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December 10, 2019
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Police video footage released in Dudyová case

Prague, 5.8.2010 21:44, (ROMEA) The case of Monika Dudyová, who was attacked by police officers from the Special Order Unit (Speciální pořádková jednotka – SPJ) when they intervened in front of the Sandra discotheque in Prague 4, seems to be turning around. Prague Police have provided the news server with recordings that confirm her testimony to a great extent, specifically the audio. The video images are dark for the most part and only show part of the police operation.  full story

Riot police brutalize women who call for help in Prague

Prague, 4.8.2010 16:47, (ROMEA) Police called to the scene of a recent scuffle at the Sandra discotheque in Prague 4 ended up brutalizing the very innocent bystanders who called them for help. Monika Dudyová (35) urged others to call police to the scene, only to then be assaulted by them.  full story

Youths yell Gypsies to the gas, Czech police say it’s not a crime

Prague, 11.7.2010 5:11, (ROMEA) “There has been enough racism” – that was the topic being discussed in mid-June 2009 by 30 Romani children from Přelouč, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Brno as part of a debate competition organized by the Debate Club Association of the Czech Republic at the Radost recreation center in Horní Jelení. The topic was to become especially significant for the young debaters. On Saturday 13 June 2009 at around 10 PM they were verbally attacked with racist insults from youths seated at a restaurant near the center. “The reality encountered by Romani children today and every day confirms the fact that the extreme right is prevalent in the Czech Republic. The debate competition was being held in a pleasant atmosphere until a bunch of drunken juvenile delinquents disturbed the peace by swearing at the children and the lecturers and vandalizing property immediately adjacent to the center where the children were staying,” says Jan Müller, vice-chair of the Darjav Association and one of the organizers of the debating club.  full story

Patrik Banga files charges against racist online contributor

Prague, 25.6.2010 17:04, (ROMEA) A particular contributor who regularly participates in online discussions through the news server has begun severely harassing Patrik Banga, an administrator of the server’s blogs and internet discussion boards. Banga, who has been an administrator for more than three years, has seen his share of abusive contributions by now. Even though he is only one of several administrators who erase indecent or racist contributions and manage the blogs, he is the only one to whom a group of evidently disturbed, racist, vulgar contributors have been addressing many “complaints”. These contributors not only malign Banga for censoring them, they frequently abusively curse and threaten him.  full story

Brawl in Ředhošt “not about racism”

Ředhošť, 24.6.2010 17:18, (ROMEA) On 28 May 2010, as a result of previous events, a brawl took place in the village of Ředhošt involving a large number of people. The Roma and the ethnic Czechs involved are now blaming one another for the incident. The Roma most frequently mention that they have long been the target of racist insults and invective from the ethnic Czechs, while the ethnic Czechs claim it was the Roma who made racist statements before the brawl. The ethnic Czechs also say one particular Romani youth has been going on a rampage in the village for some time with impunity, sometimes together with friends.  full story

More than 500 people attend commemoration at Lety

Lety by Písek, 13.5.2010 20:33, (ROMEA) Every year a commemorative ceremony takes place at Lety by Písek in honor of the memory of the Roma who were murdered at the concentration camp there during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Both the camp commander and its guards were Czechs, who sadly became famous for stealing food intended for the prisoners, causing many of the Roma interned there to die of hunger.  full story

Memorial service at Lety to take place on Thursday, 13 May

Lety by Písek, 11.5.2010 2:05, (ROMEA) On Thursday, 13 May at 11 AM the annual commemoration of the Romani victims of the Holocaust will take place at the site of the former concentration camp at Lety. The ceremony is being organized by the Lidice Memorial in collaboration with the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust and Lety municipality.  full story

State prosecutor says racial motivation cannot be proven in Bedřiška arson

Ostrava, 24.4.2010 14:09, (ROMEA) Yesterday police officially confirmed that they have charged a woman and her minor son with attempted murder in connection with the arson attack on the home of a Romani family in the Bedřiška settlement of Ostrava. The accused are neighbors of the victims. Both remain in custody. If convicted, the woman faces up to life in prison while the youth faces between five and 10 years. Detectives said the crime was motivated by a dispute between the neighbors.  full story

Roudnice nad Labem: Roma forced out under pressure, corruption suspected

Roudnice nad Labem, 21.4.2010 6:32, (ROMEA) Roudnice nad Labem is not especially different from the other small towns nearby – except in its efforts to move some of its residents beyond the town limits. During the second half of March of this year, the town cut off the water to five families in “Masaryčka”, as locals call the three Roma-occupied buildings on Masaryková street. Only a very few of these families will end up in decent apartments elsewhere in town; most have been moved into the surrounding ghettos of other towns and villages such as Ústí nad Labem or Bílina. Those tenants who have been evicted by court order end up on Na cukrovaru street, where the town owns a building with “skeleton” apartments. Up to eight people are now living in one or two rooms there, all because the town has sold the Masaryčka buildings and the land beneath them to a private firm called Bialbi for an unusually low price.  full story

Third Molotov cocktail found in Opava attack

Opava, 8.4.2010 22:57, (ROMEA) Another Molotov cocktail has been found in the building on Rybářská street in Opava which was recently attacked. The bottle landed in an abandoned apartment on the first floor. Last week someone threw two other Molotov cocktails into the ground-floor entryway of the building. Police say the bottles did not shatter and did not catch fire. Kumar Vishwanathan of the Life Together association visited the building this afternoon and believes the two discoveries are related. “I believe the bottle has been there since the attack in the early morning hours of Saturday. Someone probably wanted to set the building on fire both from below and from above,” Vishwanathan told news serveru  full story

Police reviewing CCTV footage of attack in Opava

Opava, 6.4.2010 20:42, (ROMEA) The investigation of the recent Molotov cocktail attack in Opava is continuing. Sona Stetinska, spokesperson for the Regional Police in Ostrava, says police officers are intensively evaluating video footage from CCTV cameras on the street.  full story

Another attack on the Roma in Karviná, this time with an air rifle

Karviná, 2.4.2010 3:30, (ROMEA) Earlier this week, four assailants shot an air rifle at Roma in the town of Karviná, hitting a nine-year-old girl in the thigh, her mother in the arm, and their neighbor, an ethnic Czech man, in the collarbone. The man was not meant to be a target of the attack but was hit accidentally when the Romani woman managed to evade one of the shots.  full story

ROMEA holds roundtable on media, extremism and minorities

Prague/Brno, 26.3.2010 17:53, (ROMEA) The relationship of the media to the issue of extremism and reporting on the Romani minority were the topics of two roundtables held this past Tuesday (in Prague) and Thursday (in Brno) by the ROMEA civic association as part of a project on investigative journalism and civil rights. Leading experts on the issue participated in the seminars as panelists. In addition to Roma from the Czech Republic, journalists from mainstream and specialized media outlets and other participants attended.  full story

Janáčková apologizes, Bedřiška to become self-administrating

Ostrava, 26.3.2010 15:59, (ROMEA) Czech Senator Liana Janáčková, who is also the Mayor of the “Mariánské Hory a Hulváky” district of Ostrava, apologized Thursday for her statements regarding the Podraný family. An unidentified arsonist recently threw a Molotov cocktail into the family’s home.  full story

Podraný family seeks legal advice regarding Czech Senator Liana Janáčková

Ostrava/Prague, 19.3.2010 23:32, (ROMEA) Czech Senator Liana Janáčková, who is also the mayor of the “Mariánské Hory a Hulváky” district of Ostrava, is continuing her anti-Roma crusade, this time regarding the Molotov cocktail attack on a single-family home in the Bedřiška settlement. Romani families requesting housing in her district are usually offered it there. Dušan Podraný, whose family was attacked by still-unidentified perpetrators, says Janáčková bears political responsibility for the crime. "None of this would have happened if Ms Janáčková had not moved us out here to the forest. She is a racist,” Dušan Podraný told Týden magazine.  full story

Czech police find assault weapons in the home of an anti-Roma Facebook page author

Prague, 26.2.2010 19:40, (ROMEA) Yet another Czech-language anti-Roma Facebook page has been set up recently, this time entitled “Prerov against Gypsies!” However, unlike the authors of previous racist Facebook pages, the author of this particular page will not get away with it so easily. News server reports police have detained the 19-year-old male.  full story

Workers’ Party ideologically and rhetorically linked to Nazism

Prague, 14.1.2010 13:35, (ROMEA) Here in the Czech Republic, some journalists and lawyers have gotten used to taking the arguments of Workers’ Party chair Tomáš Vandas seriously. To a great extent, the positivistic approach of courts to the law, which focuses more on formal requirements than on the essence of a case, is responsible for this. Why this method of consideration has been taken on by journalists deserves a separate study. Let’s look more closely at the main arguments that have been made by Vandas during this ongoing trial.  full story

Workers’ Party promoters terrorizing Roma family

Mikulov, 29.12.2009 12:58, (ROMEA) The family of Ilona Vajdíková of Mikulov is being constantly terrorized by local promoters of the Workers’ Party. The attacks began this September and have yet to let up. Mayor of Mikulov Rostislav Koštial says Ilona Vajdíková‘s family has caused no problems to anyone.  full story

A Merry Christmas for Natálka

Ostrava, 18.12.2009 7:32, (ROMEA) Natálka Kudriková and her family, who became the victims of an arson attack this past April in Vítkov, are going to have a much more pleasant Christmas. Police officer Kamil Sabbagh has decided to hold a one-time collection and benefit action on their behalf, which he is calling “Merry Christmas for Natálka”. Sabbagh is one of the police officers on the force currently guarding the suspects who were charged with the arson attack and taken into custody. “It’s wonderful that a police officer is organizing something like this. I would like to very much thank him and everyone else who is helping us,” Natálka’s mother Anna Siváková told  full story

Czech court hearing continues on attempted pogrom against Roma in Havířov

Ostrava, 7.12.2009 19:54, (ROMEA) Today the Ostrava Regional Court continued its hearing of a case of racially motivated attacks on Roma in the towns of Havířov and Prostřední Suchá in the Silesian region. A group of racist assailants attacked several Romani people one after another there in November 2008. A 17-year-old Romani youth (who was 16 at the time of the crime) suffered serious injuries as a result. According to medical reports, he almost died at the time and has been permanently disabled as a result of the attack. One of the accused was not yet 18 years old at the time of the crime; the main hearing is therefore being held in closed session.  full story

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