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May 26, 2022




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Commentary: Correct language in the USA isn't sparing anyone's life

27.8.2015 19:48 Neither a correct nor a "hypercorrect" vocabulary, in and of itself, is enough to get rid of any problem. Petra Gelbart, who has commented on her shock that the Prague Transit Authority is telling its passengers "amusing" anecdotes about the history of the slang expressions used by drivers, certainly knows this.  full story

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Commentary: Czech MP uses Nazi term to discuss the impoverished

15.6.2015 17:17 At the end of May, an essential piece of news was reported about the so far unsuccessful attempts by more than one administration in the Czech Republic to halt the unfavorable trend of the creation of socially excluded localities. During the past nine years, the number of these places has doubled and the number of people who are being displaced into the "ghettos" has also risen.  full story

Zeljko Jovanovic, director, Roma Initiatives Office

Interview with Zeljko Jovanovic, Director of the Roma Initiatives Office at the Open Society Foundations

18.5.2015 13:53 Zeljko Jovanovic is director of the Roma Initiatives Office (RIO), which aims to strengthen the voices and leadership of Roma with respect to improving public policies and services in Europe. Since the fall of the socialist regimes in Europe, Zeljko says he has witnessed "new claims for justice" being made in the context of those emerging democracies. He has published several articles in a variety of media such as The Guardian, La Repubblica, Foreign Policy Blogs, and on the RIO blog and is the co-author of the book From Victimhood to Citizenship: The path of Roma integration (2013, CEU Press).  full story

Czech court commissions evidence review in response to convicted neo-Nazi murderer's request for retrial

Hradec Králové, 27.4.2015 0:30 On 22 April, the Regional Court in Hradec Králové did not reach a decision on a motion filed by Vlastimil Pechanec to reopen the proceedings in the case of the racially motivated murder of a Romani man, Otto Absolon, at a discotheque in the Czech town of Svitavy in 2001. The court postponed the proceedings until it has received the results of its newly-commissioned expert evaluation of whether there is evidence on the murder weapon.  full story

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Petr Torák: "I'm proud to be the first Romani man from the Czech Republic to receive the MBE"

24.4.2015 3:31 Petr Torák, a Romani émigré from the Czech Republic who serves with the British police, will be receiving an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) . Queen Elizabeth II will present him with the high civilian honor next month for his service to the Romani community.  full story

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Interview with Czech manager who doesn't hire Roma as housekeepers

16.4.2015 17:12 News server has obtained a recording in which Anna Pižlová, manager of the Clinea firm, refuses to invite a Romani woman to interview for a housekeeping position. On the recording, the manager explains that her clients would not want the woman because of her nationality.  full story

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Czech Republic: Vandas re-elected DSSS chair

Prague, 9.3.2015 0:57, (ROMEA) The Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) will be led for the next two years by its only chair to date, Tomáš Vandas (age 46). At the party's convention yesterday, 90 of the 92 delegates participating voted for him.  full story

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Czech-language hate group tries to pass off picture of Nobel Prize winner as its Facebook administrator

Prague, 27.2.2015 21:53, (ROMEA)
Can we believe anything at all on the Internet anymore? Has it just become a tool for fraudsters, haters and propagandists? 
 full story

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Commentary: Invisible Romani victims and an anti-Muslim crusade

Prague, 28.1.2015 21:47, (ROMEA) This year's anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz seemed like a delayed whipping up of a call to arms. The alarm was sounded without a clear enemy.  full story

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Commentary: Czech anger and the Roma

Prague, 10.1.2015 21:34, (ROMEA) The most recent survey of Czech public opinion and trust in political institutions shows falling voter preferences for the ultra-right DSSS party, confirming the good feeling shared by many people, including this author, that our society is rebounding after hitting rock bottom. However, that is no reason to be rocked into complacency.  full story

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Commentary: Czech counter-intelligence report on anti-Romani marches is racist

Prague, 28.12.2014 0:25, (ROMEA) Evangelical parson Mikuláš Vymětal has written an open letter to the Security and Information Service (BIS) of the Czech Republic regarding its report on the anti-Romani events of 2013. "I am calling this a public letter and I believe that if you publish it, it will increase the hope that the BIS will respond proportionately. It's not much of a Christmas topic, but I view this as a way to take care of unfinished business before the year ends," he wrote to news server, which is publishing the letter in full translation below.  full story

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French appeals court upholds Le Pen's fine over insult to Roma

Paris, 21.11.2014 22:29, (ROMEA) A French appeals court has upheld the EUR 5 000 fine levied against the former chair of the French ultra-nationalist party Front National (FN), Jean-Marie Le Pen, for saying Romani people are "like birds, [who] fly/steal naturally" a remark that in French played on the fact that the word voler means both "to fly" and "to steal". Agence France-Presse reports that Le Pen previously said his right to freedom of expression had been violated by the fine.  full story

Czech local council welcomes ultra-right into government, PM closes its SocDem cell in response

Duchcov/Prague, 6.11.2014 19:33, (ROMEA) The local organization of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) in the town of Duchcov (Teplice district) has agreed to a coalition government of the town council with the right-wing extremist Workers Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS). Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, the ČSSD head, said the party's national leadership has distanced itself from the local coalition.  full story

Czech Police apprehend suspects in 2011 arson attempt on Romani family

Prague, 4.11.2014 17:05, (ROMEA) Police officers have apprehended two men suspected of having attacked a railway house occupied by Romani people with a Molotov cocktail three years ago in the Czech town of Krty (Rakovnice district). One person was lightly injured as a result.  full story

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Czech Supreme Administrative Court upholds ban on neo-Nazi demonstration last year

Brno, 3.11.2014 17:23, (ROMEA) The Czech Supreme Administrative Court (Nejvyšší správní soud - NSS) has rejected a complaint concerning a ban on an assembly in the town of České Budějovice filed by neo-Nazi Pavel Matějný, who convened the event. The NSS said it was clear that the announced demonstration intended to threaten the Romani minority.  full story

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Italy: One bus for Roma, one for everyone else - is apartheid on the way?

Borgaro, Italy, 25.10.2014 20:45, (ROMEA) The British newspaper The Telegraph and the online news service The Local report that the mayor of the town of Borgaro is accused of wanting to introduce apartheid in Italy after proposing the introduction of one bus line only for Romani people and another for everyone else. "Two lines. One for us, one for them," Mayor Claudio Gambino (Democratic Party) suggested at a meeting on Thursday with residents of the town, garnering enormous applause.  full story

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Czech candidate assaulted, blames all Roma

Ostrava, 6.10.2014 22:05, (ROMEA) News server reports that 23-year-old Lukáš Král of Ostrava underwent a traumatic experience last week when he was attacked by an 18-year-old man just before noon at a tram stop and robbed of his mobile phone. Král, a local candidate on the list of the ANO movement, described the incident on Facebook, sparking an emotional, racist discussion.  full story

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Czech Senator Lebeda caught in lies about Romani people

Prague, 3.10.2014 19:22, (ROMEA) News server has caught Czech Senator Pavel Lebeda in several lies he told during an interview with the tabloid server Parlamentní listy. Lebeda claimed, for example, that Romani families whose children attend high school receive CZK 1 000 a month from the Education Ministry and that the ROMEA organization pays them CZK 21 000 per year.  full story

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Czech NGO releases publication on hate marches

Brno, 17.9.2014 21:03, (ROMEA) The NESEHNUTÍ NGO has issued a new publication dedicated to the phenomenon of hate marches focusing on the role of the extreme right and the media in these events. What actually happened behind the scenes of the largest anti-Romani marches in the Czech Republic during 2013?  full story

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Germany: New study shows anti-Romani prejudice has deep roots

Berlin/Prague, 15.9.2014 23:21, (ROMEA) At the end of August the results were published of what is the most extensive study to date on the opinions of the German population about Romani and Sinti people in Germany. The research was performed for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Center (the ADS) by the Institute for Research into Conflict and Prejudice and the Institute for Research into Anti-Semitism, using a sample of 2 000 adults.  full story

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