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November 15, 2019
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George Soros, Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Ulrich Bunjes, the Council of Europe’s new Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma Issues (FOTO: Wikimedia Commons)

videoEuropean Roma Institute: An answer to what question?

EU, 25.7.2014 22:37, (ROMEA) In a video produced by the Council of Europe and posted to YouTube this week, Ulrich Bunjes, the Special Representative for Roma Issues, discusses the idea of creating a European Roma Institute (ERI). Outgoing Commission President Barroso and George Soros announced plans for such a development at the EU Roma Summit this past spring in Brussels.  full story

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videoBulgaria: Roma blockade demolition of their homes, riot police intervene

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 22.7.2014 23:24, (ROMEA) Clashes between police officers and Romani people broke out yesterday morning in the Bulgarian town of Stara Zagora. Romani people formed human chains in an effort to prevent authorities from demolishing their homes.  full story

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videoRomani opera singer Miro Bartoš: You can't save the world, but you can help individuals

Prague, 21.7.2014 23:35, (ROMEA) Miro Bartoš and his sister Bohunka are among the few Romani people who have managed to escape an environment that did not give them much of a chance. Both siblings have graduated from music conservatories.  full story

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videoBelgian mayor drives Romani campers out with loud music

Landen, Belgium, 18.7.2014 15:46, (ROMEA) A group of Romani people who parked their caravans on Sunday near the Belgian town of Landen were woken up on the morning of Wednesday, 16 July with loud rock music. The mayor of Landen hired a DJ to play the music in an effort to get them to leave town.  full story

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videoRoma guys see a piano on the street - look what happened next!

Trnava, Slovakia, 16.7.2014 18:06, (ROMEA) A video from Slovakia is spreading like wildfire online featuring an upright piano on the street and three Romani guys. The footage was shot by Peter Bročka of Trnava, who posted the breathtaking clip to  full story

In June 2014, due to the severe rains, flood waters and mud hit the town of Varna, Bulgaria. Varna’s district Asparuhovo was the hardest hit and the heavy rainfall flooded the streets, destroyed homes, and upturned cars. (FOTO:

videoA Flood Lays Bare Inequality in Bulgaria

Varna, 16.7.2014 12:02, (ROMEA) Asparuhovo district in Varna, Bulgaria, was the hardest hit area during the June 2014 floods. The tragedy is enormous; entire streets and houses have vanished. A total of 14 people were killed, including 4 children. I visited the area weeks after the disaster and the scenes remain apocalyptic.  full story

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videoCzech homeless people make video at Prague train station

Prague, 15.7.2014 18:56, (ROMEA) A total of 29 homeless people are featured in a new video clip that was filmed at Prague's Masaryk train station (Masarykové nádraží). In the emotional clip, the homeless men and women sing the Czech national anthem, "Kde domov můj?" (Where is My Home?).  full story

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videoCzech film festival awards film about Romani boxer

Karlovy Vary, 14.7.2014 17:23, (ROMEA) The International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary chose 15 projects out of 51 applicants to compete as part of its Works in Progress 2014 series for awards on 7 July. An international jury then selected the most promising film to receive a prize of EUR 10 000 worth of services from the festival's partner, Barrandov Studios.  full story

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videoSpain: Mob sets two Romani-occupied homes on fire

Estepa, Spain, 9.7.2014 17:23, (ROMEA) Spanish media report that about 300 people gathered on the afternoon of Saturday 5 July in the small town of Estepa near Seville in Spain to protest rising crime rates. The demonstration turned into a violent attack on the homes of Romani residents whom the protesters believe responsible for theft.  full story

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videoBBC: England team's first Romany footballer 'deserves recognition'

London, 19.6.2014 17:01, (ROMEA) In 1895 Rabbi Howell made history as the first Romany footballer to play for England, but 119 years on the pioneering player lies buried in an unmarked grave. Now as an appeal to raise funds for a headstone begins, what is the story behind Howell's ground-breaking career and have sporting attitudes to the Romany community changed?  full story

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videoFrance: Young Roma man in coma after brutal lynching, President is outraged

Paris, 17.6.2014 21:47, (ROMEA) A Roma youth has been fighting for his life after being brutally lynched on Friday in a northern suburb of Paris. French President François Hollande has condemned the attack.  full story

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video"I was born in your bed": Czech town presents Venice Biennale exhibition on Roma

Litomyšl, 16.6.2014 21:34, (ROMEA) An exhibition by multimedia artist Daniel Pešta, whose work was featured in the 2013 Venice Biennale, will now be exhibited comprehensively for the first time in the Czech Republic. The project, which is dominated by two large-format pieces of video art, is about the phenomenon of the Romani issue and individuals' attitudes toward it.  full story

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