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October 20, 2020



HateFree Culture

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Czech Republic: New campaign combats hate online

23.11.2015 20:30 The Czech Government's Hate Free Culture campaign has issued the following press release:  full story

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Czech Republic: Hidden camera captures reactions to a refugee family from Syria

31.10.2015 15:17 The organizers of the Czech Government project "HateFree Culture" decided to test the approach taken by people in the Czech Republic toward refugees when they meet them face to face. The project sent a Syrian family with a young child to Kolín and to several neighboring villages in Central Bohemia.
 full story

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Czech Gov't Agency for Social Inclusion reports on transitional housing programs now underway

12.9.2015 19:10 The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has released research analyzing so-called transitional housing systems currently being implemented throughout the country in detail. Such systems are being used by more than 10 cities and social service providers for working with people who are unable to access standard housing for various reasons.  full story

Czech event brings atheists, Christians, Jews and Muslims to the same table

28.8.2015 6:06 On 18 August, 30 people of various minority and religious backgrounds gathered in Prague to eat breakfast together. Those participating in the event wanted to show that people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions are able to understand one another.  full story

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Czech broadcasting board criticizes TV NOVA for promoting anti-hate campaign

25.7.2015 3:12 News server Mediář, which reports on the Czech media, has broken the news that the Czech Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) is criticizing the TV NOVA station for disproportionately emphasizing a "product", namely, the HateFree sticker that business owners can put in their windows, specifically as part of its series "Ulice" ("The Street"). The HateFree project, which is managed by the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, has purchased an advertising package of broadcasting times that include product placement of the campaign within the series and has paid roughly CZK 400 000 [EUR 14 800] for the spots so far.  full story

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Czech Republic: HateFree Culture project refutes online hoaxes about refugees

15.7.2015 16:33 HateFree Culture, a project that is part of the Czech Government's campaign against hate violence and racism, has issued the following press release:  full story

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Czech Government project holds contest for a "HateFree Song"

10.6.2015 21:09 The "HateFree Culture" project has announced an open contest for music performers, whether groups or solo artists, called "SLOŽ TO!" ("COMPOSE IT!") whose work reflects on themes such as coexistence; extreme nationalism; hate violence; intolerance for members of minorities, social groups and subcultures; prejudice; racism; respect; right-wing radicalism; or xenophobia. The composers of the winning piece will be provided with a backup team to produce a professional video.  full story

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