum there.  full story

Canada may lift Czech visas once asylum process speeds up

Ottawa, 21.12.2012 18:27, (ROMEA) The Canadian media is reporting that Canada will accelerate the administration of asylum-seekers' requests for citizens of the Czech Republic. That country and 26 others are now on a list of so-called "safe states" where the Canadians believe people are not usually at risk of persecution, unlike people in other parts of the world.  full story

Elisabetta Vivaldi (PHOTO: Archive RV)

Elisabetta Vivaldi: Health is more than lack of disease

Mantua, Italy, 18.12.2012 3:47, (Romano vod'i) On 13 October 2012, Gwendolyn Albert interviewed researcher Elisabetta Vivaldi in Mantua, Italy about Romani immigrants to that country and the conditions in which many end up living. Italy has been criticized by numerous international human rights bodies for its treatment of the Romani minority.  full story

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France cancels payments to Romani migrants in exchange for their departure

Paris, 11.12.2012 17:18, (ROMEA) The online news server of the French political weekly Le Point reports that on 7 December the French Government announced it had abolished the financial aid it had been giving to migrant Romani people who agree to return to their country of origin. The change concerns mainly Romani people from Romania, whose country is an EU member but is not yet included in the Schengen area providing for the free movement of people within the EU.  full story

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Greek neo-Nazis again attack immigrants, injuring one

Athens, Greece, 4.12.2012 16:59, (ROMEA) Greek news servers reported yesterday that a group of Greek neo-Nazis has once again attacked immigrant stall-keepers in Athens. One victim suffered injuries and was transported to hospital.  full story

Sweden: Racist murderer of immigrants gets life in prison

Stockholm, Sweden, 25.11.2012 21:22, (ROMEA) The racist assailant who terrorized the inhabitants of the southern Swedish town of Malmö for two years has been sentenced to life in prison. Peter Mangs (age 40) shot at dark-skinned immigrants and long evaded police despite an intensive manhunt for him. Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports that he was arrested in 2010 and has now been sentenced on two counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, and three counts of assault. The court also ruled that Mangs must pay the families of his victims compensation in the amount of 1.2 million Swedish crowns.  full story

Ultra-right growing in former East Germany

Germany (eastern part), 12.11.2012 17:19, (ROMEA) The German media reports that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is informing the public that during the last six years, the number of people advocating opinions typical of the ultra-right in the former East Germany has significantly increased. The foundation says the proportion of persons holding such beliefs has risen from 6.6 % to 15.8 %.  full story

Moscow: Neo-Nazis and Orthodox fanatics voice support for Breivik

Moscow , 5.11.2012 19:11, (ROMEA) News server reports that Moscow has just experienced a wave of extreme hatred against immigrants and of ultra-nationalism. The so-called "Russian March" has taken place in the capital during which roughly 6 000 neo-Nazis and ultraconservative adherents of the Orthodox Church demonstrated in favor of purging Russia of all newcomers.  full story

Marine Le Pen is elected as leader of France’s National Front party

Paris, 27.1.2011 16:01, (ROMEA) Command of the far-right National Front (FN) in France is now in the hands of 42-year-old Marine Le Pen, daughter of the previous leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen.  full story

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