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October 1, 2020



František Kostlán

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Arson in Býchory, Czech Republic: Romani victims unhappy that suspects are at large

Býchory (Kolínsko) / Prague, 14.7.2011 22:11, (ROMEA) The father of the family victimized by Monday's arson attack in Býchory, Kolín district, is not happy with the court's decision to release all of the suspects. Police originally requested they be remanded into custody. The judge said he could not remand three of them into custody because the state prosecutor had reduced the charges against them. However, the judge also released the fourth defendant, who has been charged with a more serious crime.  full story

Arson suspects released in Býchory, Czech Republic; one organized a racist concert last Saturday

Býchory (Kolínsko), 13.7.2011 23:16, (ROMEA) Detectives investigating Monday's arson attack in Býchory, Kolín district say that one of the defendants was also the organizer of a concert of racist music (so-called "white power" music) in the town of Velký Osek last Saturday. Also today, the District Court in Kolín found no reason to remand any of the defendants in the case into custody.  full story

Interview with Romani family attacked by racists in Býchory, Czech Republic

Prague, 13.7.2011 20:03, (ROMEA) Racists have struck in the Czech Republic again, this time using a flaming torch in Býchory, Kolín district. During the early morning hours of Monday, the torch was thrown through the living room window of the family of Eva Douchová and Milan Demeter. Some media have incorrectly reported that the torch was put out by their nine-year-old son. He was in fact asleep, and the torch was put out by an adult friend of theirs who was watching television in the living room. In addition to a son, Douchová and Demeter also have a young daughter. "We were lucky they threw it into the living room - if they had aimed for the next window over, that's where the children sleep, right beneath the window," Eva Douchová told news server  full story

Analysis: Right-wing extremists dominate Czech Senate hearing thanks to Czech Senator Antl (ČSSD)

Prague, 13.7.2011 18:59, (ROMEA) Yesterday the Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the Senate of the Czech Republic held a public hearing on the topic "We Want Equal Standards - Sentencing and Legislation." The senators apparently decided to hold a hearing on this (non-existent) problem at the urging of the "Movement to Efficiently Address the Issue of Inadpatable Inhabitants", or HERPNO ("Hnutí za efektivní řešení problematiky nepřizpůsobivých obyvatel").  full story

Arson in Czech Republic: Assailants marched through village with lit torches giving the Nazi salute

Býchory (Kolínsko), 11.7.2011 19:54, (ROMEA) In the town of Býchory, Kolín district, an unidentified perpetrator threw a lit torch into a Romani home in the early morning hours of today. None of the victims suffered physical injury as a result. Police suspect the attack was racially motivated.  full story

Police Academy of the Czech Republic teaches recruits the Green Party is "extremist"

Prague, 8.7.2011 18:41, (ROMEA) The Police Academy of the Czech Republic is teaching its recruits that the Green Party and the Greenpeace movement are "extremist". Students training to become police officers learn this from an Academy reader entitled "Extremism, Racism and Anti-Semitism" in the chapter on "New Extremisms". The Green Party thus finds itself placed in the same category as the neo-Nazi National Resistance (Národní odpor), the extreme-right National Unity (Národní sjednocení) or the ultra-left Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická strana Československa). News server Aktuálně.cz has published an extensive article on the practice (available in Czech only at  full story

Police in Czech Republic charge three assailants in Diamond Club attack with racial defamation

České Budějovice, 7.7.2011 20:59, (ROMEA) Police have charged three out of the four people arrested over an attack committed last year in front of the Diamond Club discotheque in České Budějovice. "Charges were filed for the crimes of grievous bodily harm, rioting, and defamation of a nation, race, ethnic or other group. Police are also investigating possible racial motivation for the attack," Jiří Matzner, press spokesperson for the South Bohemian Police, told news server  full story

Neo-Nazi march in Přerov, Czech Republic tomorrow - will report live on-line

Přerov, 25.6.2011 1:40, (ROMEA) Tomorrow, Saturday, 25 June, another neo-Nazi march through a Romani neighborhood will take place between 11:00 and 18:00 in the Czech town of Přerov. The march is being organized the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) and the militant neo-Nazi National Resistance ( Národní odpor - NO) has supported it on their website. Protests against the neo-Nazis will take place in the form of cultural events held in the closed courtyard of a block of buildings in Husova street. News server will report live online (in Czech only) from the march on Saturday.  full story

Umbrella March 2011 held in Prague today for migrant rights

Prague, 20.6.2011 19:53, (ROMEA) Today in Prague, 80 refugees and members of NGOs belonging to the Consortium of NGOs Working with Migrants (Konsorcium nevládních organizací pracujících s migranty) participated in the 2011 Umbrella March for Migrant Rights. This event on behalf of migrant and refugee rights took place all over Europe in honor of World Refugee Day.  full story

Czech Helsinki Committee wants trial of attacks in Benešov reopened

Prague, 21.6.2011 14:51, (ROMEA) This week the Czech Helsinki Committee (Český helsinský výbor - ČHV) is planning to ask Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman to reopen the trial of a group of youths who attacked several people in 2008 in Benešov. The human rights activists believe the perpetrators are neo-Nazis and that the sentences they received for the crime they committed were too low. František Valeš, ČHV vice-chair, made the announcement to the press.  full story

Roma in Vsetín, Czech Republic under attack, ROMEA facilitating their legal aid

Vsetín, 16.6.2011 3:30, (ROMEA) Vulgar curses, apartment doors kicked in, destroyed mailboxes. Romani families living in a building on Pod Pecníkem street in Vsetín have been experiencing similar attacks in recent weeks, the daily Valašský deník reports.  full story

Chair of DSSS cell in Litvínov sentenced for promoting suppression of human rights and freedoms

Litvínov, 14.6.2011 19:34, (ROMEA) Petr Križanovič, chair of the Litvínov cell of the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) has recently been sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for one year, for committing the crime of supporting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms. His case was related to the cause of the Romani police assistants in Litvínov that has been reported on by news server  full story

WINDOW ON CZECH HISTORY - National Unification Movement: Uniformed militias and fascism

Prague, 4.6.2011 2:43, (ROMEA) This is the second article in our WINDOW ON CZECH HISTORY series reprinting historical texts related to the topics news server covers and updating information related to them. With respect to this 1997 article from Czech daily Lidové noviny, we are reporting on the Brno-based National Unification Movement (Hnutí národního sjednocení - HNS), which splintered away from the Patriotic Front and collaborated with the National Patriotic Communities (Národní obcí vlastenecká - NOV).  full story

WINDOW ON CZECH HISTORY- "Republika" weekly: "Hatred grows only from a feeling of inferiority!"

Prague, 1.6.2011 0:29, (ROMEA) In a new section called "Historické okénko" (Window on Czech History), news server is republishing historical texts related to our usual topics, accompanied by updates on their content. We are launching this section with an article by František Kostlán that was published in the Czech daily Lidové noviny on 5 March 1997. In this article, the author reviews the journal "Republika", published by the Association for the Republic-Republican Party of Czechoslovakia, the followers of then-MP Miroslav Sládek (SPR-RSČ). The main actors involved with the journal were Martin Zbela, still active today, and the infamous Nazi brawler Tomáš Kebza.  full story

† 13. 5. 1995: The murder of Tibor Berki

Prague/Ždár nad Sázavou, 24.5.2011 19:26, (ROMEA) 13 May 1995: In Lety by Písek, Czech President Václav Havel unveiled a monument to the Roma people who lost their lives to racist hatred and violence at the concentration camp there during WWII. On that day he spoke, not for the first time, of the fact that the fate of the victims of the Holocaust remains a permanent warning to us all.  full story

Neo-Nazi speech-giver in Czech Republic is a policeman who lectures at schools in Slovakia

Prague / Trenčín / Trnava , 16.5.2011 21:03, (ROMEA) The residents of Trnava, Slovakia probably never thought their school-aged children would ever be listening to lectures by uniformed municipal police officer Marián Mišún (31). Mišún is best known for his boldly extremist approach and statements in which he publicly speaks of Roma people as "asocial Gypsy parasites" and calls for the institution of labor camps or for the forced sterilization of Roma people. He is also infamous in the Czech Republic for giving a racist speech at a neo-Nazi event in Nový Bydžov this past March. The Slovak Prosecutor will be pursuing charges against him for that speech.  full story

Czech Police arrest two men at right-wing extremist event in Most

Most, 16.5.2011 19:53, (ROMEA) Police arrested two men today at a right-wing extremist event in Most, Czech Republic, for wearing suspicious symbols. No charges have yet been filed against them, according to police spokesperson Ludmila Světláková. Police estimate a total of 70 people attended the event. Right-wing radicals have regularly commemorated the memory of their fellow-traveler, Miloš Reho, since his death in 1999.  full story

Czech President says Nazi genocide of Jews cannot be "relativized" with Nazi plans to exterminate Czechs

Terezín, 16.5.2011 18:26, (ROMEA) Today people commemorated the victims of Nazi persecution during WWII at the National Cemetery at Terezín, Czech Republic. Czech President Václav Klaus spoke during the commemoration ceremony and emphasized that even 66 years after the war, its horrors must be remembered. He also condemned the crimes committed after the war by Czech people against others of Roma or German origin, but added that the context in which they were committed could not be overlooked, nor could the real cause of the war and the violence that followed it.  full story

Commentary: Czech Television report from Brno on 1 May - Václav Havel looking to brawl?

Prague, 4.5.2011 18:13, (ROMEA) Czech Television doesn't have it easy in today's world. The societal atmosphere and various conflicting pressures are leaving their mark on its news reporting. It must sometimes be really very hard to maintain the effort to be objective and to uphold the ethical/professional side of things. This primarily concerns broadcasts by the news channel ČT 24. Things are going on at Czech Television that seem to indicate that all these pressures are actually suppressing its public broadcasting function.  full story

10-year prison sentence for man convicted of rape in Nový Bydžov, Czech Republic

Hradec Králové, 4.5.2011 15:35, (ROMEA) Jindřich Volf has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové for last year's rape of a 21-year-old woman in Nový Bydžov. In addition to rape he was charged with rioting, theft and making dangerous threats. Volf told the court he did not rape the girl but that she had gone with him voluntarily. The prosecution, however, said the girl is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the rape.  full story

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