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Hungarian anti-Roma party will have three MEPs

Budapest, 8.6.2009 8:06, (ROMEA) AP reports the Hungarian State Elections Commission announced the fascist anti-Roma Movement for Better Hungary (Jobbik) has won three seats at the EP. The most seats were won by the opposition Young Democrats’ Union – Hungarian Civic Union (Fidesz-MPP), which received 14 seats.  full story

Czech EP elections over, participation around 25 percents

Prague, 6.6.2009 19:15, (ROMEA) The second Czech elections to the European Parliament ended today. Voters selected 22 MEPs, but winners will not be known until late Sunday night, when results will be tallied.  full story

Elections to the EP: Keren vareso, Romale! Go vote!

Prague, 5.6.2009 15:53, (ROMEA) Today people in the Czech Republic began choosing their future representatives in the European Parliament. Voters will decide not only who will take part in steering the EU during the next five years and in the creation of European norms - and therefore of Czech law – but their votes will also influence the Czech political scene, as these elections will be the most extensive test of voter satisfaction with the current political representation ahead of early autumn elections to the Czech lower house.  full story

National Party and Workers’ Party apparently committed registration fraud

Prague, 5.6.2009 8:51, (ROMEA) Czech daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) reports that the neo-Nazi Workers’ Party (Dělnická strana - DS) and the nationalist National Party (Národní strana - NS) were evidently registered with the Czech Interior Ministry on the basis of the falsified or stolen signatures of those allegedly interested in party membership. MfD reports that police have begun authenticating registration papers with allegedly forged signatures of those who supposedly supported the proposal to register the NS. Lawyer Jakub Drábek told the paper any eventual abolition of the DS or NS on the basis of such matters would be difficult now. However, according to MfD, the Interior Ministry should be able to use the results of this investigation during its next attempt to have both parties banned by the courts.  full story

Extremists from the Workers' Party arguing with their own "counter-mayor" after only three days

Litvinov/Janov, 20.3.2009 11:24, (ROMEA) After three days in "virtual" office, the "counter-mayor" of Litvínov is in a heated dispute with the extremists who put him there. The Workers' Youth (Dělnická mládež - DM) civic association, which is the youth organization of the extremist Workers' Party, infiltrated by neo-Nazis, has published a declaration calling for an apology from the director of the Middle School for Gastronomy and Services. If she does not apologize by Friday, 20 March, the organization wants her to resign. As the server has already reported, "counter-mayor" Vladan Reňák has declared his sharp disagreement with the call and says its author has committed a crime.  full story

Czech far right radicals unlikely to return to Litvinov this year

Litvínov/Janov, 10.12.2008 15:00, (ROMEA) Czech far-right radicals who undertook several marches aimed against Romanies in Litvinov in October and November where they clashed with the police have reportedly agreed not to return to Litvinov's Janov housing estate populated mainly by Romanies till the end of this year.  full story

Minister's departure may calm radical Czech Romanies down - press

Prague, 21.11.2008 20:52, (ROMEA) The Czech minister for human rights and minorities, Dzamila Stehlikova, should go now that the neo-Nazi campaign against Romanies has intensified and radicalisation of the latter is imminent, as her departure could calm the Romanies down, Petr Uhl writes in the daily Pravo today.  full story

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