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August 13, 2022




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UK: Anti-fascist march through London includes Romani representatives

London, 26.3.2014 17:41, (ROMEA) In the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, a big role will evidently be played by how the candidates position themselves on the question of the threat from the ultra-right. Speaking during a meeting on the occasion of an anti-fascist march in London on 22 March, Ladislav Baláž, chair of the British-Romani association Europe Roma International, said everyone must be prepared to fight resurgent fascism in society.  full story

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Czech Republic: Counter-protesters outnumber neo-Nazis in Plzeň

Plzeň, 1.3.2014 20:01, (ROMEA) Approximately 70 neo-Nazis marched through the center of the Czech city of Plzeň today. The event was announced to local officials as a march for "upholding the rights of all decent citizens of this country and protesting the financing of the anti-Czech, racist ROMEA civic association by the Government of the Czech Republic."  full story

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Czech Republic: Simultaneous neo-Nazi demos in Ostrava and Plzeň

Ostrava/Plzeň, 1.3.2014 19:14, (ROMEA) Today approximately 70 neo-Nazis passed through Plzeň during an event announced as a march to uphold the rights of all "decent citizens" of the Czech Republic and to protest the ROMEA organization. The neo-Nazis set out at 14:45 from Republika Square and marched down Františkánská, Martinská, Americká and Tylova Streets to Emil Škoda Square.  full story

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Czech Republic: "Change for Plzeň" to counter-protest neo-Nazis tomorrow

Plzeň, 28.2.2014 21:20, (ROMEA) "Change for Plzeň" (Změna pro Plzeň) will participate in Saturday's civil "Happening for a Society without Prejudice", as it considers it a moral norm characteristic of a mature democracy for a political party to express a clear position against destabilizing tendencies in society. News server publishes the party's statement on tomorrow's march by right-wing extremists in full translation below:  full story

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Czech mayor on tomorrow's neo-Nazi march in Plzeň

Plzeň, 28.2.2014 18:16, (ROMEA) On Saturday 1 March at 14:00 a march by right-wing radicals through the center of Plzeň has been scheduled. Mayor Martin Baxa has issued a statement about this event which news server publishes below in full translation:  full story

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Czech neo-Nazis to hold another demonstration against Roma and the ROMEA organization

Plzeň, 26.2.2014 19:39, (ROMEA) This coming Saturday a march by right-wing radicals is scheduled to begin at 14:00 in the Czech town of Plzeň. A counter-protest by the local initiative Plzeň against Racism (Plzeň proti rasismu) is also scheduled.  full story

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videoCzech town councilor: Yesterday was a disgrace to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, 16.2.2014 18:27, (ROMEA) Nazis wearing Fascist symbols and carrying torches marched through the Czech town of Karlovy Vary up to the colonnade yesterday. Accompanied by the Hitlerite rhythm of several drums, they closed off the destination for an hour as their speeches, 80 % of which were in German, resounded through the space.  full story

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videoCzech and German neo-Nazis march with flaming torches through Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, 15.2.2014 20:07, (ROMEA) According to information from the Czech Police, about 100 neo-Nazis from the Czech Republic and Germany came to Karlovy Vary on Saturday for an assembly which organizers claimed was intended to honor the victims of bombardment during WWII. About 50 anti-Fascists protested against their march through the town.  full story

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Czech festival against totalitarianism focuses on student protest

Prague, 14.2.2014 18:51, (ROMEA) "Students against totalitarianism" is the theme of this year's annual Mene Tekel festival, which aims to draw attention to the crimes of communism and Nazism. The high point of the festival will be a commemoration on 25 February of the march on Prague Castle in 1948 when students called for democracy and freedom.  full story

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Neo-Nazis commemorate Dresden in Czech Republic and Germany this year

13.2.2014 19:01, (ROMEA) After marching through Dresden yesterday, German neo-Nazis have canceled a second march planned for today which was supposed to commemorate the destruction of the city at the end of the Second World War on the actual anniversary of the bombing. A police spokesperson confirmed the news reported by a local daily, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten (DNN).  full story

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Czech and German neo-Nazis to commemorate bombing of Dresden in Karlovy Vary this year

Karlovy Vary, 12.2.2014 21:40, (ROMEA) Nationalists from both the Czech Republic and Germany are using the Internet to convene an assembly in the Czech town of Karlovy Vary on the anniversary of the Allied bombing of Dresden in 1945. The event, allegedly a memorial march called "Light for Dresden", will take place this Saturday.  full story

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Czech Republic: 50 anti-minority racists march in Plzeň, 60 Roma stand up to them

Plzeň, 28.10.2013 21:47, (ROMEA) Several dozen racists protesting against minorities and multicultural society marched through the Bory neighborhood of Plzeň on the afternoon of 28 October. The march, which was called a "Protest against violating the rights of decent citizens of the Czech Republic and privileging one group", was originally predicted to be attended by as many as 300 people, but in the end only about 50 turned up.  full story

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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis attempt pogrom in Ostrava, 500 Roma march against them

Ostrava, 28.10.2013 21:25, (ROMEA) Approximately 200 - 300 neo-Nazis gathered today at 14:00 for an anti-Romani, racist demonstration on Prokešovo Square in Ostrava. Two separate gatherings were convened against racism by the "Let's Block the Marches!" (Blokujeme!) platform, one on nearby Sokolská Street in front of a residential hotel called "Colorful Ostrava" (Barevná Ostrava), and another on Svatopluk Čech Square.  full story

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Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner: Czech authorities must clearly oppose anti-Romani hate campaign

Strasbourg, France, 23.10.2013 17:10, (ROMEA) The Council of Europe's Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muižnieks, has expressed uneasiness over the ongoing hate campaign against Romani people in the Czech Republic. Muižnieks says that campaign is manifesting itself in regular anti-Romani marches and now, prior to the elections to parliament this weekend, in displays of racism intended to gain political capital.  full story

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Czech Republic: Municipality in Ostrava plans to ban right-wing radical meeting

Ostrava, 15.10.2013 16:55, (ROMEA) The local council of the centrally-located municipal department of Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz in Ostrava is planning to ban an anti-Romani event organized by right-wing radicals for this coming Saturday who have announced their intentions to gather and march through the town. Jana Pondělíčková, spokesperson for the Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz local government, told the Czech News Agency that the demonstration would coincide with an open house being held at the Ostrava Town Hall in the vicinity and the municipal department is concerned the ultra-right gathering poses a risk to security and will cause transportation complications.  full story

Approximately 300 people participated on Sunday 6 October 2013 in the Roma Pride march in Prague (Repro PHOTO: Vít Hassan)

videoCzech Republic: Roma Pride 2013 marches through Prague

Prague, 6.10.2013 20:48, (ROMEA) Approximately 300 people participated in the Roma Pride 2013 march today in Prague. The parade set out from the Old Town Square at around 13:00 for Prague Castle.  full story

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Czech Republic: Radicalization of Romani people increasing

Ostrava/Ústí nad Labem, 4.10.2013 17:19, (ROMEA) For some time now we have been observing that in several localities throughout the Czech Republic some Romani people, adolescents or young men in particular, have been radicalizing. Footage taken of the anti-Romani demonstrations earlier this year in České Budějovice shows us that the possibility of being filmed, either with a mobile device or video cameras, did not deter some Roma from responding to racist provocations there with violence.  full story

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Analysis: Weekend surge of anti-Roma hatred in the Czech Republic part of larger cycle

Prague, 30.9.2013 17:55, (ROMEA) The "Let's Block the Marches!" (Blokujeme!) platform, of which the Konexe association is a proud member, has just made it through yet another busy weekend. Together we have stood up to demonstrations aiming to spark hatred in four towns - on Friday in Ostrava, and on Saturday (St. Wenceslas Day) in Krupka, Prague and Vítkov - suffering one defeat, one draw and two overwhelming victories.  full story

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Russian Embassy in Prague surrounded by 1 000 Pussy Riot supporters

Prague, 29.9.2013 20:38, (ROMEA) Roughly 1 000 supporters of the imprisoned members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, as well as promoters of techno music, gathered yesterday in front of the Russian Embassy in Prague for a street party under the slogan "St. Wenceslas, expel the capitalists and fascists!" According to organizers, the slogan refers to the Pussy Riot song that cost the band their imprisonment.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Three simultaneous neo-Nazi demonstrations in Krupka, Prague and Vítkov

Praha/Krupka/Vítkov, 28.9.2013 21:19, (ROMEA) Approximately 100 right-wing extremists participated in a demonstration on St. Wenceslas Day that was convened by neo-Nazis in Prague. Small groups of ultra-right radicals gathered in the lower section of Wenceslas Square before marching to the Edvard Beneš embankment of the Vltava river.  full story

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