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May 28, 2022




František Kostlán

Commentary: Czech antigypsyism, or, a report on the state of the country

Prague, 26.3.2013 23:57, (ROMEA) I have been systematically reporting on the lives of people living in ghettos, the activity of the ultra-right, and the state of the media with respect to the topic of Romani people, including analysis and criticism. My experiences in doing this work, or rather the topics I have been involved with during it, are alarming.  full story

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Czech Republic: Ostrava starts social housing program

Ostrava, 12.2.2013 22:26, (ROMEA) Czech Television reports that the first families enrolled in a social housing program in the town of Ostrava have received keys to their new apartments from the town. As long as they follow the rules and send their children to school, the town will assist them.  full story

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Czech President Klaus announces prisoner amnesty in final speech

Prague, 2.1.2013 3:57, (ROMEA) In his final New Year's Day speech today, Czech President Václav Klaus evaluated the past 10 years during which he was the country's head of state. He defended democracy and traditional values, assessed the country's economic development, and criticized the European Union and the amount of regulation which, in his view, is putting the brakes on growth. The president also called for a return to national cohesion. He announced a partial amnesty for prisoners at the close of the speech.  full story

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Czech Labor Ministry to take Romani agenda from Office of the Government

Prague, 8.11.2012 23:33, (ROMEA) The Insider daily news server ( reports that reorganizations are being prepared at the Office of the Government that will affect its Human Rights Section. Matters concerning the Romani minority will be transferred to the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry.  full story

Alleged extremist leaves Czech ruling ODS - party official

Prague, 27.1.2008 21:21, (ROMEA/CTK) Martin Bacik, who has allegedly contacts with extremists, left the Czech senior ruling Civic Democratic Party (ODS) today, Pavel Hamza, manager of the ODS Moravian-Silesian branch, told CTK, but Bacik dismissed it.  full story

Czech ODS plans measures to prevent extremists in party - server

Prague, 27.1.2008 13:38, (ROMEA/CTK) Another member of the Czech senior government Civic Democratic Party (ODS) has contacts with right-wing extremists, and in reaction to it the ODS is preparing measures to protect the party from controversial members, iDnes server reported today.  full story

Czech govt ODS politicians sign petition supported by extremists

Prague, 8.1.2008 0:59, (ROMEA/CTK) Several Czech senior ruling Civic Democrat (ODS) politicians have signed a petition defending "traditional values" among whose signatories some extreme right-wingers figure, the daily Denik has reported.  full story

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