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March 7, 2021




Commentary: Pig farm off of the Lety concentration camp site!

Ostrava, 19.4.2011 14:00, (ROMEA) For years I have been asking myself the following question. Which is more important: Pork, or reverence for those murdered in the concentration camps?  full story

Commentary by David Beňák: Roma, let's not fear the census

Prague, 3.3.2011 0:34, (ROMEA) We Roma have always had a problem trusting state institutions. In many of us this stance is rooted in the times when our ancestors were very harshly persecuted, and many who are still with us today experienced persecution during the Second World War. I belong to the young generation of Roma now experiencing a "new" form of oppression - wrestling with manifestations of racism, anti-Gypsyism, etc. - and I have heard from my own grandmother of the hardship she experienced during the Second World War. This all could be, for me personally and for many other Roma people, a weighty reason not to reveal my real national identity (Roma) during the census - or to any other authority or institution.  full story

Commentary: Czech society is becoming extremist - where will it end?

Prague, 27.2.2011 0:23, (ROMEA) The atmosphere of any society can become oppressive and stifling, often for an unbearably long time. The consistency of any atmosphere is almost always changed by politics and politicians, visible people whose behavior is perceived as establishing the norm. This is why changes in the atmosphere tend to precede the fundamental turning points in the life of a society. It is quite possible that such a change is about to occur in our society, because traditional values here are slowly transforming into a caricature of themselves, and the term "human rights" is perceived by many today more as a slur than as a basic concept which we only stumbled across at the cost of a great deal of painful history.  full story

Commentary by Karel Holomek: Czech mayors' declaration is amateurish nonsense!

Brno, 26.2.2011 21:20, ( I am looking at the Mayors' Declaration of Nový Bydžov, dated 14 February. It is hard to believe this Declaration is the result of the efforts of some of the top leaders of our town halls, aided and abetted by representatives of the Czech Chamber of Deputies, and as it turns out, it was not written by those who really comprise the elite of this country (thank God)!  full story

Why Martin Luther King Matters To Europe’s Roma

EU, 19.7.2010 18:04, (NEW Europe) There can be few more inspiring litmus tests of social justice than the one laid out for America in Martin Luther King’s ‘I have A Dream’ speech.  full story

Roma and racism in Europe - Why UNA members should take up their cause

London, 9.7.2010 14:53, (UNA-UK) Last week, Italy came under fire at the United Nations Human Rights Council for the persistent racist attacks suffered by migrants and minorities, including the Roma, on its soil. Interest in Italy’s record on the protection of minorities piqued following a spate of violence at the beginning of this year, during which two migrant workers were shot. But as Navi Pillay, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, pointed out when presenting her annual report to the Council in March, this issue is not confined to Italy.  full story

National Resistance trial starts in the Czech Republic

Prague, 8.7.2010 23:16, (ROMEA) It would seem that the words of former Czech Interior Minister Martin Pecina are finally coming true. After taking office last May, he promised to deliver a harsh blow to domestic “extremists”, and the police on his watch did actually manage to track down the alleged perpetrators of the Vítkov arson attack on trial today in Ostrava.  full story

The state is “inadaptable”, not the children

Prague, 10.3.2010 20:46, (Lidové noviny) Jiří Pilař’s article in the 8 March edition of Lidové noviny (“The ministry’s dangerous eintopf”) is a prime example of professional incompetence and a lack of personal self-reflection. In his piece, Pilař “forgot” to mention that he managed the Czech Education Ministry department in question for more than a decade, and therefore the long-term intentional denial of these problems and the failure to solve them unequivocally dates from the time of his watch. That goes both for the education of Romani children in the special schools, which resulted in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruling against the Czech Republic, and for the high number of children in institutional care, for which the Czech Republic has long been internationally criticized.  full story

Hindus & Jews want European Union to officially declare Roma maltreatment as “apartheid”

EU, 27.2.2010 13:02, (-) Hindus and Jews have asked European Union to officially declare Roma maltreatment as “apartheid” and then make all out effort to resolve it.  full story

Ida Kelarova: Together against RACISM

Prague, 10.2.2010 23:39, (ROMEA) Whenever I hear the word racism, it makes me feel bad. What right did we, the people of this planet,ever have to invent that word and all it entails? All the people of this world belong here. What we make of our lives cannot be determined from the color of our skin, but from whether we are able to learn from one another and share values. In my opinion, racism equals human stupidity – and yet, people are not stupid. We are intelligent. Nature has given us intelligence and sentience, compassion and love. If we must make distinctions, they should not be according to skin colors, but according to those who are sensitized and those who are less sensitized. At heart, we are all beautiful.  full story

Don't abandon the Roma

Ottawa, 21.7.2009 11:09, (The Ottawa Citizen) Nepřizpusobiví. This is a mouthful for non-Czech speakers. But its meaning has become a successful political tool for Ivana Rapkova the mayor of Chomutov, a city of 60,000 in the Sudeten area of the Czech Republic.  full story

Extremists heading for the EP

Prague, 5.5.2009 17:37, (MF Dnes) Yesterday the outgoing government of Mirek Topolánek approved its "Strategy for the Fight against Extremism". Many of those who are the targets of recent right-wing extremism are thinking, "Finally!" Their nerves have been tested in recent months on an almost weekly basis by the sheer number of marches and demonstrations by the promoters of Mr Vandas, Vávra, Sedláček and others.  full story

New minister is a chance for change

Prague, 19.1.2009 16:50, (ROMEA) New brooms sweep well, they say - but sweeping isn't everything. What to do with the mess afterward? The new Human Rights Minister will be the one to give a new, correct direction to resolving the problems of coexistence and the realization of national minorities' rights. Coexistence between the Roma and the majority has never been considered good, neither in recent history nor in the distant past. According to a public opinion poll taken in 2006, 79 % of citizens questioned from the majority society expressed a negative view of the Roma. The current media icon of the state of that coexistence is the Janov housing estate in Litvínov. Unfortunately, there are many other such icons throughout the republic.  full story

Minister's departure may calm radical Czech Romanies down - press

Prague, 21.11.2008 20:52, (ROMEA) The Czech minister for human rights and minorities, Dzamila Stehlikova, should go now that the neo-Nazi campaign against Romanies has intensified and radicalisation of the latter is imminent, as her departure could calm the Romanies down, Petr Uhl writes in the daily Pravo today.  full story

Nothing else to wait for

Prague, 4.8.2008 16:07, (Lidové noviny/ROMEA) The National Party (Národní strana) should be dissolved. Its idea to deport a group of Czech citizens is monstrous. Czech fascism is a creature that is merely pretending to be asleep, and all the while it is gathering strength. In this age of television, the internet, and open borders, Czech right-wing extremism today is essentially more dangerous than at any other time in its history. It is high time the Czech political parties, the public, and the media begin talking about this danger as openly as possible.  full story

Cunek's paternalist plans for Czech Romanies to be rejected-press

Prague, 14.1.2008 21:41, (ROMEA/CTK) Petr Uhl rejects in daily Pravo the "paternalist plans" for solving the situation of Romanies which Jiri Cunek, chairman of the Christian Democratic Party (KDU-CSL), has presented.  full story

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