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Promoting access to justice and social inclusion for Roma, Gypsies and Travellers

EU, 14.3.2007 9:36, (ERIO) A project funded by the European Commission Community Action Programme to Combat Discrimination 2004 - 2006The final report for the Traveller and Roma Action for the Implementation of Legal and Equality Rights (TRAILER) project, which took place between 2004- 2006, is now available on-line, on the website of European Dialogue,  full story

ERIO takes part in policy seminar on migration, integration, social inclusion and anti-discrimination

Brussels, 14.3.2007 9:34, (ERIO) On March 1-2, 2007, ERIO's Executive Director gave a speech at the policy seminar "Realizing Integration" organized by the European Network Against Racism, which took place in Brussels. The purpose of the seminar was to explore the intersections between the anti-discrimination, social inclusion and integration agendas from the perspective of migration, recognizing that these concepts are intrinsically linked. It highlighted practices and lessons learnt from civil society, local and national governments, and the European Union with regard to the integration of migrants. Four workshops were introduced to the seminar including Consultation with civil society, Participation, The Human Rights Approach and Mainstreaming Equality.  full story

ERIO's Executive Director appointed as an EU Jury member of the “For Diversity. Against Discrimination" EU Journalist Award 2006

EU, 14.3.2007 9:33, (ERIO) The “For Diversity. Against Discrimination " EU Journalist Award 2006 will be awarded to journalists whose work contributes to a better public understanding of the benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination, especially on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, disability and sexual orientation.  full story

Slovak Interior Ministry fails to curb racism-activists

Bratislava, 13.3.2007 15:47, (CTK) The Slovak Interior Ministry does not sufficiently fight against extremism, activists from the People Against Racism civic group told journalists today.However, the Interior Ministry argues that its steps are sufficiently resolute and that it is preparing new laws in this field.  full story

PhD Scholarship in London for HRE [deadline 27/3]

London, 13.3.2007 11:00, (Roma Network/ROMEA) We are looking for an excellent candidate able to complete a University of London PhD for a research project entitled: Development NGOs and humanrights education.You will be based in London and supervised by Dr Hugh Starkey, Institute of Education and Professor John Annette, Birkbeck College co-directors of theInternational Centre for Education for Democratic Citizenship (ICEDC).  full story

Gypsy Zeitgeist: Films by Tony Gatlif

EU, 13.3.2007 10:40, (Blogcritics) Occasionally a filmmaker succeeds in capturing an authentic aspect of human life and culture. That's always a triumph in this age of formulaic plots and endless sequels. The obscure and intense movies of Tony Gatlif certainly qualify as modern screen gems. Gatlif weaves colorful and musical tapestries of European Gypsy life that are powerful portrayals of one of the oldest and most misunderstood cultures on the planet, the Roma.  full story

African man allegedly beaten in Bratislava, mocked by police

Bratislava, 12.3.2007 18:36, (CTK) A 30-year-old man from Africa was verbally and physically assaulted on Saturday in the early hours in the Slovak capital and he was ridiculed by policemen whom he addressed, the man told CTK today.Sandra Candrakova from the People Against Racism said that the man was knocked down and attacked by a yet unidentified group. The attackers allegedly shouted "What are you doing here, negro?! This is no Africa!"  full story

New Publication: A Minority in Europe. Roma and International Documents

EU, 9.3.2007 12:19, (ERIO) Balazs Majtenyi and Balazs Vizi: A Minority in Europe. Selected International Documents Regarding the Roma The Roma are often seen as a true 'European minority' not only because they live in sizeable communities in almost every European country and there is a need for the protection of their particular cultural heritage, but even more the need to combat the general social marginalization characterizing most of their communities, for many renders the intervention of international organisations indispensable.  full story

New study on the displaced populations in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Belgrade, 9.3.2007 12:17, (ERIO) The OSCE Mission to Serbia presented a study today that aims to help the displaced populations in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina access their rights. "This study contributes to promoting, protecting and fulfilling all rights," said Ambassador Hans Ola Urstad, the Head of the OSCE Mission. "We hope that the findings will assist governments, the international community and non-governmental organizations to join forces and ensure that the rights of the region's displaced population are respected."  full story

PCSO needed to work with travellers

EU, 9.3.2007 12:16, (ERIO) AN ?18,500 police community support officer is to be appointed by Cambs Police to liaise with the county's estimated 6,000 gypsies and travellers. The new post, which is being trialled for six months, is described in recruitment advertising as an "innovative thematic role".  full story

IDPs from Kosovo still awaiting durable solutions

Kosovo, 9.3.2007 12:14, (ERIO) As the Balkans anxiously await delayed UN recommendations on the final status of the Serbian province of Kosovo, displaced persons from Kosovo remain torn between uncertain return prospects and denial of local integration.  full story

Lord calls for more land for gypsies

UK, 9.3.2007 12:14, (ERIO) A senior Liberal Democrat peer has called on councils to perform their duty in identifying land for gypsy and traveller sites. Lord Avebury said that hysterical opposition from settled communities has led many councils to drop their site proposals. But the Department for Communities and Local Government circular 1/2006 obliges local authorities to grant temporary permission in areas where new sites are expected to become available. He said: More sites will reduce the inconvenience caused by travellers unauthorized developments and encampments.  full story

Council of Europe publishes report on minority languages in Slovakia

Slovakia, 9.3.2007 12:11, (ERIO) The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers made public the first report on the situation of minority languages in Slovakia on 21.02.07. On the basis of this report, the Council of Europe calls on Slovakia to improve its legislative framework in favour of minority language protection.  full story

Update on Sulukule

EU, 9.3.2007 12:10, (ERIO) “Implementation of Human Rights in Serbia and Montenegro." The Materials in English and Serbian are provided by joint ECMI-Danish Institute of Human Rights project. The "Urban Renewal" decision given by the Fatih Municipality on the historical Sulukule district continues to increase the uneasiness of 3500 Roma people who reside in the area.  full story

New ECMI Resources available

EU, 9.3.2007 12:08, (ERIO) “Implementation of Human Rights in Serbia and Montenegro." The Materials in English and Serbian are provided by joint ECMI-Danish Institute of Human Rights project.  full story

ERIO's contribution to the website of the "2008 Year of Intercultural Dialogue"

EU, 9.3.2007 11:49, (ERIO) On March 2nd, 2007, ERIO was invited to participate in a meeting organised by the DG Education and Culture and Media Consulta, a communications company, to discuss the draft concept of the website for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. The meeting followed a previous consultation, during which the communication strategy had been criticised, in many respects, by civil society organisations, including ERIO.  full story

ERIO at the Civil Society Platform for the Intercultural Dialogue

EU, 9.3.2007 11:48, (ERIO) On March 5, 2007, ERIO participated in the second meeting of the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue, which is a European network of NGOs dealing with social inclusion and cultural issues. The Platform aims at bringing together civil society actors in order to ensure that their voice will be heard in the design and implementation of the activities of the ‘ 2008 – European Year for the Intercultural Dialogue’ at European and national level. The meeting served to discuss the scope and goals of the ‘ 2008 – Year‘ and best practices related to promoting intercultural dialogue.  full story

ERIO Presents Best Practices of Social Inclusion of Roma in Barcelona

Barcelona, 9.3.2007 11:43, (ERIO) Between 21- 23 February 2007, ERIO’s representatives made an important contribution to a workshop in Barcelona, Spain. The workshop was organized under the project ‘Policies on Roma's Social Inclusion in Europe: Towards Succeeding in Social Intervention’ (ROMAin), of which ERIO is a partner. This project, coordinated by the Department of Welfare and Family of the Government of Catalonia, Spain, aims to contribute to the social inclusion of Roma through reviewing good practices concerning policies on Roma inclusion and set up a list of recommendations about how such practices should be applied in specific regions.  full story


UK, 9.3.2007 11:42, (Roma Network) Over 250 women at Dale Farm, the largest Gypsy community in Britain, are appealing to the UN on International Women's Day (8 March) to help stop the bulldozing of their homes. They say since UK Secretary of State Ruth Kelly gave the green light last week for the destruction of 86 chalets and mobile-homes, their last resort may be the United Nations.  full story

Announcement of new Executive Director of the ERRC

Budapest, 9.3.2007 11:38, (ERRC/ROMEA) The Board of Directors of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Vera Egenberger as the new Executive Director of the organisation.  full story

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