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October 27, 2020




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Czech School Inspection finds school's "Romani class" offers substandard instruction, fee charged for regular instruction

25.2.2016 19:32 The Czech School Inspection (Česká školní inspekce - ČSI) has found many deficiencies during its inspection of a public primary school in the town of Krásná Lípa, the most essential of which involves the poor level of education provided in its Class 1A, to which primarily Romani children were assigned at the beginning of the school year. On the basis of a complaint filed by Romani parents, the Inspection began working at the primary school last autumn.  full story

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Karel Holomek: Our children, Czech and Romani, need to go to school together now more than ever

9.2.2016 21:02 Here in the Czech Republic we have all been talking about the terminology being used to describe the education of children in the primary schools. Of course, it is the impact of these education programs that has such a basic, determining influence on all of society once the children educated in these programs grow up.  full story

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Almost 60 % of Czechs believe Romani children should be educated in mainstream classes

21.1.2016 19:38 More than half of all Czechs consider educating all children together to be the right way forward, according to a survey performed last year by the IPSOS agency for the Czech Professional Society for Inclusive Education (ČOSIV). A total of 57 % of respondents supported that opinion.  full story

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Commentary: Martin Konvička, the crime of preparing apartheid and the segregation of Romani children

22.11.2015 13:23 It occurred to one journalist to ask a police spokesperson whether the Police of the Czech Republic are undertaking an investigation or proceedings concerning incitement to hatred of religion in connection with the group called "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic". Its representative, Martin Konvička, was seconded on Tuesday, 17 November, by the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman - alongside representatives of the ultra-right "Dawn" (Úsvit) and the Citizens' Rights Party (SPO) - at a demonstration at Albertov in Prague.  full story

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Czech adviser to Education Minister: Segregation is unacceptable, unethical - and undefined in Czech law

27.10.2015 8:52 "The reasons given for the creation of ethnically homogeneous classes frequently do not reflect the actual state of affairs," claims Education Ministry adviser Klára Laurenčíková. Following the newly-reported cases of the suspected segregation of Romani primary school pupils in the towns of Duchcov and Krásná Lípa, news server is publishing this interview describing the development of segregational tendencies in the Czech schools, the current state of those tendencies, and planned changes to the system.  full story

Council of Europe Secretary General Jagland. Photo: Council of Europe

Europe's human rights watchdog disturbed by Czech Republic's segregated schools and treatment of asylum-seekers

17.10.2015 0:05 The Czech Republic has not yet managed to eradicate the reprehensible segregation of Romani children in its schools - despite its integration strategy many educational institutions continue to exist that are "only for Roma" where children are taught according to reduced curricula. The Council of Europe has published this criticism in a recent report.  full story

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Czech town segregating Roma in housing and at school - mayor says integration will only happen over his "dead body"

29.9.2015 18:18 Milan Volf, Mayor of the Czech town of Kladno, says it is impossible to move those living in the town's excluded localities into regular apartment buildings and that he believes the per-child allowances offered by the state are like a business opportunity that is motivating families in ghettos to grow exponentially larger. He made those remarks in an interview on 23 September for news server  full story

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Czech Gov't Agency for Social Inclusion director says all-Romani classes are unfortunate, media misquote him

18.9.2015 19:48 Radek Jiránek, Director of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, was quoted recently by news server in a way that suggested he was praising the separate classes for non-Romani and Romani pupils that have been set up at a primary school in the Czech town of Krásná Lípa. He considers the quotation imprecise and has told news server that it could have a negative impact on how the public and the schools might interpret how to include children with special education needs into "normal school".  full story

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Another Czech school segregating Romani children this year

11.9.2015 1:50 On 1 September the parents of some of the first-graders at the Antonín Sochor Primary School in the Czech town of Duchcov found an unpleasant surprise awaited them. The first grade class identified as "1A" includes all of the newly-enrolled Romani children, while class "1B" next door has been reserved exclusively for the children of local non-Roma.  full story

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Czech school opens "special" first-grade class, only Roma assigned to it

8.9.2015 19:57 The principal of a primary school in the town of Krásná Lípa in the Šluknov foothills has created a "special" class only for Romani first-graders. Their parents are complaining that they did not know their children would be attending a class that would be separate from the other children.  full story

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