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Princess Anne to launch new gypsy website

Edinburgh, 9.3.2007 11:36, (Edinburgh Evening News) YOUNG gypsies and travellers will be chatting to the Princess Royal in Edinburgh today as they launch a new website aimed at tackling discrimination. Princess Anne, president of Save the Children, was set to unveil the "Time Travellers" website at Dynamic Earth this afternoon. The charity has been working with the youngsters on the project for the past 18 months, after receiving a ?23,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  full story

Greece: Sale of 13-14 year old Muslim Roma brides for 3,000 euros!

Greece, 8.3.2007 11:42, (ROMEA/Roma Network) Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), on the occasion of tomorrow’s International Women’s Day, highlights once more the extensive violation of the right of Muslim Roma women in Thrace, subjected too to the sharia law, including the sale of 13-14 year old children brides for 3,000 euros.  full story

Anti-Romani hate speech endemic on Russian media portals

Budapest, 7.3.2007 16:49, (ERRC/ROMEA) On 6 March 2007, the ERRC sent a letter of concern to Mr Pavel Gorshkov, Executive Director of the Russian media portal “Regions”, expressing concern about the regular linkage of Roma with crime in the titles and content of news published on the portal, which incites anti-Romani sentiment in Russia. In its letter, which was copied to the Director of the Central Regional Administration of Rosohrancultura, the ERRC urged Mr Gorshkov to review the policy of the portal toward persons belonging to minority groups, in particular Roma, and to refrain from publishing reports that incite further hatred and intolerance of Roma. The full text of the letter is available on the ERRC website inEnglish and Russian.  full story

Job announcement: Roma Education Fund

Budapest, 7.3.2007 16:47, (ROMEA) Mr. Alexandre Marc, Executive Director, of the Roma Education Fund a has announced his decision to go back to the World Bank take a new assignment. The Roma Education Fund Governing Board is eager to ensure continuity of the actions engaged and a smooth transition and invites therefore applications for the post of Executive Director in succession to Mr. Alexander Marc.  full story

Exhibition in NY Czech Centre shows successful Czech Romanies

New York, 7.3.2007 10:36, (CTK) The exhibition of pictures by U.S. photographer Chad Evans Wyatt that opened in the Czech Centre in New York on Tuesday shows photo portraits of successful Czech Romanies.Wyatt said at the opening that Romanies are being presented in a deformed way at present. He said he wanted to discover new rules for making pictures of Romanies.  full story


Kiev, 6.3.2007 17:21, (Roma Network) Council of Europe Monitoring Committee’s co-rapporteurs Mrs. Hanne Severinsen and Mrs. Renate Woihlwend took part in a meeting with representatives of national and ethnic minorities of Ukraine on March 3, 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine.  full story

Turkey: International Mediterranean Youth Festival "The Gypsies and the Gypsy Culture"

Turkey, 6.3.2007 17:15, (Roma Network) Akdeniz University, celebrating its 25th year, is a young and ambitious educational institution devoted to the pursuit and application of knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society and mankind.  full story

UN urges EU to help Roma children

EU, 6.3.2007 12:28, (BBC) About one million Roma children "remain invisible" in South-East Europe, without documents or adequate healthcare, a Unicef report says.  full story

Slovak neo-Nazis attack Mexican students, activists say

Bratislava, 6.3.2007 11:09, (CTK) Slovak neo-Nazi supporters attacked four students, three from Mexico and one from Spain, during the weekend in Bratislava, Maria Candrakova from the People against racism association told CTK today.Skin-headed young men allegedly hit and kicked one of the students and aimed a pistol at another one.  full story

Summer School, Take attitude, stop discrimination, Sibiu, 2-8.7.2007

Sibiu, 2.3.2007 13:46, (Roma Network/ROMEA) 20 students from Romania and 10 from other European countries – undergraduate, MA, and PhD students in socio-political studies - are invited to take part in a summer school to take place between 2 and 8 July in Sibiu, the 2007 European Capital of Culture. The focus of the summer school will be the study of European anti-discrimination policies and institutions, in the context of promoting human rights internationally.  full story

Announcement of Publication: Report by the European Roma Rights Centre

Budapest, 2.3.2007 10:56, (ROMEA/ERRC) The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) announces the publication of the report "The Glass Box: Exclusion of Roma from Employment". The report examines the findings and implications of research on employment discrimination against Roma carried out in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia; identifies best practice measures replicable elsewhere; and elaborates a set of recommendations for future actions. A glass box excludes Roma from gainful employment, denies Roma access to major segments of the labour market, blocks Roma from having access to well-remunerated work, isolates Roma at the workplace, and secludes Roma into segregated work arrangements dealing solely with Roma issues.  full story

'Hitler's Overlooked Victims: The Genocide of the Gypsies' talk is March 7

Minnesota, 2.3.2007 10:14, (University of St. Thomas) During World War II, Adolph Hitler ordered medical experiments, torture, and concentration camps for the Gypsies of Europe. Who are the Gypsies, and why did Hitler try to exterminate them?  full story

High Court fight to evict Gypsies

UK, 2.3.2007 10:11, (BBC) Gypsy families who set up an illegal camp on land in North Curry near Taunton have lost their latest battle to be allowed to stay.  full story

Gypsies and travellers have worse health than other vulnerable groups

UK, 2.3.2007 10:10, (MaxHealth) The health of Gypsies and Travellers is significantly worse than that of other vulnerable groups, reveals research in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.  full story

Stop-Discrimination welcomes Bulgarian and Romanian readers

EU, 2.3.2007 10:03, (ROMEA) The website would like to welcome citizens from the two newest EU Member States, Romania and Bulgaria, to its expanding family. Readers from the two countries, which became members of the EU in January this year, can now access a wealth of information on diversity issues in their own languages.  full story

Advocates Report on Roma Rights Concerns

Budapest/Ostrava, 1.3.2007 17:55, (ERRC/ROMEA) The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has reviewed today Czech Republic's compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). In advance of today's hearing, the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), acting in cooperation with the Ostrava-based civic organisation Vzajemne Souziti, submitted written comments on racial discrimination concerns with regard to Roma in the Czech Republic.  full story

Paintings of the Roma Exhibited in New York

New York, 1.3.2007 16:17, (ROMEA) Helen Del Guidice's paintings of Romany women and children - her "Rom Madonnas" series - are stirring portraits which force us to contemplate these women and children in their ongoing poverty and marginalization. Del Guidice has captured the tenacious individualism of her subjects, with both despair and love etched in their faces. They are no longer "beggars," but cherished individuals--cherished by the artist, if not by the world that segregates them. In addition to her "Rom Madonnas" project, Del Guidice has created a spectrum of self-portraits, ? la Cindy Sherman, which reveal her many moods and incarnations.  full story

Gypsy families lose court battle over Olympics eviction

London, 1.3.2007 14:38, ( Gypsy families who are being evicted to make way for the 2012 Olympics today lost a High Court battle for the right to be re-located to an alternative site of their choice. The families of Irish and Romany descent face losing homes in east London they have occupied for almost 40 years to make way for the ?3.3bn Olympic Park.  full story

Boost for city's 'secret gypsy site'

UK, 28.2.2007 11:28, (The Star) A VIEW to die for and a ?531,000 cash injection - yet many people in Sheffield do not even know that there is a gipsy site at Lodge Moor.It was established more than 30 years ago but is hidden away, nestling among ancient pine trees overlooking a breathtaking view of rolling hills.  full story

TRANSITIONS ONLINE: Kosovo's Roma: Two-Faced

MITROVICA, Kosovo, 28.2.2007 11:23, (TOL) On a dusty back street in Mitrovica, Ramic pulls his van to the side of the road. He gets out and fishes the screwdriver from his right pocket. Then he slides off the license plates with their Kosovo registration tags, throws them inside and climbs back in.  full story

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