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August 13, 2022




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Stano Daniel: We need to rescue dogs from Slovakia's settlements but not humans?

23.2.2017 9:48 A stereotypical image of a Romani settlement is that many dogs live there. There are known cases of doctors, postal workers or social workers being afraid to visit the settlements because of the dogs.  full story

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Slovak TV program focuses on Romani girl who studies despite living without electricity

23.2.2017 7:26 The most recent episode of the Slovak program "Seventh Heaven" (Sedmé nebe), which is broadcast by the JOJ television channel, focuses on a 13-year-old Romani girl
named Anna Mária who lives in a settlement in eastern Slovakia. Despite the difficulties of living her life in poverty, without electricity or gas, she is working hard on herself and learning four foreign languages.  full story

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Russia: Mass demolition of homes in one of the biggest Romani settlements

18.6.2016 9:24 The situation in the municipality of Plechanovo, one of the biggest Romani settlements in Russia, where mass street fighting occurred several weeks ago between local residents and police over efforts by the gas utility to cut Romani residents off from the gas lines, has deteriorated further. Starting in the first week of June, the illegal constructions in which local Romani people are living have been demolished.  full story

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Slovakia: Three children burn to death in Romani settlement

25.1.2016 18:18 Three children died around in the early morning hours of Sunday in the Romani settlement in the municipality of Lomnička (Stará Ľubovňa district) in eastern Slovakia. A two-year-old boy, four-year-old boy and five-year-old girl tragically burned to death.  full story

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videoHighest-paid Hungarian footballer of all time is Romani

14.1.2016 19:50 What has been suspected for several days has now been officially confirmed. Hungarian footballer Norbert Balogh will continue his career as a player in the highest Italian competition, the A Series, as a member of Palermo.  full story

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Slovakia: Blaze in Romani settlement deprives 70 people of housing

3.4.2015 23:54 A fire broke out on Monday, 30 March in a Romani settlement in the municipality of Malcov, Bardějov district in Slovakia. A total of 15 cabins were burned to the ground and approximately 70 people were made homeless, 30 of them children; no one was injured.  full story

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International Romani charity says helping others is a joy

27.1.2015 22:08, (ROMEA) A Czech Romani man and a Slovak Romani man have established a small charity organization abroad and begun aiding impoverished Romani children. They have delivered a first installment of aid to Romani settlements in Slovakia and are planning to deliver more in future.  full story

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Greece: Roma block traffic to resist eviction

Athens, Greece, 3.10.2014 0:23, (ROMEA) Press TV, Iran's English-language news agency, reported yesterday that Stelios Kalamiotis, the leader of an encampment of Romani people in the Greek capital of Athens, said his community had temporarily blocked an eviction and relocation order issued against them by the government. The community set up road blocks on Tuesday, 30 September for 12 hours, keeping police forces away from their dwellings.  full story

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Czech NGO's hands tied on hopeless situation of Romani migrants from Slovakia

Prague, 30.9.2014 20:34, (ROMEA) In recent weeks the field social workers at the Prague branch of the People in Need association have been confronted with the desperate situations of Romani people from Slovakia who, in fear for their lives, decided to leave their home country with the unclear notion that they might find assistance in Prague. The following is a description of a dramatic two days in the life of the Prague branch of that NGO, as described by one of its social workers.  full story

Exhibition on postwar migration of Roma to the Czech Republic

Ostrava, 27.9.2014 23:10, (ROMEA) Earlier this month Ostrava's Mírové náměstí saw the installation of a stylized apartment housing the exhibition "Khatar san?" (Where are you from?) mapping the arrival of Romani people from Slovakia into the Ostrava region for work. The audiovisual exhibition presents the memories and stories of 11 men and women who headed for the Czech Republic from Romani settlements in Slovakia after 1945, according to the project's curator Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků.  full story

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Renata Berkyová on wall demolition in Slovakia: What principles do we honor?

Prague, 18.9.2014 17:54, (ROMEA) Several days ago a report came out about the demolition of a wall at the Luník VIII housing estate in Košice, Slovakia and a visit paid by activists to the residents of Ostrovany there. The media reports that this was the work of activists from abroad, including the Czech Republic.  full story

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Slovak Interior Minister recommends cancelling festival in Romani settlement

Moldava nad Bodvou, 27.8.2014 2:39, (ROMEA) The local council of Moldava nad Bodvou has decided to cancel the "Moldava spolu" ("Moldava Together") festival that was supposed to be held next weekend in the nearby Romani settlement of Budulovská, where a brutal police intervention happened a year ago. The council session during which that decision was made was not open to the public.  full story

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Almost half of all Roma in Slovakia are integrated, others live without sewerage

Bratislava, Slovakia, 23.7.2014 0:17, (ROMEA) News server reports that currently almost half of the roughly 402 000 Romani people in Slovakia live in integrated neighborhoods among the majority population. More than 95 000 Romani people reside on the outskirts of municipalities, 74 000 in segregated settlements, and roughly 46 000 in ghettos on the territory of towns or villages.  full story

Greek court refuses repatriation to Bulgarian Romani child

Athens, 4.6.2014 20:10, (ROMEA) A five-year-old Bulgarian Romani girl who was found last year by Greek police in a Romani settlement will continue to be raised by the Greek charity organization Smile of the Child. A court has now rejected a request from the Bulgarian authorities to return the girl to her native country  full story

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Slovakia: Demolition of building in Romani settlement cancelled

Bratislava, Slovakia, 2.4.2014 17:51, (ROMEA) The demolition of an illegally-erected building in a Romani settlement in the village of Krásnohorské Podhradie in eastern Slovakia which was to have become a precedent for similar constructions throughout the country has been delayed. Authorities have overturned a decision taken last year by the municipality which was to have formed the basis for getting rid of the so-called "black building" owned by the Darvaš family.  full story

Slovak police said to have proceeded correctly during intervention at Romani settlement

Bratislava, Slovakia, 31.7.2013 17:24, (ROMEA) Yesterday Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák told journalists that his ministry's Inspectorate has found that the Slovak Police did not commit any errors during an intervention at a Romani settlement in eastern Slovakia this past June. NGOs and Romani residents had protested the alleged brutality of the police during the incident.  full story

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Slovak municipality orders construction in Romani settlement demolished

Krásnohorské Podhradie, Slovakia, 2.7.2013 19:53, (ROMEA) The village of Krásnohorské Podhradie in eastern Slovakia has ordered the demolition of an illegally constructed house in the local Romani settlement which is standing on a plot of land co-owned by right-wing extremist leader Marian Kotleba. The municipal decision may become a precedent not only for other illegal constructions in the locality, but also for dwellings in similar settlements throughout the country.  full story

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videoSlovakia: Romani political party presents project to President Gašparovič

Bratislava, Slovakia, 7.5.2013 18:59, (ROMEA) Ivan Gašparovič, the president of the Slovak Republic, in response to a letter from the Romani Union Party of Slovakia (Strana romské unie Slovenska), has received a visit from party representatives to discuss Romani people and their life together with the non-Romani population in Slovakia. “Cooperation must consist of seeking compromises,” the president said of the visit.  full story

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Brussels: AI stages eviction of Romani settlement on International Romani Day

Brussels, Belgium, 9.4.2013 16:55, (ROMEA) A “happening” portraying the forced eviction of a Romani settlement was staged yesterday in Brussels by the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) in order to draw attention to the situation of Romani people in Europe. Yesterday the European Commission also emphasized that improving the situation of Romani people is one of the greatest challenges Europe faces.  full story

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Amnesty International calls for an end to discrimination against Romani people in Europe

London/Prague, 6.4.2013 21:14, (ROMEA) On the occasion of International Romani Day on 8 April, Amnesty International (AI) is warning the European Union that it is not doing enough to end discrimination against Romani people in the Member States. The world’s largest human rights organization has launched a Europe-wide campaign called “Human Rights Here, Roma Rights Now”.  full story

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