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August 12, 2022




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Partner of murdered Romani man condemns Czech media for calling him a "terrorist"

3.6.2017 11:33 News server is publishing here the response from the long-term partner of the Romani man who was shot dead in Chomutov one week ago to the news items and reportages in the Czech media and online social networking sites about the incident. Several news outlets have claimed that when the man drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk, he was committing an act of "terrorism".  full story

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Czech Republic: Family of Romani man shot dead in Chomutov doesn't want demonstrations

3.6.2017 9:23 The editors at news server have received an open letter addressed to the media from the relatives of the 34-year-old Romani man who was shot dead one week ago in Chomutov and are publishing it in full at the request of the family. The tragic event happened there on Jirkovská Street.  full story

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Commentary on shooting of Romani man in Chomutov: How many more murder victims before the state learns how to respond?

1.6.2017 10:52 A young Romani man was murdered during the early morning hours of Saturday on Jirkovská Street in Chomutov, Czech Republic. A non-Romani man shot him dead with a
legally licensed weapon, bringing to an end an argument taking place in front of the apartment building where he had been sleeping.
 full story

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Czech Republic: Shooter of Romani man now in custody

30.5.2017 7:20 A court in the Czech Republic accepted a motion filed by the Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem and decided to remand into custody the non-Romani man who has been charged in the case of the shooting death of a Romani man in Chomutov. Police spokesperson Daniel Vítek announced the news yesterday.  full story

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Czech Republic: Shooter of Romani man faces between 12 and 20 years if convicted

29.5.2017 6:55 The non-Romani man who shot a 34-year-old Romani man dead on Saturday, 27 May in the early morning hours was charged with murder yesterday. A detective was also
scheduled to send a motion to the Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem for him to be remanded into custody.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Vigil held for Romani man shot dead yesterday

28.5.2017 11:54 Yesterday in Chomutov a vigil was held to honor the memory of a 34-year-old Romani man who was shot dead at about 3 AM. The suspected shooter was arrested by police at
the scene and today it is anticipated that his criminal prosecution will begin and that a motion will be filed to remand him into custody on suspicion of murder.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Non-Romani man shouts racial abuse at 34-year-old Romani man before shooting him dead

27.5.2017 21:01 Czech Police spokesperson Daniel Vítek told the Czech News Agency today that in the early morning hours today in Chomutov, Czech Republic a 34-year-old Romani man died as a result of being shot. Police officers arrested the suspected shooter at the scene.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani town councilor says housing, unemployment worry people the most

Chomutov, 13.2.2015 20:29, (ROMEA) "I am mainly concerned with improving relations between the majority society and Romani people, with helping people who want to work and are unable to, and with improving housing policy," says David Ištok. After the recently repeated elections he is now a member of the Chomutov town council after having been active in several nonprofit organizations and working as a crime prevention assistant to the Chomutov Municipal Police.  full story

Czech Police propose prosecution of vote-buying at Romani event

Chomutov, 31.1.2015 23:20, (ROMEA) The Czech Police have completed their investigation of alleged vote-buying during last fall's municipal elections in Chomutov. Police have proposed the prosecution of a 45-year-old local man for interfering with the preparations for and course of an election.  full story

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Czech court decides local elections will repeat in town of Chomutov

Brno/Chomutov, 20.11.2014 22:31, (ROMEA) The municipal elections will be repeated in the Czech town of Chomutov. Even though those who complained to the Ústí Regional Court have failed with their particular request as to why the elections should be invalidated nationwide, the court has ordered that the local elections be repeated, according to court spokesperson Marcela Trejbalová.  full story

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Czech Republic: Winners of Chomutov local elections go to court over vote-buying

Chomutov, 14.10.2014 17:38, (ROMEA) The Czech town of Chomutov will be governed until the next elections by a coalition of the ANO 2011 movement, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) and the FOR Chomutov (PRO Chomutov) movement; representatives of those parties reached the agreement late last night. Together the three parties won 22 seats on the 35-member council.  full story

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Czech ministers visit excluded localities in Karviná, Labor Minister visits Chomutov

Chomutov/Karviná, 7.6.2014 23:32, (ROMEA) Yesterday Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec and Labor and Social Affairs Minister Michaela Marksová Tominová paid a joint visit to the Moravian-Silesian Region. The ministers specifically visited socially excluded localities in the town of Karviná.  full story

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Notorious Czech antigypsyist says she's leaving politics

Chomutov, 22.1.2014 22:42, (ROMEA) Ivana Řápková, a former mayor of Chomutov and former MP, resigned from the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) last Friday. Yesterday the daily Chomutovský deník reported she resigned because of long-term internal disagreements in the party.  full story

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Czech President: More police needed in areas of conflict

Chomutov, 27.10.2013 18:06, (ROMEA) Speaking on Friday during a discussion with local residents in the town of Chomutov, Czech President Miloš Zeman said increasing the number of police officers could be a solution to situations in regions of conflict where non-Romani people are complaining about their co-existence with the Romani minority. Chomutov locals have complained primarily about problems with crime in some parts of town and in nearby Jirkov.  full story

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Czech town says local "militia" is not useful

Chomutov, 11.12.2012 15:53, (ROMEA) The mayor of Chomutov has announced that after a half a year of activity, the town's local militia has not measured up. Former municipal police officer Petr Kubaczka established the militia this past summer to great media fanfare after his daughter was assaulted in a park there.  full story

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videoCzech hockey club apologizes to Canadian player for fans' racism

Chomutov, 29.10.2012 16:56, (ROMEA) The management of the Chomutov Pirates Czech Extraliga hockey team (Piráti Chomutov) has publicly apologized to Wayne Simmonds, a forward for the Liberec hockey team, for the racist insults aimed at him by several Pirates fans during yesterday's game. Simmonds, a Black Canadian, became the target of the insults toward the end of the game, which Chomutov won 3:2 in overtime.  full story

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