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August 14, 2022



Czech republic

Czech Romany group hails new minister's words about Lety pig farm

Prague, 26.1.2009 10:28, (ROMEA) The Czech Committee for the Romany Holocaust Victims' Compensation today welcomed the statement by Michael Kocab, the new Czech minister in charge of human rights and minorities, that he wants to solve the case of the pig farm standing on the site of a wartime internment camp for Romanies.  full story

European Roma Information Office's recommendations to the Czech EU Presidency

Brussels, 24.1.2009 17:33, (ROMEA) The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) welcoms the motto of the Czech EU Presidency "Europe without barriers", and in this regard presents its recommendations.  full story

No incident during Czech far-right patrol's march through Janov

Janov/Litvínov, 24.1.2009 15:07, (ROMEA) No incidents occurred during today's march of the ultra-right Workers' Party's (DS) "patrol" through Janov, Litvinov's housing estate with a number of unadaptable inhabitants, mainly Romanies, which the DS staged because of the town hall's alleged neglect of local problems.  full story

Most Roma welcome the appointment of Michael Kocáb as minister

Prague, 23.1.2009 15:03, (ROMEA) Today at Prague Castle, Czech President Václav Klaus named the new members of the coalition government of Czech PM Mirek Topolánek (ODS). In addition to the four new ministers Daniela Filipiová (ODS), Petr Bendl (ODS), Michael Kocáb (for the Greens) and Pavel Svoboda (for KDU-ČSL), Klaus appointed, at Topolánek's request, Czech Defense Minister Vlasta Parkanová (KDU-ČSL) as Deputy Prime Minister and Cyril Svoboda (KDU-ČSL), previously Minister without portfolio, to the post of Minister for Regional Development. Members of the Roma community contacted by evaluated Kocáb's appointment as positive.  full story

New minister is a chance for change

Prague, 19.1.2009 16:50, (ROMEA) New brooms sweep well, they say - but sweeping isn't everything. What to do with the mess afterward? The new Human Rights Minister will be the one to give a new, correct direction to resolving the problems of coexistence and the realization of national minorities' rights. Coexistence between the Roma and the majority has never been considered good, neither in recent history nor in the distant past. According to a public opinion poll taken in 2006, 79 % of citizens questioned from the majority society expressed a negative view of the Roma. The current media icon of the state of that coexistence is the Janov housing estate in Litvínov. Unfortunately, there are many other such icons throughout the republic.  full story

Neo-Nazis attack young Romani man in Prague

Prague, 19.1.2009 16:03, (ROMEA/ In the early morning hours of Sunday, several neo-Nazis attacked a young Romani man in Prague. The attack took place in the vestibule of the Palmovka metro station, the news server reports.  full story

Kocab: I just love the Roma

Prague, 19.1.2009 16:01, (ROMEA/Dení As incoming Human Rights and Minorities Minister, Michael Kocáb wants to energetically plunge into precisely those matters which were the undoing of Džamila Stehlíková. In an interview for the internet server Dení, he has said that he loves the Roma.  full story

Czech town exerting intensive efforts to solve Romany problems

Litvinov, 13.1.2009 21:23, (ROMEA) The Litvinov Town Hall is exerting intensive efforts to solve the situation at the Janov housing estate inhabited mainly by Romanies where there are problems between old-time residents and socially unadaptable households, Litvinov Mayor Milan Stovicek told CTK today.  full story

Czech human rights minister fails in many of her efforts

Prague, 7.1.2009 15:38, (ROMEA) Dzamila Stehlikova, Czech minister for human rights and minorities who expects her dismissal in the near future, has failed to push through many of her plans in support of handicapped groups of inhabitants, and her proposals often met with lukewarm reactions of people.  full story

Czech court sends neo-Nazis behind bars for attempted murder

Ceske Budejovice, 5.1.2009 16:05, (ROMEA) The Regional Court in Ceske Budejovice today sentenced a 20-year-old Czech extremist to 12 years in prison for the attempted murder of a young man who reprimanded him for shouting Nazi slogans in public.  full story

Large group of drunk radicals attack police patrol in Brno

Brno, 22.12.2008 16:04, (ROMEA) A large group of about 70 masked radicals attacked a police patrol car in Brno on Sunday after the patrol was alerted to the spot on the false pretext that someone was demolishing a police car there, Brno police spokesman Bohumil Malasek told CTK today.  full story

Czech police investigate racist attack on Romany

Havirov, North Moravia, 19.12.2008 16:07, (ROMEA) The Czech police are investigating a racially motivated attack on a 17-year-old Romany man in Havirov, Markus Pape, who has been dealing with Romany issues for years, told CTK today.  full story

Czech minister disagrees with Romany criticism of govt agency

Prague, 19.12.2008 10:49, (ROMEA) The Czech government agency for social inclusion of Romany-inhabited localities, that has been working in 12 towns since spring, has been a failure, some Romany activists say but human rights and minorities minister Dzamila Stehlikova says it is too early to assess the agency's effect.  full story

First post-communist Czech Romany party to end activity

Prague, 18.12.2008 21:15, (ROMEA) The Romany Civic Initiative (ROI), the first Romany political party in the Czech Republic after the 1989 fall of communism, will probably end its activities.  full story

Many Czechs aware of Romany problems - expert

Prague, 18.12.2008 21:11, (ROMEA) The Czech Republic is often in focus of reports on the Romanies' situation in Europe, which might be "good news" showing that many Czechs realise it and try to speak up about problems that are ignored elsewhere, German journalist Markus Pape told today's issue of Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).  full story

AI wants Czech diplomacy to deal with human rights

Prague, 17.12.2008 21:16, (ROMEA) Amnesty International (AI) today recommended to the Czech diplomacy that it deal with some human rights issues such as the closing of the U.S. prison in Guantanamo and human rights in China and Israel during the forthcoming Czech EU presidency.  full story

Czech towns unable to solve Romany housing problem-survey

Brno, 12.12.2008 18:32, (ROMEA) Housing is the greatest problem Czech Romanies and other residents of socially excluded localities face and local authorities are unable to solve the problem as there is no law on social housing in the Czech Republic, a survey conducted by Brno Masaryk University experts revealed.  full story

Hundreds of Czechs demonstrate against racism, neo-Nazism

Prague, 11.12.2008 14:59, (ROMEA - VIDEO) About four hundred Czechs took part in the "Stop to Nazism - Let's put neo-Nazis into the spotlight" demonstration this evening staged by the Tolerance and Civic Society civic association monitoring the activities of neo-Nazis and far-right groups' supporters.  full story

Czech far right radicals unlikely to return to Litvinov this year

Litvínov/Janov, 10.12.2008 15:00, (ROMEA) Czech far-right radicals who undertook several marches aimed against Romanies in Litvinov in October and November where they clashed with the police have reportedly agreed not to return to Litvinov's Janov housing estate populated mainly by Romanies till the end of this year.  full story

Open Letter: Reasons behind the proposal to remove Dr. Džamila Stehlíková from her ministerial post

Prague, 4.12.2008 16:35, (ROMEA) Honorable Prime Minister, During the past few days I have transmitted through the media the stance arrived at by a recent meeting of prominent members of the Romani community and activists regarding the latest developments concerning the Roma-occupied Janov housing estate, namely, that Madame Minister Džamila Stehlíková has not fulfilled her role, that she does not have a grasp of the situation, and that it would be appropriate for her to leave office, not only for Romani community matters to be addressed, but especially for them to be resolved.  full story

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