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December 6, 2021




Troops on the streets of Italy in crime crackdown

Rome, 4.8.2008 17:39, (Times online) Thousands of soldiers were deployed in Italy's major cities from dawn today as part of a drive by Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right government to tackle street crime and illegal immigration.  full story

Romanian president slams Italy's gypsy rules

Rome, 2.8.2008 18:30, (AFP) Romanian President Traian Basescu has hit out at Italy's tough new stance towards gypsies Thursday, according to comments reported by ANSA news agency after a meeting with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Rome.  full story

Gypsy leaders accuse Italy of discrimination

WARSAW, Poland, 2.8.2008 18:25, (AP/IHT) Gypsy leaders attending a ceremony at the former Auschwitz death camp Saturday accused Italy of harassment and discrimination, a news agency reported.  full story

Roma MEP defends Italy’s fingerprinting measures

Strasbourg, 30.7.2008 9:57, ( The decision by the government of Silvio Berlusconi to fingerprint Roma in Italy was well intentioned, says Lívia Járóka, a Hungarian MEP from the centre-right EPP-ED group, in an interview with EurActiv Hungary.  full story

The world was shocked by Italian sunbathers ignoring dead gipsy girls... But now Italy is showing a chilling interest in Roma children

Italy, 26.7.2008 10:46, (Daily Mail) It was the week's most shocking picture: gipsy girls dead on a beach ignored by sunbathers... Now there is more chilling evidence of how Italy's brutal crackdown on the Roma has sick echoes of the country's fascist past.  full story

Italian outrage over Roma drowning photos

Neapol, 21.7.2008 21:55, (CNN - VIDEO) Italian newspapers, an archbishop and civil liberties campaigners expressed shock and revulsion on Monday after photographs were published of sunbathers apparently enjoying a day at the beach just meters from where the bodies of two drowned Roma girls were laid out on the sand.  full story

Red Cross Collaborates in Ethnic Filing of Roma in Italy

Hamburg, 15.7.2008 20:11, (ROMEA) Massimo Barra, the head of the Italian Red Cross, insisted that the aim was to integrate Roma people into Italian society. If children were fingerprinted, it would be done "as a game", he said. Mr Barra said the Red Cross "always respects human rights. We are building bridges, not walls." – 5 July, The Times.  full story

Letter of protest to Berlusconi regarding Italian action on fingerprinting Roma living in camps

Strasbourg, 13.7.2008 16:13, (ROMEA) Since months we are looking very closely at the incidents of violent attack on the settlements in Italy, police brutality and violations, hate speech in which hundreds of Roma have been forced to run for fear of their life. So far there hasn’t been any appropriate reactions or measures taken to stop the violence and pogroms of Roma by your government.  full story

Open letter from ERTF regarding Italian action on fingerprinting Roma living in camps

Strasbourg, 13.7.2008 16:11, (ROMEA) The European Roma and Travellers Forum is seriously concerned about the action of the Italian authorities on fingerprinting Roma living in the camps across he country – adults and children alike – brushing aside the concerns of the European nstitutions and International organisations. Having regard the Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms, the principles of equality and nondiscrimination, the right to privacy and data protection, as recognised by the International and European conventions protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in particular the European Convention on Human Rights and the related jurisprudence and by the Charter of Fundamental Rights, as well as the International Convention on Children’s Rights today the European Roma and Travellers Forum call upon all Governments of European and non- European member states to:  full story

Roma protest against fingerprinting in Italy

Vienna, 11.7.2008 16:01, (ROMEA) Today 11 July between 10:00 – 12:30, in Vienna, the representatives of the Roma civil society, present to the OSCE Meeting on the Sustainable Roma Policy are organizing a march protesting against the violent attacks and the ethnically motivated “security measures” adopted by the Italian Government targeting Roma and Sinti, in particular in the matter of fingerprinting of Roma and children.  full story

Fingerprint all Italians, minister says

Rome, 11.7.2008 13:39, (Eubusiness/ROMEA) Italy's defence minister suggested all Italians be fingerprinted so the government would not be accused of racism for fingerprinting gypsies, in comments published Friday, rejecting EU lawmakers' cries of discrimination.  full story

ERTF PressPelease: Protest NOTE toward Italian Gouvernment

Strasbourg, 10.7.2008 16:51, (ERTF) Mr Rudko Kawczynski, President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, delivered to Mr Pietro Lonardo, Permanent Representative of Italy at the Council of Europe a protest note requesting to stop the anti-Roma action of the Italian authorities on fingerprinting Roma living in the camps across the country, brushing aside the concerns of the European Institutions and International organisations.  full story

Italian plans to fingerprint Roma criticised as 'ethnic cataloguing'

Roma, 27.6.2008 22:19, (ROMEA/EUobserver) Italy has found itself under heavy criticism for a proposed crack-down on clandestine migration by fingerprinting Roma individuals, including children, with the European Commission admitting such a move would violate EU anti-discrimination rules and respect for fundamental rights.  full story

Rebecca Covaciu, 12-year-old Roma girl, winner of the 2008 Unicef Prize, assaulted in Milan

Milano, 23.6.2008 11:56, ( The assault took place at 8 a.m. in Milan (Italy) on Tuesday June 17th. The Covaciu family, Romanians of the Roma ethnic group, already the victims of endless wandering around Italy due to abuse, threats and camp clearances, were leaving the tent they have been living in in a micro-settlement in the Gianbellino area, when they were brutally attacked by two Italians aged between 35 and 40. Rebecca, aged 12, (known in Italy for having been awarded the 2008 Unicef – Caff? Shakerato prize for her artistic gifts applied to intercultural topics) and her brother Ioni, aged 14, were first pushed around and then beaten.  full story

Marching for Roma Rights in Rome

Rome, 9.6.2008 21:22, (Javno/ROMEA - VIDEO) Members of Italy`s Roma and Sinti communities demand more rights and better living conditions at a rally in Rome. A peaceful and colourful demand for more rights. Several hundred members of Italy's Roma and Sinti communities marching through Rome, dancing and playing music as they protested against a recent government crackdown on their camps.  full story

2008: To be Rom in Italy

Bucurest, 3.6.2008 11:38, (Press release) Today, 3 June 2008, the associations of Roma from Romania are protesting in front of the Italian Embassy to Bucharest, against the numerous racist and xenophobic actions targeting Roma in Italy, and against the lack of reaction of the Italian and Romanian authorities. The protest in Bucharest is taking place simultaneously with a protest of Romani organizations from Spain in front of the Italian Embassy to Madrid.  full story

EU officials denounce attacks on Gypsies in Italy

STRASBOURG, 20.5.2008 21:33, (AP) European Union officials on Tuesday denounced attacks on Roma camps in Italy and warned against expelling citizens of other EU states on the grounds of their ethnic origin.  full story

The statement of ERIO concerning the aggressive racial attacks against Roma people in Italy

Brussels, 20.5.2008 17:06, (ROMEA) The European Roma Information Office ERIO express its deep concern on the aggressive racial attacks against Roma people in Italy by members of the Italian society and on the passive position held by the Italian authorities. ERIO asks the Italian government to take urgent measures to stop Anti-Roma attacks and ensure security and protection to Roma communities.  full story

Anti-roma violence in Italy: ARE WE BACK TO 1930?

Italy, 20.5.2008 8:57, (ROMEA/ERTF) Today, in a letter addressed to the European Union and the European Parliament the European Roma and Travellers Forum expressed concern over the violent attack on the informal settlements in Italy in which hundreds of Roma have been forced to run off for fear of their life.  full story

ERRC Calls Italian Government to Stop Anti-Romani Pogroms

Italy, 20.5.2008 8:55, (ERRC/ROMEA) On 16 May 2008, the European Roma Rights Centre sent a letter to high-ranking Italian government authorities demanding intervention following anti-Romani pogroms taking place in Naples. The letter, sent to the Italian Prime Minister, the Italian President, the Minister of Interior, the head of the Italy’s National Office Against Racial Discrimination and the Public Prosecutor, pointed to similarities between the recent events in Italy and anti-Romani pogroms taking place in Romania in the early 1990s, for which the European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Romania three times since 2005. The ERRC also highlighted the responsibility of high ranking Italian politicians for contributing to the current climate of hostility against Roma in Italy.  full story

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