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March 7, 2021



Video Clips

videoCzech Republic: Video of Romani assembly in Žatec on 20 October

22.10.2016 15:37 The video above is an edited recording of the gathering that took place on Thursday, 20 October in the Czech town of Žatec in front of the pizzeria where a Romani man (age 26) died on Tuesday at around 19:00. Approximately 100 Romani people gathered on that occasion.  full story

--ilustrační foto--

videoCzech Republic: NGO campaign draws attention to anti-Romani prejudice

2.4.2016 20:43 A new campaign against prejudice toward Romani people has been launched in the Czech Republic to mark International Romani Day this year by the ARA ART organization. The campaign is called #PrayForPrej and one of its main ideas is that Romani people do not live according to prejudiced expectations, but fully participate in Czech society, and people should not believe the lies disseminated about them.  full story

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