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January 23, 2020
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František Kostlán

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Czech mayor fights crime by collectively blaming Roma

Nový Bydžov, 27.11.2010 18:46, (ROMEA) The town hall of Nový Bydžov, Czech Republic has announced a "war on Gypsies" after several muggings and a rape were reported there. According to a statement on the town's official website, a special security commission is in place and there are plans to strengthen the municipal police.  full story

Czech town says video of Roma police assistants can't be released

Litvínov, 16.11.2010 15:59, (ROMEA) Last week the Litvínov town hall did not respond to news server's efforts to contact the leadership for comment regarding the ongoing Roma police assistant case, so the editors sent their questions to Mayor of Litvínov Daniel Volák (ODS) in writing. In the interim, the ODS party lost the municipal elections there. Newly-elected mayor Milan Šťovíček then instructed former Vice-Mayor Martin Klika, who is now the Municipal Police Chief, to respond to us. The response was sent to us by Eva Maříková, the press spokesperson for the town of Litvínov. Our original letter and the town's response are printed in full below:  full story

Laurenčíková: Delays to Czech education reform are uneconomical and unethical

Prague, 9.11.2010 22:26, (ROMEA) Klára Laurenčíková has been advocating for fundamental changes at the Czech Education Ministry to promote the inclusion of disabled and socially disadvantaged pupils into mainstream education. After first working as Deputy Minister, she was removed from that position in March of this year when then-Education Minister Miroslava Kopicová decided to shut down the group dedicated to social programs in then elementary schools. Laurenčíková continued her work as director of the Special Education Section before going on maternity leave in June. After returning to work, she accepted Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš's offer to work as an external adviser. The concept she has been advocating has been de facto suspended by Dobeš.  full story

Commentary: Czech domestic intelligence services anything but smart

Prague, 5.11.2010 13:54, (ROMEA) Members of the Security Information Service (Bezpečnostní informační služba – or BIS for short) in the Czech Republic are sometimes colloquially referred to as “bison”. Once again the bison are performing about as well as a damp firecracker, issuing a report (and not for the first time) that is written so amateurishly as to be an embarrassment.  full story

Czech Supreme Court reinstates sentencing of Roma ex-police officer

Brno, 3.11.2010 12:05, (ROMEA) Roma ex-police officer Martin Barkóci must return to prison to serve out a sentence of two years and nine months for allegedly covering up a crime. The Czech Supreme Court in Brno has rejected his appeal and has also rejected a complaint filed on his behalf by former Czech Justice Minister Daniela Kovářová regarding illegalities in his sentencing by the High Court in Prague. Kovářová exercised her right to suspend Barkóci's sentence in January of this year, the daily Právo reports.  full story

Commentary: Czech Facebook and the Vítkov arson sentences

Prague, 23.10.2010 10:17, (ROMEA) The responses to the Vítkov verdict and the length of the sentences have been no surprise. Those who agree with them find them justified, and those who disagree question them. In addition to legitimate opinions questioning the length of the sentencing in relation to the crime in question, there are also opinions (primarily on the internet) that repeat outright inventions, lies and stereotypes about the victims ad infinitum.  full story

Two decades of neo-Nazi and racist violence in Central Europe

Prague, 21.10.2010 8:27, (ROMEA) The following is a summary of the basic information available regarding neo-Nazi and racist attacks on Roma committed in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. We start with a chronology of last year's arson attack in Vítkov before moving on to a selection of verdicts handed down in other attacks by right-wing extremists against Roma, including arson attacks on Roma homes committed by neo-Nazis and promoters of the extreme right in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.  full story

World Bank: Roma integration is of economic benefit

Prague, 4.10.2010 18:38, (ROMEA) According to a World Bank (WB) study, the inclusion of Roma into society, specifically the provision of equal opportunity for their access to employment, is economically beneficial for all parties involved – for the Roma, the larger society, and the state. Joost de Laat, a World Bank economist studying human development in Europe and Central Asia, presented the study at a meeting of the International Steering Committee of the Decade of Roma Inclusion in Prague last week.  full story

Benefit concert in Prague tonight for Natálka, victim of anti-Roma arson attack

Prague, 18.9.2010 15:11, (ROMEA) Leading publicist and sociologist Fedor Gál has organized a Concert for Natálka to take place tonight and has also launched a web page about Natálka Kudriková’s life, "The concert and web page are part of a project called Pro Natálku (For Natálka). Part of it will be a documentary we are making for Czech Television, but the main point is permanent contact with the family, the fact that we have gotten to know one another and become friends, which is both personally rewarding and our motivation,” Fedor Gál told news server  full story

Czech Roma refuse to meet with extremist candidate

Karlovy Vary, 10.9.2010 21:34, (ROMEA) Ladislav Bílý, chair of the Roma Civic Association in Karlovy Vary, refused to meet today with Ladislav Paštéka, the leading candidate of the Public Affairs party (Věcí veřejné - VV) in Chodov, Sokolov district. Prior to joining VV, Paštéka was a member of the ultra-right National Party (Národní strana – NS), which fell apart last December, and a member of its “protection corps”, called the “National Guard” (Národní garda – NG).  full story

Czech ministers want to speak with Roma about truancy

Litvínov, 3.9.2010 16:09, (ROMEA) Lidové noviny (LN) reports that Roma families living in North Bohemia will receive an unusual visit on Monday afternoon. Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jaromír Drábek (TOP 09) and Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš (VV) will travel to the region together with Czech Human Rights Commissioner Michael Kocáb to explain why welfare benefits depend on children’s school attendance.  full story

Bratislava massacre: Allegedly problematic woman said not to be Roma

Bratislava, 2.9.2010 14:49, (ROMEA) News server reports that the family of the late Ms Slezáková, murdered on Monday by Ľubomír Harman, also now deceased, was not 100 % Roma. The men in the family were Roma, but the women were not. The attacker’s motivation is not yet clear.  full story

Incoming human rights advisor to Czech PM praises authoritarianism, Pinochet

Prague, 21.8.2010 16:51, (ROMEA) Czech PM Petr Nečas, defending his choice of human rights advisor, Roman Joch, has characterized him as a “paleo-conservative”. In comments to the press made during a visit to Berlin yesterday, the daily Právo reported Nečas as saying he does not always agree with Joch’s unvarnished opinions.  full story

Czech Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg backs municipal TOP 09 leader Jezerský

Prague/Ostrava, 22.8.2010 15:00, (ROMEA) The chair of the TOP 09 party, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, is standing by Jiří Jezerský, the party’s leading candidate for the autumn municipal elections in the “Mariánské hory and Hulváky” district of Ostrava. Civil society activists object to Jezerský’s candidacy because of harsh comments he made about Roma several years ago. Schwarzenberg gave the following quote to news server“If the words that Mr Jezerský supposedly said four years ago were confirmed, they would have to be addressed. After thoroughly studying the file of the trial that took place two years ago in this matter, he must be considered innocent.”  full story

Czech paper incorrectly reports Roma causing harm in Raspenava

Raspenava, 13.8.2010 16:59, (ROMEA) The newspaper Parlamentní listy has joined the list of Czech media tarnishing the reputation of Roma in the country by publishing incomplete or unverified information about them. The paper has published an article under the headline: “Testimony: Roma and the Red Cross causing harm in flooded Raspenava.”  full story

Roma arrested taking stuff from dump, media call them thieves

Chrastava, 12.8.2010 1:02, (ROMEA) Almost all of the Czech-language media are reporting that in places hit by flooding, specifically in the town of Chrastava, “looting” is being done by Roma. Investigation of the details of these incidents, however, paints an entirely different picture.  full story

Police video footage released in Dudyová case

Prague, 5.8.2010 21:44, (ROMEA) The case of Monika Dudyová, who was attacked by police officers from the Special Order Unit (Speciální pořádková jednotka – SPJ) when they intervened in front of the Sandra discotheque in Prague 4, seems to be turning around. Prague Police have provided the news server with recordings that confirm her testimony to a great extent, specifically the audio. The video images are dark for the most part and only show part of the police operation.  full story

Riot police brutalize women who call for help in Prague

Prague, 4.8.2010 16:47, (ROMEA) Police called to the scene of a recent scuffle at the Sandra discotheque in Prague 4 ended up brutalizing the very innocent bystanders who called them for help. Monika Dudyová (35) urged others to call police to the scene, only to then be assaulted by them.  full story

Youths yell Gypsies to the gas, Czech police say it’s not a crime

Prague, 11.7.2010 5:11, (ROMEA) “There has been enough racism” – that was the topic being discussed in mid-June 2009 by 30 Romani children from Přelouč, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Brno as part of a debate competition organized by the Debate Club Association of the Czech Republic at the Radost recreation center in Horní Jelení. The topic was to become especially significant for the young debaters. On Saturday 13 June 2009 at around 10 PM they were verbally attacked with racist insults from youths seated at a restaurant near the center. “The reality encountered by Romani children today and every day confirms the fact that the extreme right is prevalent in the Czech Republic. The debate competition was being held in a pleasant atmosphere until a bunch of drunken juvenile delinquents disturbed the peace by swearing at the children and the lecturers and vandalizing property immediately adjacent to the center where the children were staying,” says Jan Müller, vice-chair of the Darjav Association and one of the organizers of the debating club.  full story

Patrik Banga files charges against racist online contributor

Prague, 25.6.2010 17:04, (ROMEA) A particular contributor who regularly participates in online discussions through the news server has begun severely harassing Patrik Banga, an administrator of the server’s blogs and internet discussion boards. Banga, who has been an administrator for more than three years, has seen his share of abusive contributions by now. Even though he is only one of several administrators who erase indecent or racist contributions and manage the blogs, he is the only one to whom a group of evidently disturbed, racist, vulgar contributors have been addressing many “complaints”. These contributors not only malign Banga for censoring them, they frequently abusively curse and threaten him.  full story

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