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September 19, 2020



Yveta Kenety

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Yveta Kenety (FOTO: Jana Platichová)

Yveta Kenety: Czech daily again manipulates public with biased, outdated information about Roma

24.3.2016 17:14 One of the most recent examples of manipulative journalism that breaks all the rules on writing a quality article is the Právo daily's piece published on 21 March on their online news server with the misleading headline "European Judges: Czech Republic was basically punished for trying to educate Roma". The report is about the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the case of D.H. and Others versus Czech Republic and quotes three judges who voted against that judgment as if it were a hot news item the journalist had to go straight to Strasbourg to get.  full story

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International experts: Friendly approach from teachers toward families essential to successful inclusive education

18.3.2016 18:17 International experts who presented at the recent "School for All" conference in the Czech Republic described several factors key to the success of educating children living with disabilities together with other children. Those factors include collaborating with families, a friendly approach from teachers, the involvement of other experts, emphasis on the progress of each pupil, and the societal perception that the inclusive model of education is the correct way forward.  full story

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