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August 15, 2020




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Czech Republic: Romani children's grades improve after joining floorball teams

3.1.2018 10:23 Last week the Czech daily Mostecký deník reported that Romani children attending a primary school that serves the Chánov housing estate have begun to dedicate themselves to the sport of floorball. They play after school twice a week.  full story

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Romani social worker on growing up at the Chanov housing estate in the Czech Republic

27.2.2017 7:09 Anna Siváková, now age 21, was born in and grew up at the Chanov housing estate in the Czech Republic. After graduating from the local primary school there she decided, unlike many of her schoolmates, to continue her studies beyond compulsory education, graduating from the high school in Most with a focus on social work.  full story

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Czech politician and sports figure convicted of buying Romani votes

11.11.2016 10:30 The former Deputy Mayor of Most, Hana Jeníčková, was sentenced on Monday, 7 November 2016 to eight months in prison, conditionally postponed for one year, for obstructing the preparation and conduct of the municipal elections there in 2014. The same punishment was handed down against the former director of the sports hall in Most, Jan Hašek.  full story

Chanov, April 2012 (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech Republic: New project supports high school education among residents of Chanov housing estate

17.10.2016 14:43 News server reports that at the Chanov housing estate in Most a new education project is being launched called "Support for High School Education for Youth at Chanov". The project will run for three years and involves a local primary school, the House of Roma Culture (Dům romské kultury), a vocational training institution in the Velebudice quarter and the nonprofit organization Naděje, targeting pupils attending 7th, 8th and 9th grade.  full story

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