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December 6, 2019
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Kristina Dienstbierová

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Czech President's erroneous remarks about school inclusion criticized by experts

31.10.2018 8:13 Speaking at the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, 23 October, Czech President Zeman expressed his support for the Government's draft budget, but not unequivocally. He repeatedly criticized what he characterized as "high" expenditures involved with inclusion in the schools, during which he presented incorrect, misleading "data".  full story

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Czechoslovakia launched the forced resettlement of Romani people 53 years ago

14.10.2018 7:19 Fifty-three years ago, communist Czechoslovakia adopted a resolution that began one of its many failed social experiments implemented as part of attempts to assimilate Romani people, the so-called "policy of organized dispersion". The aim of Resolution No. 502, dated 13 October 1965, was meant to be, above all, the "destruction of undesirable concentrations of the gypsy population", i.e., primarily settlements in eastern Slovakia, but also those housing developments or steets in industrial cities where mostly Romani people lived.  full story

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Czech school targeted with hate over its non-white first-graders last year receives donation of laptop computers

28.9.2018 13:15 The CZ.NIC firm has donated 24 new laptop computers to pupils attending the Plynárenská Primary School in Teplice, Czech Republic, a gift worth almost CZK 400 000 [EUR 16 000] made in response to last year's wave of hate speech about a photograph of the school's first-grade class published by the local daily Teplický deník. News server has previously reported about the case here.  full story

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Slovak PM on Romani settlements: Incentivize employment, no tolerance for disorder

24.9.2018 7:48 News server has reported that at last week's cabinet session in the town of Svidník, Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said he does not intend to tolerate disorder in the country's Romani-inhabited settlements. The PM is demanding proposals from cabinet ministers on how to ensure security and uphold order and what he called "decent behavior" in the settlements.  full story

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Czech PM meets with forced sterilization victims and their representatives about compensation

3.9.2018 15:41 A press release from the Czech human rights organization League of Human Rights reports that on Tuesday, 21 August, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš met with the victims of forced sterilization who have been attempting to reopen the subject of compensation for their illegal treatment. The PM expressed support for their efforts and has tasked Czech Justice Minister Jan Kněžínek with negotiating the matter further.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani Student Movement says Roma must be involved in addressing affairs that affect them

20.7.2018 11:04 Earlier this month, Romani college students in Ostrava, Czech Republic officially established their group called the Romani Student Movement. In an interview for ROMEA TV, they say they are convinced that only by involving Romani people themselves in addressing affairs that affect the Romani community will effective solutions be found to various problems.  full story

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Italy: Court in Rome convicts four perpetrators of 2011 pogrom on Romani camp in Turin

20.7.2018 9:45 The ANSA wire service reported last week that a court in Rome, Italy found four people guilty of ethnic and racial hatred when they set fire to a Romani camp in the Vallette suburb of Turin in 2011. The appeals court in Turnin had upheld the first-instance conviction but reduced the sentences to between two and four years in prison, according to court sources.  full story

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Residents of Czech neighborhood announce "Two Weeks of Vigilance" to protest their impending eviction

16.7.2018 7:43 On Monday 9 July the residents of the Bedřiška neighborhood in Ostrava, Czech Republic announced "Two Weeks of Vigilance" out of concern that they will lose their housing there. The event, subtitled "Colors of Bedřiška" (a reference to the annual music festival Colors of Ostrava), is meant to draw attention to the difficult situation of the locals and present life in the neighborhood, which has not met the definition of an "excluded locality" for some time, to the public.  full story

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Czech institutions designing memorial about the genocide of the Roma are inspired by Norwegian remembrance sites

25.6.2018 12:58 Representatives of institutions contributing to designing the building of a new memorial to the genocide of the Roma at Lety u Písku in the Czech Republic made a trip at the beginning of June to locations that commemorate various historical events in Norway. The 10-member group visited leading Norwegian institutions working with awareness about the events of the Second World War as well as more recent history.  full story

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Czech chair of National Council of People Living with Disabilities lets himself be used to promote populist, xenophobic party

25.6.2018 6:48 The chair of the National Council of People Living with Disabilities, Václav Krása, who is also a former MP for the Civic Democrats (ODS) and Freedom Union (Unie svobody) parties, has contributed to designing the program for the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) party for the local elections in Prague and calls the party worthy of support. Krása sees no problem in collaborating with a party that disseminates disinformation and incites hatred in society.  full story

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France gives Czech Public Defender of Rights Anna Šabatová its highest state award, the Legion of Honor

24.6.2018 14:25 The Czech Public Defender of Rights, Anna Šabatová, has received France's highest state award, the Legion of Honor, for her lifelong determination to fight to defend human rights and the rule of law. The honors were awarded by a decree from French President Emmanuel Macron and were give to her on Friday, 15 June by French Ambassador Roland Galhargue.  full story

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Czech region where evictions are underway keeps rejecting plans to subsidize lunches for impoverished schoolchildren

21.6.2018 11:20 News server reports that the Ústecký Regional Assembly has refused to support a motion from its Regional Council to allocate regional finances to cover the costs of lunches at school for children from impoverished families. The assembly members were especially bothered by the fact that the financing was to have been distributed through a nonprofit organization.  full story

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Czech Police indict bodybuilder who praised shooting of Romani man and made his own death threats

27.4.2018 12:26 News server reported on 24 April that police in Chomutov, Czech Republic have proposed indicting bodybuilder Filip Grznár for felony approval of crime and violence committed against a group or its individual members. Last June the bodybuilder disseminated a video online in which he threatened local Roma in Chomutov with murder, expressed aggressive, vulgar opinions about the shooting death of a Romani man there, and expressed his backing for the man who murdered him.  full story

Chanov, April 2012 (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech city ignores Constitutional Court and refuses to abolish ordinance banning sitting outdoors

24.4.2018 15:52 The Mostecký deník daily reports that the City of Most is rejecting a call from the Czech Interior Ministry to abolish the unlawful part of a local ordinance banning sitting outdoors other than in locations intended for that purpose. "This is an effective tool for the local police and we do not just want to give it up," said Mayor Jan Paparega  full story

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Czech PM to attend commemorative ceremony to honor Holocaust victims who are Romani

5.3.2018 19:30 On Wednesday, 7 March, a commemoration will be held of the 75th anniversary of the first mass transport of Romani people from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
(transported from Brno) to the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz II-Birkenau. The event will be attended by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, Czech Culture Minister Ilja Šmíd, other Government representatives, ambassadors, and representatives of cultural institutions.  full story

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