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October 22, 2021



Jitka Votavová

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New Hungarian Constitution reflects fascist tendencies

Bern/Berlin/Budapest, 20.4.2011 16:59, (ROMEA) On Monday, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a new Constitution which makes references to God and the tradition of the Crown of St. Stephen. The new Constitution strengthens the power of the governing Fidesz Party (Union of Young Democrats) and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in a fundamental way. Orbán proposed the newly adopted text. German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that this means the Hungarian PM has now enshrined the spirit of ideology and intolerance into national law. Germany daily Allgemeine Zeitung reports that Orbán himself personally drafted the new Constitution.  full story

Czech mayor fights crime by collectively blaming Roma

Nový Bydžov, 27.11.2010 18:46, (ROMEA) The town hall of Nový Bydžov, Czech Republic has announced a "war on Gypsies" after several muggings and a rape were reported there. According to a statement on the town's official website, a special security commission is in place and there are plans to strengthen the municipal police.  full story

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