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June 30, 2022



Czech republic

Cunek's plan puts the mark of Cain on Czech Romanies

Prague, 16.9.2008 13:20, (ROMEA) The Cunek plan on solving Romany problems puts the mark of Cain on Czech Romanies, Vojtech Lavicka, well-known Romany violinist from the band, says in the daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) today.  full story

Czech Romanies doing better in Vsetin two years later

Vsetin, 16.9.2008 13:16, (ROMEA) Crime in the problematic centre of the north Moravian town Vsetin, largely inhabited by Romanies, has all but disappeared after the experiment proposed by former mayor Jiri Cunek two years ago was implemented, Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today.  full story

Another attack on Roma, once again the police say it is not about racism

Kozolupy (Beroun), 15.9.2008 10:20, (ROMEA) The aftermath of a fire at a caravan in Kozolupy in the Beroun district, set by an anonymous perpetrator, is proving contentious. Those living nearby are unhappy that the police are investigating the incident only as a misdemeanor even though more than 20 people's lives were at risk and they see the attack as having been targeted against the Roma residents in the neighborhood. The police, however, disagree.  full story

Cunek wants Czech Romanies to be divided into three groups

Prague, 15.9.2008 9:40, (ROMEA) The Czech Local Development Ministry of Jiri Cunek has worked out a plan that reckons with Romany families in the country being divided into three groups according to their social level, each approached in a different way, writes the latest issue of the weekly Tyden to be out on Monday.  full story

Minister does not rule out Canada could reimpose visas on Czechs

Prague, 15.9.2008 9:38, (ROMEA) Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer does not rule out that Canada might reintroduce visa requirements for Czechs in reaction to the growing number of Czech asylum seekers, Langer said in a debate on Czech Television (CT) today.  full story

Romanies feeling threat should seek help at home - Czech minister

Prague, 12.9.2008 17:13, (ROMEA) The Romanies who seek asylum in Canada should not conceal their real, particularly financial reasons of their departure from the Czech republic, by alleged persecution, Human Rights and Minorities Minister Dzamila Stehlikova said today.  full story

Czech town to instal cameras to increase Romanies' safety

Rokycany, 8.9.2008 17:29, (ROMEA) The Rokycany Town Hall plans to instal more camera-monitoring devices at the most problematic places in reaction to tension between Romanies and rightist extremists in the town, mayor Jan Baloun told CTK after a meeting with the police and Romany representatives today.  full story

Back to India, back to Fascism

Prague, 8.9.2008 13:04, (CBW) No Czech political administration has successfully dealt with the Romany question. Problems associated with this national minority—low levels of education, high unemployment, indebtedness, crime and drug addiction—not only remain unsolved, but in some parts of the country they are even deepening.  full story

Czech minority integration project threatened

Prague, 4.9.2008 9:06, (ROMEA) A pilot project to support education of children from minority groups, such as Romanies and asylum seekers, ended in six selected Czech regions after two years and its future is uncertain, project manager Jana Muhic Voborilova told CTK today.  full story

Czech minister submits plan for solving Romany problems

Prague, 4.9.2008 9:05, (ROMEA) Czech Local Development Minister Jiri Cunek (junior government Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) has completed his plan of measures aimed at solving problems faced by Czech Romanies, he told journalists today.  full story

Canada's governor general to visit Czech Romanies

Brno, 3.9.2008 9:49, (ROMEA) Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada, will visit a Romany ghetto in Brno in November, the news server writes today, connecting Jean's visit with a growing number of Czech Romanies seeking asylum in Canada and a fear of reintroduction of visas.  full story

Czech skinheads' attack on Chinese unpunished

Prague, 2.9.2008 9:44, (ROMEA) The most serious skinhead attack over the past years, an assault on a Chinese restaurant in the Prague-Nusle neighbourhood six months ago, will not be punished as the Czech police were unable to collect sufficient incrimintating evidence, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes today.  full story

Czech govt council to discuss Romanies seeking asylum in Canada

Prague, 30.8.2008 20:19, (ROMEA) Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Dzamila Stehlikova wants to discuss the controversial issue of an growing number of Czech Romanies seeking asylum in Canada in the government council for Romany affairs, she said today.  full story

Czech Romanies shocked by PM's statements

Prague, 30.8.2008 15:52, (ROMEA) Ladislav Bily, Romany Regional Representatives Association executive secretary, today voiced concern about possible consequences of Czech elected officials' statements about the reasons of the growing number of Romany asylum seekers in Canada.  full story

Czech government agency to help Ostrava Romanies

Ostrava, 26.8.2008 9:19, (ROMEA) The Czech government Agency for Social Integration that wants to fight against Romany ghettos will help socially excluded Romanies in Ostrava's Slezska Ostrava neighbourhood to improve their living conditions, Marek Podlaha from the agency told journalists today.  full story

Czech town to reinforce police patrols over Romanies' complaint

Rokycany, 25.8.2008 17:25, (ROMEA) Representatives of the Rokycany Town Hall, police and local Romanies, who on Sunday protested against the alleged racist atmosphere in the town, today agreed to reinforce state and municipal police patrols in the streets, deputy mayor Marie Hlavkova has told CTK.  full story

Romanies protest against racism in Czech town

Rokycany, 25.8.2008 9:24, (ROMEA - VIDEO) Several tens of Romanies carrying banners protested against the alleged racist atmosphere in the town in the centre of Rokycany today, local police chief Josef Svoboda has told CTK.  full story

Czechs commemorate wartime Romany Holocaust

Hodonin u Kunstatu, South Moravia, 24.8.2008 17:40, (ROMEA) Some 100 people commemorated the Romany Holocaust at the site of the wartime Nazi internment camp for Romanies from the Czech Lands in Hodonin u Kunstatu today.  full story

Czech ministry prepares programme against social exclusion

Prague, 20.8.2008 9:51, (ROMEA) The Czech Local Development Ministry has been working on a programme instructing municipalities on how to help people from socially excluded localities, Josef Balaz, one of the authors of the programme, told journalists today.  full story

Czech Most to improve life in Romany ghettoes

Most, 18.8.2008 21:56, (ROMEA) The Czech town of Most, in which a large Romany community is based, today officially joined a declaration on local partnership that is to improve life in socially excluded localities, Czech Minister for Human Rights and Minorities, Dzamila Stehlikova, told journalists.  full story

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