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June 25, 2022



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Czech Interior Minister calls for housing benefits law to change, gives new interpretation of existing regulations

23.6.2015 21:44 The current crisis around the disbursal of housing benefits to people living in residential hotels in the Czech Republic might have a surprisingly simple solution, at least temporarily. According to Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec, a municipality's disagreement with the disbursal of benefits does not have to be considered a binding decision.  full story

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Czech Human Rights Minister: Housing benefits legislation is unsustainable and must be changed

18.6.2015 21:22 Today at 9:30 AM a session of the Czech Government's Legislative Council began at which Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier added the agenda item of discussing the approval of housing benefits. Dienstbier intends to publish an analysis of the constitutionality of recently-adopted legislation according to which municipalities, not the state, approve the disbursal of these public benefits.  full story

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Czech Labor Office says it cannot tell municipalities how to award housing benefits

17.6.2015 23:41 As of May, when an amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress took effect, municipalities, not the state's Labor Offices, have been tasked with deciding on whether to accept or reject applications for housing benefits. Municipalities around the country have begun using these new powers and the number of rejected applications for these benefits is rising.
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