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December 7, 2019
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Komunální volby 2014

Czech town that repeated elections three times may see vote-buying again

Krupka, 25.9.2014 19:13, (ROMEA) News server reports that in the town of Krupka (Teplice district), where the most recent local elections had to be repeated three times because of vote-buying, locals are again receiving reports that parties are planning to offer to buy votes. Some local political associations are training members of the local electoral commission on how to spot vote-buying and are planning to patrol the streets during the elections.  full story

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Czech NGO says most women ever running in local elections

Prague, 23.9.2014 22:13, (ROMEA) The representation of women in local politics is expected to slightly rise after the elections. The most women ever in the history of the Czech Republic - 32.23 % - are candidates.  full story

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Czech Republic: EU citizens from abroad may vote in local elections

Prague, 23.9.2014 21:36, (ROMEA) Foreigners in the Czech Republic who are citizens of EU Member States may participate in the municipal elections this year even if they only have temporary residency and not statutory permanent residency, according to the State Election Commission (SEC). The recommendation was made in accordance with last Friday's verdict handed down by the Regional Court in Brno.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani candidates establish movement for local elections

Trmice, 23.9.2014 17:05, (ROMEA) A group of local Romani residents of Trmice (Ústí Region) has decided to change the place where they were born, live and work. They have put together a list of independent candidates for this year's municipal elections, the Together for Trmice (Independent Vote) movement (Společně pro Trmice (Nezávislá volba), which is running under number 10.  full story

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Czech local elections see attempts to buy votes

Bílina/Český Těšín, 19.9.2014 19:35, (ROMEA) The Mf DNES daily in the Czech Republic reports that some politicians are doing their best to buy votes in the upcoming municipal elections. The paper's first report today was about the town of Český Těšín.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani local candidate looks to EU funds for social exclusion

Brno, 17.9.2014 21:55, (ROMEA) News server has prepared a series of brief interviews with Romani candidates in the upcoming local elections. This interview is with Rastislav Lučanský, who ran for the European Parliament as a Romani Democratic Party candidate and who is now running as an independent in the city of Brno, on the Moravian Party ticket.  full story

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Czech Republic: Racist graffiti on Romani candidate's election poster

Prostějov, 11.9.2014 19:02, (ROMEA) News server reports that racist slogans such as "Black mug" and "Don't vote for niggers" have recently turned up on election posters for the ANO movement in the Czech town of Prostějov. Ondřej Provazník, a local 18-year-old Romani candidate for the movement, is the target.  full story

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