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January 18, 2019
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Roma Children between Integration and Isolation

Berlin, 26.2.2007 17:49, (ROMEA/Roma Network) Around Europe, Roma, Sinti and Travellers are still confronted with these and a variety of other prejudices. However, the real situation of the children of Europe’s largest minority still remains unknown to most other European citizens. Information is particularly scarce in Germany, where between 100,000 and 200,000 Roma, Sinti and Travellers live, roughly half of them as German citizens, the rest having escaped new persecutions and discrimination in countries of South-Eastern Europe.  full story

Monument to Slovak Romanies killed in WWII unveiled

Dubnica nad Vahom, central Slovakia, 23.2.2007 18:32, (CTK) A monument to 26 Romanies who were brutally killed during World War Two was unveiled in Dubnica nad Vahom today. The execution took place 62 years ago on the orders of the German command of the Dubnica internment camp at which some 700 people were kept.  full story

The 4. International Festival for Young Filmmakers in Miskolc

Miskolc, Hungary, 23.2.2007 12:22, (Romea, Radio C) The 4. International Festival for Young Filmmakers in Miskolc,Northern Hungary welcomes entries in all types of films (feature,short, documentary, animated) to a special category: ROMA-IMAGE - Romas before and behind the camera".  full story

ERIO takes part in BBC radio discussion

Brussels, 21.2.2007 12:13, (ERIO) On February 19, 2007, the BBC Three counties radio broadcasted a life discussion on Roma Gypsy and Travellers issues and policies in UK and other European countries. Several politicians, academics and experts from different parts of Europe were given the opportunity in direct broadcasting to express their opinion on what would be the political impact of the newly established ultra-right wing group in the European Parliament on Roma, Gypsy and Travellers communities in Europe.  full story

Czech state will spend 8 million crowns on anti-discrimination campaign

Czech republic, 12.2.2007 15:56, (CTK) The Czech state will spend 8 million crowns on the annual campaign against discrimination this year, its coordinator Czeslaw Walek has told CTK, adding that the campaign will not only fight prejudices against foreigners as usual, but it will also promote equal chances for all.In the previous years the government annually spent 4 million crowns on the campaign against racism.  full story

Flamenco dancer is appointed Roma's ambassador to the EU

Barcelona, 9.2.2007 15:01, (Independent ) In the stuffy confines of the European Parliament, he cut an unlikely figure. A strutting peacock of a man, Joaquin Cortes is normally to be found stripped to the waist, dancing Flamenco in front of thousands of mostly female devotees.  full story

250 attend gypsy meeting - Rother will decide

Bexhill, 8.2.2007 17:43, (Bexhill Today) Around 250 people flocked to the meeting at West St Leonards Community Centre but 100 had to be turned away as the hall was full to the gills.The event was chaired by Brett McLean, chairman of the LibDems for St Leonards.It was called after many people felt aggrieved for not being invited to the two recent meetings hosted by consultancy firm TK Associates.  full story

Gypsy site is given funding

Sheffield, UK, 8.2.2007 17:37, (Sheffield Today News) A SHEFFIELD gypsy site has been given ?190,000 of Government cash to improve communal facilities.Sheffield Council was awarded the money by the Department for Communities and Local Government, to be spent at the Redmires Lane site, Lodge Moor.  full story

Almost a third of new housing developments are so poorly designed they should never....

UK, 8.2.2007 17:35, (Inside Housing) Almost a third of new housing developments are so poorly designed they should never have been given planning permission, the government’s design watchdog has claimed. The audit of almost 300 developments in England by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment classed the quality of design of 29 per cent of schemes as poor and 53 per cent as average.  full story

Documentary films on SEE social, political and human rights issues

EU, 8.2.2007 11:05, (Roma virtual network) The European Documentary Portal ( would be interested to publish stories about documentary films in production on various South Eastern European social, political and human rights issues.  full story

Million pounds for South Somerset gypsies

Somerset District, UK, 8.2.2007 11:00, (Roma virtual network) SOUTH Somerset District Council has been awarded nearly ?1-million from the Department for Communities and Local Government towards works at the gypsy site at Ilton.  full story

Special Issue, Anthropology of East Europe Review on Roma and Gadje

Columbia, 8.2.2007 10:58, (Roma virtual network) We are seeking papers that consider the ways Romani individuals and communities negotiate, resist and reproduce the places Roma occupy in the social and political contexts of non-Romani spheres, as well as sociological analyses of the lifeworlds and counterpublics of Roma.  full story

Attack on the representative of the Democratic Association of Roma

Beograd, 7.2.2007 16:53, (Roma virtual network ) Mr. Jordan Vasić, president of the Democratic Association of Roma was brutally physically and verbally attacked last night. The incident has started as a car accident at the corner of two Belgrade streets Mokroluska and Crikvenicka, where a drunken driver was driving with no car lights and hit the Vasics car.  full story

Investment for gipsy and traveller sites

East Sussex , 7.2.2007 13:41, (Levest today) East Sussex County Council has been awarded over ?1.2m for the existing Gypsy and Traveller transit site at Southerham near Lewes.The central government funding has been warmly welcomed by the county council.  full story

ERRC Condemns Anti-Romani Actions in Russia

Budapest, 7.2.2007 13:37, (ROMEA/ERRC) On 1 February 2007, the ERRC sent two letters to Russian authorities expressing concern at anti-Romani actions in the country and urging immediate action to end such incidents.  full story

Scheming Gypsy Proposes New Hate Speech Law

UK, 6.2.2007 19:37, (Roma Network) Unfazed by a Constitutional Court ruling striking down a sweeping "hate speech" law passed by the Hungarian Parliament last year, the National Gypsy Authority (Országos Cigány Kisebbségi Önkormányzat, or OCO) last week renewed its campaign to get a law on the books that would make it a crime in Hungary not only to instigate violence against minorities, but to "incite hatred" towards them.  full story

Athens Prefect on Votanikos Roma settlements: “This wretched situation honors no one”

Athens, 6.2.2007 18:33, (GHM) Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) congratulates the Athens Prefect Yannis Sgouros for his initiative to become the first Greek state high-ranking official to visit, on 30 Jnauary 2007, the Roma settlements in the Athesn area of Votanikos so as to raise awareness of the prevailing wretched situation and to contribute to the handling of the problem. His press release and pictures say it all.  full story

New funding for authorised Gypsy and traveller sites

England, 6.2.2007 17:43, (Property People) Three local authorities in the East of England have been awarded a total of ?95,000 to help them improve living conditions on authorised Gypsy and traveller sites in the region.  full story

Truancy widespread among Romany children

Kosice, East Slovakia, 6.2.2007 10:17, (CTK) Some children from Romany shanty villages in eastern Slovakia skip as many as 90 percent of school classes, local mayors and headteachers told CTK today.Neither schools nor the local authorities are able to settle the problem, they added.This is so although the authorities can deprive the parents of truants of welfare benefits since 2003.  full story

Book on ethnic Roma important persons was published

BUCHAREST, Romania, 5.2.2007 17:27, (DIVERS) The book "Elite rome" (Ethnic Roma elites), recently published at "Balcanii si Europa" publishing house, was launched Friday, February 2 in Bucharest. The book was signed by publicist Mircea Bunea, with the contribution of Dana Lascu, and presents various ethnic Roma important persons, past or future, some of whom are notorious.  full story

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