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November 22, 2019
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Czech Republic: Local party believes Romani member is innocent of drug charges

Trmice, 15.1.2015 17:30, (ROMEA) Detectives have charged Marcel Cichý, a primary school teacher and local councilor in Trmice elected for the "Together for Trmice" movement, with illegal distribution of drugs. News server publishes a statement on his arrest from the "Together for Trmice" movement in full translation here:  full story

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France: Le Pen's new remarks spark outrage

Paris, 9.6.2014 18:19, (ROMEA) Anti-racist associations and a French cabinet member have responded with outrage to new remarks by the founder and former leader of the ultra-right Front National (FN). Agence France-Presse reports that Jean-Marie Le Pen has used made anti-Semitic remarks in response to those who oppose him.  full story

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