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August 4, 2020




Bulgaria: About desegregation Roma children

Sofia, 7.6.2007 10:57, (Romani Baht/ROMEA) With reference to the proceeding before the Commission for Protection Against Discrimination regarding a motion by Romani Baht Foundation concerning discrimination against the children from Fakulteta Quarter in Sofia manifested in non-admission of Roma children to an equal start and quality education by Stolichna Municipality and Krasna Polyana District.The Commission proposed an agreement to be prepared between the two parties.  full story


Budapest, 5.6.2007 13:30, (OSI/ROMEA) The European Commission in co-operation with the Open Society Institute is pleased to offer 5 five-month internships beginning 1st October 2007 for young Roma university graduates from all new member states (excluding Cyprus and Malta), Croatia, F.Y.R.O.M, Serbia, including Kosovo, and Montenegro.  full story


Venice (Italy), 4.6.2007 14:49, (ROMEA) The first Roma Pavilion will open at the 52nd Venice Biennale on June 7, 2007 at 4:30 p.m. to invited guests. The Pavilion, located on the piano nobile of the 16th-century Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Calle delle Erbe, in the Canareggio district, will feature the premiere of “Paradise Lost,” an exhibition featuring the work of sixteen contemporary Roma artists representing eight European countries.  full story

Roma Decade - Chachipe

Budapest, 3.6.2007 21:10, (ROMEA) The Open Society Institute and OSA Archivum announce an international photography contest under the Decade of Roma Inclusion . The Roma Decade began in 2005 with the participation of nine governments ( Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia), the World Bank and numerous nongovernmental organizations.  full story

Judgment Expands Strasbourg Court Jurisprudence in the Field of Discrimination

Budapest, 3.6.2007 21:06, (ERRC/ROMEA) The European Court of Human Rights yesterday delivered a landmark judgment in the case of Šečić v. Croatia, concerning the lack of a proper investigation carried out by the Croatian authorities into a racially-motivated attack on a Romani man.  full story

Slovak firms hire Romanies, but complain about low qualification

28.5.2007 11:25 Slovak companies do not avoid employing Romanies, but they complain about their low education and insufficient qualification, a survey conducted by CTK showed today. The employers said that Romanies only exceptionally had complete secondary education in the area required. The U.S. Steel Kosice works in 2002 launched a project aiming at the employment of people who had been unemployed for a long time. A majority of Slovak Romanies are among the long-term unemployed.  full story

AI says Romanies discriminated against in CzechRep, Slovakia

London/Prague, 23.5.2007 11:00, (CTK) Romanies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia were seriously discriminated against in access to education, health care, housing and work in 2006, the Amnesty International (AI) human rights organisation says in its annual report released today.It says that Romanies and other endangered groups in the Czech Republic were also subject of police mistreatment and racist attacks.  full story

Serbs Cheer a Eurovision 'Conspiracy'

Helsinki/Beograd, 16.5.2007 10:35, (Reuters) It was a hero's welcome such as Serbia has rarely ever seen: More than 50,000 people gathered in a central Belgrade square on Sunday night to welcome home Marija Serifovic, the winner of the 2007 Eurovision Song contest. Prior to her arrival from Helsinki, police cleared the 10 mile road from the airport into the city in order to speed her passage, and a banner draped across the City Hall read "Ave Marija."  full story

Romani singer Marija Serifovic from Serbia stormed it to win the top place

Helsinky/Beograd, 13.5.2007 4:50, (ROMEA/BBC) Romani singer Marija Serifovic from Serbia has won the Eurovision Song Contest at a ceremony in Helsinki which saw the UK's entry coming joint second-last. Serifovic's powerful ballad Molitva had been second-favourite with bookmakers in the run-up to the competition.
VIDEO INSIDE  full story

New village found for Slovak Romanies

Hrabusice, East Slovakia, 11.5.2007 19:44, (CTK) Mayors of the Slovak towns and villages who protested against the removal of Romanies from the shanty village near Letanovce close to their own settlements today agreed on the new locality for the Romanies, Stefan Labuda, mayor of Hrabusice, told CTK. The original plan was opposed by the residents of Letanovce, Hrabusice, Spissky Stvrtok and Spisske Tomasovce. "We have found a new locality named Dobosky that had been considered earlier, but the government is still to confirm it," Labuda said.  full story

Announcement of the ERRC new Legal Director

Budapest, 10.5.2007 13:51, (ROMEA/ERRC) The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Geraldine Scullion as its new Legal Director. The Legal Department of the ERRC challenges human rights abuses of Roma throughout Europe through strategic litigation and legal training in human rights law. It raises awareness by publicising research, legal materials and legal cases.  full story

EU commissioner says in Prague language diversity must be backed

Prague, 4.5.2007 11:11, (CTK) The diversity of languages in the European Union must be supported, Leonard Orban, EU commissioner for multilingualism, said in Prague today. He said he does not believe that it would be good to introduce a single official language of the EU, for example English.Orban said he has many reasons not to support the single official language idea.  full story

How can education help integrate people into society? 22nd Conference of European Ministers of Education

Strasbourg, 30.4.2007 16:53, (ROMEA/Council of Europe) Education ministers from the 49 signatory states of the European Cultural Convention of the Council of Europe are gathering in Istanbul (Turkey) on 4 and 5 May 2007 to map out education policies that allow everyone, from the earliest age, to become better integrated into society, thus helping to build a more humane and inclusive Europe.  full story

Some 120 Roma Children In Salaj Vaccinated For Polio

ZALAU , 30.4.2007 16:51, (ROMEA/Divers) Public Health Authority in Salaj developed a vaccination campaign for poliomielitis in Pusta Vale, Salaj county, central Romania. The largest Roma community of over one hundred persons lives in this area.  full story

Olympic site Gypsies fight removal

Greece, 30.4.2007 16:49, (The Guardian ) Families of Gypsies and Travellers launched a legal challenge today over plans to move them to make way for the Olympic village. Their lawyers asked a high court judge to rule their human rights were being breached as the country prepares to host the 2012 Olympic Games in east London. Three mothers are leading the fight against being moved to alternative sites so that construction work can begin. The campaigners include Lisa Smith and Mary Reilly who both have children at schools near the sites where they live. A third applicant, Julia Reilly, has three children and is registered disabled.  full story

Roma Rights 4/2006: Romani Women’s Rights Movement

Budapest, 30.4.2007 16:47, (ROMEA/ERRC) The current issue of Roma Rights looks at the responses of Romani women to some of the human rights violations Romani women face. The Romani women’s movement has evolved organically through the wider pursuit of Roma rights by Romani women and men over the years in response to the initial (and mostly continuing) lack of attention to women’s issues on the part of the predominantly male “leaders”; some of whom viewed patriarchal traditions as integral components of Romani identity and culture.  full story

New report on situation of IDPs in Serbia

EU, 30.4.2007 16:45, (ROMEA/UNHCR) UNHCR together with the NGO Praxis has just released an update of its 2005 report “Analysis of the Situation of Internally Displaced Persons from Kosovo in Serbia and Montenegro: Law and Practice". The organisations notice that the 206.879 IDPs from Kosovo who live in Serbia still face obstacles in the realization of basic rights.  full story

Minority rights in Kosovo need to be protected, President of FCNM Advisory

Strasbourg, 30.4.2007 16:43, (ROMEA/Council of Europe) On the occasion of the Assembly debate on the state of human rights and democracy in Europe the President of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Alan Philipps, asked for sustained attention to minority rights:  full story

Greece must improve situation of Roma, Committee of Ministers says

Strasbourg, 30.4.2007 16:41, (ROMEA/Council of Europe) In his reply to the question by Latvia’s socialist MP Boris Cilevics regarding the illegal evictions of Roma from Patras, the chair of the Committee of Ministers, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of San Marino, Fiorenzo Stolfi expressed his conviction for Greece to take the comments and recommendations of different Council of Europe bodies serious.  full story

PACE calls for better protection for Roma

Strasbourg, 30.4.2007 16:40, (ROMEA/Council of Europe) At the end of its one-days debate on human rights and democracy in Europe the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution which asks for greater efforts for the integration of Roma and a better protection of their rights.  full story

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