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May 16, 2022



Markus Pape

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Concert against segregation this Saturday in Prague

Prague, 19.2.2015 16:30, (ROMEA) This Saturday, right beneath the statue of St. Václav on Wenceslas Square in Prague, brilliant music by many different bands will be played in response to the recent remarks by the Czech President stating that disabled pupils should be segregated in the schools. The concert will take place on 21 February at 15:00 and is free.  full story

Czech court says assault was not racially motivated

Prague, 29.12.2014 4:20, (ROMEA) At the start of December the trial of two non-Romani men who assaulted a Romani man in July 2013 in a bar in the town of Bystřice pod Hostýnem ended with a remarkable verdict. Even though 37-year-old Miroslav Vybíral was charged with the particularly serious crime of racially motivated attempted murder, for which he faced the possibility of extraordinary sentencing and a minimum of 10 years in prison, he was ultimately convicted of grievous bodily harm and sentenced to six years.  full story

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Commentary: When judges go in-depth

Kynšperk, 22.12.2014 22:13, (ROMEA) There are many cases of controversial police violence resulting in death, and not only in the Czech Republic. All we have to do is recall the recent, only partly violent, powerful protests by civil society in the United States about black youth shot dead by police officers.
 full story

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Analysis of Czech, German and Hungarian trials of terrorist hate attacks

Prague, 21.11.2014 0:33, (ROMEA) In August of this year I reported that the trial of the alleged members of the international neo-Nazi network Blood & Honour here in the Czech Republic would begin in the fall. At the start of 2012 those defendants were charged with various crimes, including an arson attack on a building occupied by Romani families in the West Bohemian town of Aš.  full story

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Czech court rules that incitement to lynching is a felony

Prague, 13.11.2014 0:25, (ROMEA) Last Thursday the Prague Municipal Court reviewed the appeal of politician Otto Chaloupka against his conviction by the Prague 1 District Court for inciting hatred against an ethnic group. He had been sentenced at the start of September to six months' probation.  full story

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Commentary: What Roma Pride is about, and why it's not working

Prague, 29.10.2014 19:03, (ROMEA) At the start of this month, the third annual Roma Pride took place in the Czech Republic and many other European countries. This event is coordinated by the European Grassroots Anti-Racist Movement (EGAM) as an attempt to create a Europe-wide platform for civil rights on the model of the North American civil rights movement once led by figures such as Martin Luther King.  full story

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Czech trial of alleged neo-Nazi hard core postponed indefinitely

Prague, 7.10.2014 23:48, (ROMEA) Yesterday the third-instance trial of the allegedly hardcore members of a group called National Resistance (Národní odpor - NO) began in the Czech Republic. Its alleged members face up to eight years in prison for promoting Nazi propaganda as an organized group.  full story

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Vienna names square after Romani celebrity

Vienna, Austria, European Union, 28.9.2014 2:08, (ROMEA) Earlier this month a square in the Viennese quarter of Neubau was named after one of its celebrated, recently deceased residents, Ceija Stojka. A Romani woman, Ms Stojka survived three concentration camps, lived a travelling lifestyle for years after the war, and made her living as a carpet seller.  full story

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Analysis: Trial of violent death of Romani man at hands of Czech Police involves witness suicide attempt

Kynšperk/Sokolov, 23.9.2014 19:29, (ROMEA) In mid-September the trial of police officers from the town of Kynšperk resumed at the District Court in Sokolov. The Plzeň Regional State Prosecutor charged them with negligently causing the 2012 death of Mr Ľudovít Kašpar, a Romani man also from Kynšperk.  full story

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Germany: New study shows anti-Romani prejudice has deep roots

Berlin/Prague, 15.9.2014 23:21, (ROMEA) At the end of August the results were published of what is the most extensive study to date on the opinions of the German population about Romani and Sinti people in Germany. The research was performed for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Center (the ADS) by the Institute for Research into Conflict and Prejudice and the Institute for Research into Anti-Semitism, using a sample of 2 000 adults.  full story

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Markus Pape: What brings Europe's Roma together

Auschwitz/Prague, 18.8.2014 19:54, (ROMEA) The annual assemblies of Romani people that are Europe-wide in scope can be counted on the fingers of one hand. One such gathering is for the commemoration of the largest single massacre of Romani people during the Nazi era.  full story

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Commentary: Freedom of speech vs. Holocaust denial

Prague, 12.8.2014 3:33, (ROMEA) After the revolutions of 1989, freedom speech became a "sacred right" in the new democracies of the post-communist world. This was hardly suprising.  full story

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Czech cell of international Blood & Honour organization indicted

Prague, 11.8.2014 19:20, (ROMEA) This autumn a nine-member group from various parts of the Czech Republic will be going on trial. According to the indictment, the group planned to assault specific individuals and called for violent attacks on the headquarters of political parties and on representatives of the Government and the police.  full story

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Analysis: The Czech state's response to the "Year of Extremism"

Prague, 18.7.2014 22:18, (ROMEA) Last year extremists in the Czech Republic convened a total of 272 events, 136 fewer than in 2012 - at least according to the Czech Interior Ministry. So, did we all just imagine those frequent street battles between demonstrators and police last year, or is someone intentionally making fun of us here?  full story

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Analysis: Vlastimil Pechanec - neo-Nazi martyr or hard-core murderer?

Prague, 17.7.2014 18:37, (ROMEA) On 21 July 2014 it will be 13 years since Otto Absolon, a father of two young children, died at the hands of a local neo-Nazi, Vlastimil Pechanec, in the East Bohemian town of Svitavy. At the end of last month, Mr Absolon's murderer was conditionally released from prison.  full story

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Commentary: Death in Czech town shows state of Romani empowerment

Prague, 25.6.2014 23:58, (ROMEA) The current story of Romani people in the Czech Republic is not just about court cases, hate marches, or problems related to discrimination. Beneath the surface, a process of empowerment is underway.  full story

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Germany: Neo-Nazi trial underway for one year now

9.5.2014 17:48, (ROMEA) Every country knows about a court case from certain periods of its history that not only reflects that history, but also shapes it. For the Czech Republic, that case was the 1990s "Berdych gang" scandal involving police officers assisting a criminal enterprise.  full story

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Czech trial of violent death of Romani man during police intervention continues

Sokolov, 1.5.2014 23:11, (ROMEA) At the end of April, the trial continued in the case of the violent death of a Romani worker after a police intervention in the West Bohemian town of Kynšperk nad Ohří. While two local police officers have been charged with negligent homicide in the case, they remain on active duty.  full story

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Analysis: Czech verdict means it's a crime to stop an armed brawl

Prague, 1.4.2014 20:57, (ROMEA) Last month the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem handed down its first-instance verdict in the case of the violent death of Mr Ivan J. In May 2013, Mr J. was stabbed twice during the celebrations of the opening of the spa season in the Czech town of Teplice and succumbed to his wounds shortly thereafter.  full story

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Commentary: Czech media exaggerate significance of crimes involving Roma

Prague, 14.3.2014 2:58, (ROMEA) Hundreds of serious violent crimes, including murders, are committed annually in the Czech Republic, but during the past few months no other case has received as much media coverage as that of a nighttime conflict between several drunken citizens in the small northern town of Duchcov. Everyone involved in the incident, including the state prosecutor, agrees that the conflict resulted not just in grave physical harm but, as both the state prosecutor and the attorney for the victims agree, it resulted in grave psychological harm to one of the victims, who has been prevented from returning to normal life for some time now.  full story

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