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August 16, 2022



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Czech School Inspectorate says Romani enrollments in mainstream primary schools rising

Prague, 10.2.2015 19:53, (ROMEA) More and more Romani children in the Czech Republic are being educated according to the standard primary school program. Statistics produced recently by the Czech School Inspectorate indicate that in the current school year, compared to the 2013/2014 school year, the reduced curriculum for pupils with "mild mental disability" has reportedly been less frequently used.  full story

Czech Republic: Experts believe schools will not open to the disadvantaged or to Romani children

Prague, 23.1.2015 3:03, (ROMEA) Czech society is divided, elitist, incapable of achieving consensus and intolerant. It is not likely that even the best-intended attempts at reforming the primary schools will succeed any time soon.  full story

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Commentary: Czech President's remarks supported discrimination against Romani children

Prague, 17.1.2015 23:28, (ROMEA) "Handicapped children should not attend classes together with non-handicapped children" - that is approximately what Czech President Miloš Zeman said last Wednesday during a visit to a Rehabilitation Institute in Brandýs nad Orlicí. His words have sparked a firestorm of criticism from experts and politicians.  full story

Flags in front of the European Commission building in Brussels (PHOTO: Sébastien Bertrand, Wikimedia Commons)

European Commission not satisfied with Czech response to discrimination of Romani children

Brussels/Prague, 15.1.2015 16:57, (ROMEA) According to new information reported by Czech Television, the European Commission is not satisfied with the response of the Czech Government regarding the issue of the discrimination of Romani children in the schools. An official response to the Government will be sent by Brussels within the next few weeks.  full story

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2015 issues for "Practical schools" and social housing

Prague, 2.1.2015 22:55, (ROMEA) The new year in the Czech Republic has begun with the ongoing design of the social housing law and a controversial amendment to welfare policy that will have hard-to-predict consequences. The amendment is intended to restrict "trafficking in poverty" by residential hotels, but it is not clear whether thought has been given to where those now living in such facilities might eventually end up as a result of the changes.  full story

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Poll: Most Czechs believe Roma should be educated in regular schools

Prague, 24.11.2014 21:46, (ROMEA) Romani children, according to most Czechs, should be educated in regular classes in the primary schools. A survey performed in September by the Center for Public Opinion Research (Centrum pro výzkum veřejného mínění - CVVM) found that 59 % of respondents agreed with such a statement while roughly one-third disagreed.  full story

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Czech experts say new law will facilitate wrongful enrollment into "practical schools"

Prague, 24.11.2014 20:22, (ROMEA) Some experts are concerned that an amendment to the Schools Act will facilitate the recommendation of children for enrollment into the "practical schools" even without a diagnosis of mild mental retardation. The most recent concerns have been prompted by new language in the bill discussing "impairment of cognitive abilities", but the same group of experts has criticized other formulations in the Government's bill that they claim are ambiguous.  full story

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Michal Miko: Czech Deputy Ombud's remarks on Roma in the schools reflect his incompetence

Prague, 20.11.2014 23:31, (ROMEA) According to a statement by Deputy Ombud Stanislav Křeček broadcast on the TV Prima news on 8 November, the level of the entire Czech school system would be lowered if what he called the "special" schools are abolished. What's more, the Deputy Ombud said that this society is "traumatized" by being labeled racist because of this issue.  full story

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Czech Republic: Experts say amendment increases risk that Romani children will be segregated

Prague, 30.9.2014 18:05, (ROMEA) Part of an amendment to the School Act that has already been approved by the lower house during a first reading is now a topic of criticism by experts, people from nonprofit organizations, and some journalists. As news server has previously reported, the Czech Education Ministry is not admitting to any misconduct.  full story

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Czech Greens: School Act amendment supports segregation, returns us to the past

Prague, 19.9.2014 18:51, (ROMEA) Czech legislators are scheduled to discuss the Government's amendment to the Schoot Act, the aim of which is to make it possible to enroll pupils who would be capable of completing mainstream primary school without assistance and pupils from different cultural or social environments into the "practical schools". The Green Party (Strana zelených - SZ) calls the amendment's approach an unacceptable return to the past.  full story

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Former Czech EdMin to become Education Ombud, defends segregation

Prague, 27.8.2014 22:05, (ROMEA) The new position of Education Ombud in the Czech Republic will be taken up by former Czech Education Minister Eduard Zeman in mid-September. In an interview for Czech Radio regarding Roma access to education, Zeman said he considers the country's "practical schools" to be uniquely Czech and sees nothing wrong with them.  full story

Bartoloměj Oláh: We can't have educated Roma running around here

Prague, 7.5.2014 0:39, (ROMEA) Ever since I was a child, I have often encountered people here who "mean well". These are people who have thought about my needs, who didn't want to hold me back, who didn't want me to live on the fringes of society, or to be come a "classic aggressor" because, as a Romani child, that might be the only way for me to excel.  full story

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Commentary: Czech special educators fear the inevitable - inclusive education

Prague, 1.5.2014 0:09, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic the Association of Special Educators (Asociace speciálních pedagogů - ASP) is cringing and their supporters are sounding the alarm as if they were in real distress. On 19 April, the regional edition of the daily Mf DNES published an interview with Václav Mrštík, director of a regional-level educational-psychological counseling center, entitled "Psychologist: The law is more Catholic than the Pope and does not take children into consideration" (Psycholog: Zákon je papežštější než papež. Vůbec nehledí na děti.)  full story

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Czech EdMin presents Council of Europe its measures for fewer Roma in special ed

Prague/Strasbourg, 4.12.2013 17:33, (ROMEA) As many as 28 % of the pupils attending the "practical schools" (formerly the "special schools") in the Czech Republic are of Romani origin. Those are the results of an investigation by the Czech School Inspectorate, which counted the number of Romani schoolchildren attending schools designed for children with light mental retardation this past September.  full story

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Czech School Inspectorate: One-third of "practical school" pupils are Romani

Prague, 3.12.2013 17:39, (ROMEA) As many as 28 % of the pupils attending schools providing special education are of Romani origin. Those are the results of an investigation by the Czech School Inspectorate, which conducted a census of Romani schoolchildren at schools designed for children with light mental retardation this past September.  full story

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Czech Govt Human Rights Commissioner: We must know how many Romani pupils are taught as "lightly mentally disabled"

Prague, 27.9.2013 18:02, (ROMEA) At the start of this week, the Czech School Inspectorate called on the directors of all schools teaching five or more pupils with light mental disability in the 2013-2013 academic year (i.e., according to the Framework Educational Program for Primary Education of Pupils with Light Brain Dysfunction) to complete a questionnaire with updated information about their schools. One of the questions asks the directors to provide their professional estimate of the number of Romani pupils in each class.  full story

Czech School Inspectorate wants to count Romani pupils at "special" schools

Prague, 23.9.2013 21:22, (ROMEA) The Czech School Inspectorate wants to once again count the number of Romani pupils attending the "practical primary schools" (previously called "special" schools). According to the Association of Special Educators (Asociace speciálních pedagogů - ASP), however, that is neither permitted nor possible.  full story

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