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National Party and Workers’ Party apparently committed registration fraud

Prague, 5.6.2009 8:51, (ROMEA) Czech daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) reports that the neo-Nazi Workers’ Party (Dělnická strana - DS) and the nationalist National Party (Národní strana - NS) were evidently registered with the Czech Interior Ministry on the basis of the falsified or stolen signatures of those allegedly interested in party membership. MfD reports that police have begun authenticating registration papers with allegedly forged signatures of those who supposedly supported the proposal to register the NS. Lawyer Jakub Drábek told the paper any eventual abolition of the DS or NS on the basis of such matters would be difficult now. However, according to MfD, the Interior Ministry should be able to use the results of this investigation during its next attempt to have both parties banned by the courts.  full story

Czech Radio Roma programming editor seeking asylum in Canada

Prague, 4.6.2009 9:55, (ROMEA) Chief editor of Czech Radio's Roma programming Anna Poláková is seeking asylum in Canada together with her entire family. Czech Radio news director Hana Hikelová told ČTK today that "According to the material Anna Poláková provided me, her family has faced indiscriminate attacks recently."  full story

Another arson attack on a Roma family, Kocáb visits the scene

Zdiby, 28.5.2009 9:47, (ROMEA) On Sunday evening, arsonists attacked another Roma family in the village of Zdiby near Prague. Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at their home. Czech Television reported no injuries. The family succeeded in putting out the fire in time. Zdeněk Chalupa, spokesperson for the Praha-venkov district police, told ČTK the damages were initially estimated at CZK 10 000.  full story

Police found car from Vítkov they were looking for, but its occupants did not commit the arson

Ostrava, 27.5.2009 17:16, (ROMEA) Detectives investigating the April arson attack on a single-family home occupied by a Roma family in Vítkov na Opavsku have found the dark car that witnesses say drove down the street just before the fire broke out. Police officers also know the names of the people sitting in the car at the time, but there are no indications that they had anything to do with the arson attack. Police are still searching for the perpetrators, North Moravian police spokesperson Soňa Štětínská told ČTK today.  full story

Czech court gives jail sentence for Nazi salutes

Teplice, 27.5.2009 11:11, (ROMEA) The local court today sent two Czechs, Jan Dufek and Petr Nikoluk, to prison for 18 and six months, respectively, for having given the Nazi salute at a birthday party a few years ago.  full story

VIDEO: 42 promoters of the Workers' Party, including Vandas, Kotáb, Štěpánek, Zbela and Šlégrová, arrested in Prague

Prague, 24.5.2009 20:14, (ROMEA) Today police arrested 39 adherents of the neo-Nazi Workers' Party (Dělnická strana - DS) in Ječná street in the centre of Prague, including party chair Tomáš Vandas, after they did not obey a call to disperse and marched towards Czech Radio instead. Police spokesperson Eva Miklíková reported the incident to ČTK. Other DS top leaders were also arrested, such as Petr Kotáb, Jiří Štěpánek, Martin Zbela and Lucie Šlégrová.  full story

Extremists from the Workers' Party arguing with their own "counter-mayor" after only three days

Litvinov/Janov, 20.3.2009 11:24, (ROMEA) After three days in "virtual" office, the "counter-mayor" of Litvínov is in a heated dispute with the extremists who put him there. The Workers' Youth (Dělnická mládež - DM) civic association, which is the youth organization of the extremist Workers' Party, infiltrated by neo-Nazis, has published a declaration calling for an apology from the director of the Middle School for Gastronomy and Services. If she does not apologize by Friday, 20 March, the organization wants her to resign. As the server has already reported, "counter-mayor" Vladan Reňák has declared his sharp disagreement with the call and says its author has committed a crime.  full story

Man suspected of previous racist outburst arrested at gathering of the extremist Workers' Party

Litvinov, 18.3.2009 10:40, (ROMEA) At a gathering of supporters and representatives of the extreme-right Workers' Party (Dělnická strana - DS) in the Zámecký Park in Litvínov today, a man suspected of having made racist statements against the Roma was detained. He and a woman are suspected of having shouted racist insults across a police cordon at a group of peacefully demonstrating Roma on 17 November 2008. When the police began to move away in order to intervene against the neo-Nazis, the man called the Roma "Black swine." The server videotaped the racist behavior.  full story

Neo-Nazis attack young Romani man in Prague

Prague, 19.1.2009 16:03, (ROMEA/ In the early morning hours of Sunday, several neo-Nazis attacked a young Romani man in Prague. The attack took place in the vestibule of the Palmovka metro station, the news server reports.  full story

Kocab: I just love the Roma

Prague, 19.1.2009 16:01, (ROMEA/Dení As incoming Human Rights and Minorities Minister, Michael Kocáb wants to energetically plunge into precisely those matters which were the undoing of Džamila Stehlíková. In an interview for the internet server Dení, he has said that he loves the Roma.  full story

Neo-Nazis come to Dělnická strana demonstration armed, police detain 13

Prague, 28.10.2008 18:34, (ROMEA) This afternoon a gathering of supporters of the extreme right-wing Dělnická strana (DS) lasting roughly half an hour took place on Jiřího z Poděbrad square in Prague. The event took place under exceptional security measures on the part of the Prague police, due to which the gathering, billed as a "Day of National Unity", began later than originally scheduled. Speeches were given on the square by DS chair Tomáš Vandas and Vice-Chair Jiří Štěpánek only. Police estimated that 150-200 neo-Nazis attended.  full story

Man suspected of murder in Rakovník is not a Rom, victim and alleged murderer are related

Rakovnik, 28.10.2008 13:35, (ROMEA) Police say disinformation is being spread about the death of a 27-year-old man who died as the result of stab wounds over the weekend in Rakovník. According to the website of the extremist association Autonomní nacionalisté (Autonomous Nationalists) one of their supporters was murdered, allegedly by a Rom. René Černý, spokesperson for the Rakovnik police force, as well as the father of the youth suspected of committing the crime, both say that information is incorrect. Černý told ČTK: "I can refute the assertion that the perpetrator was of Roma nationality."  full story

Extremists gather in Prague

Prague, 28.10.2008 10:48, (ROMEA) Two extreme right-wing groups, the Dělnická strana (DS) and the Národní strana (NS), want to exploit today's 90th anniversary of the creation of an independent Czechoslovakia by holding demonstrations in Prague. DS supporters will gather in the afternoon on Jiřího z Poděbrad square, while NS supporters will gather in the early evening on Wenceslas Square. Police have evaluated the DS event as high-risk, as the party is connected with ultra-right wing and neo-Nazi groups such as Národní odpor ("National Resistance" - NO).  full story

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