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January 25, 2020
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Europol rescues 30 Romani children from traffickers in continent-wide raid

The Hague, 24.9.2014 19:19, (ROMEA) The European Union's law enforcement agency, Europol, has intervened in 34 countries including the Czech Republic and arrested 1 027 people in the biggest raid against organized crime in its history. Under the leadership of Europol, the operation, called Archimedes, lasted nine days and focused primarily on drugs, fraud, human trafficking, tax evasion and theft.  full story

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Analysis: Trial of violent death of Romani man at hands of Czech Police involves witness suicide attempt

Kynšperk/Sokolov, 23.9.2014 19:29, (ROMEA) In mid-September the trial of police officers from the town of Kynšperk resumed at the District Court in Sokolov. The Plzeň Regional State Prosecutor charged them with negligently causing the 2012 death of Mr Ľudovít Kašpar, a Romani man also from Kynšperk.  full story

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Czech detectives investigate arson against police vehicle, "anarchists" took credit

Ústí nad Labem, 19.9.2014 17:29, (ROMEA) The Czech Republic's Organized Crime Detection Unit (Útvar pro odhalování organizovaného zločinu - ÚOOZ) has taken over from detectives in Ústí nad Labem the investigation of an attack on a police vehicle committed at the end of August. Several confidential police sources have confirmed the transfer and believe the arson attack could be related to left-wing extremism.  full story

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Allison Brown: Understanding Ferguson

New York, 20.8.2014 15:10, (ROMEA) The fire in Ferguson, Missouri continues to burn. More than a week after an unarmed black teenager was fatally shot in the street by a white police officer, the situation in the suburban St. Louis community remains tense. Attempts to mourn the passing of Michael Brown and protest his death have been complicated by looters and the presence of a militarized police force, outfitted with tear gas and rubber bullets. Local law enforcement has been supplanted by state troopers; early Monday morning, Gov. Jay Nixon called in the Missouri National Guard, even as the Justice Department and the FBI moved in to further investigate the shooting. By day’s end, President Obama had weighed in, and dispatched Attorney General Eric Holder to the scene.  full story

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