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June 28, 2022




Czech online tabloids recycling long-debunked antigypsyist hoaxes alleging Roma get free transportation, washing machines

24.7.2017 7:11 An online hoax against Romani people in the Czech town of Most that is several years old and alleges that they are getting free public transport and that the town is paying for them to go to the spa or take taxis is once again spreading through the Czech-language Internet. Besides being currently shared on Czech-language social networks, the hoax was published by the news server Eportál on 18 July.  full story

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Czech tabloid fraudulently tells readers CCTV footage of theft in Chile was from Ostrava - antigypsyism is the response

18.7.2017 7:16 Czech online social networks are sharing video footage of a young man, accompanied by a woman with a pram and a small child, stealing a television set from the waiting room of a hospital. The video has been viewed more than one million times, and according to the accompanying comments, it is clear that the Czech Internet believes the people in the video are a family - and a Romani one.  full story

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Miloš Zeman circa 1998: CZK 600 million to build a memorial instead of a pig farm is "negligible amount"

30.6.2017 16:07 Czech President Miloš Zeman claimed during yesterday's "TÝDEN" ("The Week") program on the Barrandov cable television channel that he has always been against closing the pig farm currently located on the site of a former concentration camp for Romani people. Zeman insisted that he has never changed his opinion on that subject.  full story

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Czech President alleges most immigrants are uneducated, but German statistics show otherwise

24.3.2017 6:45 According to Czech President Miloš Zeman, most of the two million immigrants who have arrived in the European Union recently have not even completed a basic education. He belives that will significantly complicate their inclusion into society.  full story

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Czech disinformation outlet misinforms readers that a refugee camp "like Calais" is growing in Prague

11.3.2017 21:29 The dissemination of disinformation and fake news to manipulate Czech readers takes various forms. A fresh example from the Czech tabloid Parlamentní listy demonstrates that the images used in news reporting play a significant role in such efforts.  full story

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Czech tabloid uses old video from French taxi drivers' protest, claims it is of current protests by immigrants

28.2.2017 7:32 The Czech tabloid news server Parlamentní has used its Facebook profile to manipulate its readers once again. The server has published year-old video footage of protesters throwing tires at cars as they drive by, captioning the footage with the sentence "This is Paris".  full story

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Czech broadcast regulator: Prima TV's coverage of Iraqi refugees (and itself) broke the law

16.1.2017 9:35 Last year TV Prima broke the law through its news broadcasting about the integration of refugees from Iraq into the Czech Republic, according to the Council on Radio and Television Broadcasting (Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání - RRTV). A total of four news reports broadcast in its main news program, "FTV Prima News", were found to have manipulated viewers and to have not been objective.  full story

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Czech Republic: TV Prima defends its anti-refugee newscasts by referring to a non-existent broadcast regulator "decision"

7.6.2016 9:03 The FTV Prima company issued a press release last week reacting to information published by news server Hlídací ("Watchdog") that the station management
instructed newsroom producers to present refugees as a crisis, problem, and threat. In its own main news broadcasts on the issue, Prima has told its viewers that the
station has been facing a campaign based on what they are calling a "manipulated" audio recording of the meeting where the instructions were given.  full story

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Czech Republic: TV Prima managers caught on tape telling reporters to "obey orders" about how to report on refugees

4.6.2016 12:34 On Monday, 30 May, the organization Hlídací ("Watchdog") published essential information about the fact that the management of TV Prima instructed its news
reporters last year to always present the topic of refugees as a crisis, problem and threat. The station has since responded, calling the information mere speculation.  full story

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Czech Republic: Broadcasting regulator suddenly lost its quorom when vote was taken on Prima's coverage of refugees

2.6.2016 10:35 At its session on 19 April, the Council on Radio and Television Broadcasting in the Czech Republic addressed an agenda item regarding a reportage broadcast about Christian refugees from Iraq. According to the complaint submitted, the Prima television station manipulated the information it broadcast.  full story

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Czech Republic: Prima TV station told reporters to depict refugees as a risk and a threat or they would be fired

31.5.2016 13:31 The Czech NGO Hlídací ("Watchdog") has testimonies from several sources inside Prima TV stating that the television station's management gave producers there clear instructions during a meeting on 7 September 2015 about what angle to take toward the refugee "crisis" in its news reporting. The station's reporting on the issue took center stage this spring because of how it chose to report on the arrival of Christian refugees from Iraq to the Czech Republic.  full story

Yveta Kenety (FOTO: Jana Platichová)

Yveta Kenety: Czech daily again manipulates public with biased, outdated information about Roma

24.3.2016 17:14 One of the most recent examples of manipulative journalism that breaks all the rules on writing a quality article is the Právo daily's piece published on 21 March on their online news server with the misleading headline "European Judges: Czech Republic was basically punished for trying to educate Roma". The report is about the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the case of D.H. and Others versus Czech Republic and quotes three judges who voted against that judgment as if it were a hot news item the journalist had to go straight to Strasbourg to get.  full story

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Editorial: Czech media claim inspection found "no discrimination" at Krásná Lípa school - lack of professionalism or intentional manipulation?

26.2.2016 17:04 The Czech School Inspection (Česká školní inspekce - ČSI) has published a report of its investigation into a primary school in the town of Krásná Lípa where Romani parents complained last September that their children had been concentrated into a single classroom. The conclusions of the report are unambiguous and very unfavorable to the school.  full story

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Czech Deputy Public Defender of Rights inserts himself into scandal over refugee interview

19.2.2016 19:01 According to Stanislav Křeček, the Deputy Public Defender of Rights, the Iraqi Christian refugee George Batto, who was offered an apartment in the Czech town of Jihlava and was then interviewed by TV Prima, did not compare that apartment to a "cowshed" or "barn for animals". In its first report about the refugees, Prima broadcast a misinterpretation of Batto's words that included a reference to a "cowshed" and juxtaposed the audio with an image of the apartments at issue.  full story

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17 Czech senators say tv report on refugees constitutes illegal incitement to hatred

18.2.2016 23:13 News server Marketing&Media reports that on Wednesday, 18 February, 17 members of the Senate of the Czech Republic filed a complaint with the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting over reporting by the Prima television station about Iraqi refugees from Erbil. According to the senators, the reporting may have violated Act No. 231/2001 on the operation of radio and television broadcasting, especially the obligation to not engage in incitement to hatred.  full story

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Czech Republic: Interpreter confirms TV Prima manipulated footage of refugee interview

15.2.2016 20:35 A new development has arisen in the scandal around the manipulative reporting by the Prima television station about Christian refugees from Iraq who came to the Czech Republic several weeks ago with the aid of the Generation 21 Foundation. A translator hired by Prima whose work was used during a second report broadcast on Saturday, one that the station intended to disprove the allegations of manipulation, has now revealed details that show Prima did indeed manipulate its initial reporting and suppressed important information in its follow-up reporting.  full story

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Czech Republic: TV Prima releases more footage in its defense, but doubts remain about its interview with refugee

15.2.2016 4:36 The Prima television station in the Czech Republic responded during its main news show Saturday to the criticism it received after previously broadcasting a report about Christian refugees from Iraq who came to the country several weeks ago with the aid of the Generation 21 Foundation. Prima asserts in its reporting that the refugees are complaining about the apartments they have been offered and have compared them to cowsheds.  full story

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Czech Republic: Television station issues statement about interview with refugee that sparked online hatred

12.2.2016 23:53 The TV Prima television station in the Czech Republic has issued a statement about an interview broadcast on 11 February with a refugee in which the interpretation of what the refugee said was inaccurate. News server is providing the statement here in full translation.  full story

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Czech Republic: Manipulative television report sparks hatred against Christian refugees from Iraq

12.2.2016 19:51 A report by the Prima television station broadcast on 11 February 2016 in its main news program has sparked many hateful online posts in the Czech Republic. The report featured a refugee who arrived in the Czech Republic several weeks ago with the aid of the Generation 21 Foundation (NF G21) and who was alleged to have expressed many criticisms of the accommodation he was offered in the town of Jihlava.  full story

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Czech reporter's articles promote anti-Romani stereotypes through half-truths and manipulation

9.11.2015 21:49 The Czech daily Mladá fronta DNES and its Internet portal have published a series of articles describing the development to date of a project in the town of Přerov spearheaded by local councilor Jiří Kohout, who has also been chair of the Public Affairs (VV) party since last year. The aim of the project was supposed to be (and still is) the employment of persons who have long been unemployed.  full story

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