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September 21, 2019
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Czech News Agency produces biased, stereotyping report about Janov housing estate

25.3.2015 20:51, (ROMEA) In its 24 March report about the events around the Janov housing estate in Litvínov, the Czech News Agency, an independent public wire service, has committed some serious infractions against the "objective" reporting that is its mission under the law. The criticism levied by media analyses showing that Romani people ("inadaptables") are depicted stereotypically by the Czech media applies to this wire service to a great extent .
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Italian court orders withdrawal of textbook promoting anti-Romani prejudice

13.3.2015 20:53, (ROMEA) A court in Rome has found the publisher of a textbook for law students guilty of promoting prejudices against Romani people. Two separate initiatives promoting the rights of Romani people and a female Italian citizen of Romani origin have drawn attention to the case.  full story

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Czech trial continues of racially motivated attack on Romani family in their home

25.2.2015 18:57, (ROMEA) In mid-February the trial resumed of a man who has been charged with committing racially motivated grievous bodily harm, violence against an ethnic group and individuals, illegal drug production, trespassing, property destruction and making threats under the influence of addictive substances. News server has previously reported on this case here  full story

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Czech trial reveals how years of prejudice can explode in violence

Prague, 12.12.2014 19:07, (ROMEA) At the start of December, the trial began of a man charged with committing racially motivated grievous bodily harm, violence against an ethnic group and individuals, illegal drug production, trespassing, property damage and making threats under the influence of addictive substances. The start of the trial at the Regional Court was marked by the recent ice storm; while an associate justice, the Regional State Prosecutor, all five witnesses and the attorney for the victims waited in vain for two hours in the corridor of the courthouse, the presiding justice was unable to make it there because of the ice.  full story

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The story of Magdalena Karvayová

Prague, 2.10.2014 19:50, (ROMEA) The case of Magdalena Karvayová is a prime example of how Czech society generates its own problems in coexistence with the Romani minority by allowing prejudices to be crudely projected into its education system. "At school a boy grabbed me in the hallway and pushed my head into a toilet bowl. When I told the teacher what happened, she told me not to complain and made me sit down," Karvayová tells us.  full story

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Czech town's EU-funded project won't run in Romani neighborhood

Most, 19.9.2014 20:20, (ROMEA) News server Dení reports that the Most town hall has joined a local antigypsyist campaign underway there with a move that has rendered recent construction work unnecessary and increased tensions in a neighborhood where authorities had pledged to improve interpersonal relationships and living conditions. An EU-funded project to eliminate social exclusion is now supporting it, at least in this one case.  full story

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Germany: New study shows anti-Romani prejudice has deep roots

Berlin/Prague, 15.9.2014 23:21, (ROMEA) At the end of August the results were published of what is the most extensive study to date on the opinions of the German population about Romani and Sinti people in Germany. The research was performed for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Center (the ADS) by the Institute for Research into Conflict and Prejudice and the Institute for Research into Anti-Semitism, using a sample of 2 000 adults.  full story

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Czech regulator finds radio station broke law with anti-Romani broadcasts

Prague, 8.9.2014 21:35, (ROMEA) The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání - RRTV) is asking the Impuls radio station in the Czech Republic to correct its broadcasting of opinions about Romani people that the regulator has indicated are prejudicial. According to Impuls's PR manager, the station will not appeal the RRTV decision and will uphold the deadline by which to make the corrections.  full story

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videoRoma guys see a piano on the street - look what happened next!

Trnava, Slovakia, 16.7.2014 18:06, (ROMEA) A video from Slovakia is spreading like wildfire online featuring an upright piano on the street and three Romani guys. The footage was shot by Peter Bročka of Trnava, who posted the breathtaking clip to  full story

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