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August 13, 2022



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Czech Republic: Municipality in Ostrava plans to ban right-wing radical meeting

Ostrava, 15.10.2013 16:55, (ROMEA) The local council of the centrally-located municipal department of Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz in Ostrava is planning to ban an anti-Romani event organized by right-wing radicals for this coming Saturday who have announced their intentions to gather and march through the town. Jana Pondělíčková, spokesperson for the Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz local government, told the Czech News Agency that the demonstration would coincide with an open house being held at the Ostrava Town Hall in the vicinity and the municipal department is concerned the ultra-right gathering poses a risk to security and will cause transportation complications.  full story

UK: Family from Czech Republic awaits welfare fraud trial

Nottingham, UK, 11.10.2013 23:20, (ROMEA) Members of a family of Czech citizens whom detectives say have abused the British welfare system, depriving the taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of pounds, are now awaiting trial in Britain. The online edition of the Nottingham Post has reported that the five family members in Nottingham, England will go on trial on 4 November.  full story

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