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October 22, 2021




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Czech Republic: Roma report racism to Facebook after calls for "gypsies" to be set on fire are posted

8.7.2016 8:34 A person presenting herself on Facebook as "Bára Fictumová" now awaits criminal investigation after two Romani people, the well-known activist Jan Čonka and journalist Patrik Banga, filed a report of criminal activity over a post on that page. Fictumová has sadly now become famous on Facebook by posting the following message:  full story

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UK: "No More Polish Vermin" - adherents of Brexit assault foreigners on the streets

27.6.2016 12:19 After last Thursday's referendum deciding that Britain will leave the EU, reports of racist and xenophobic incidents there are multiplying. The number of these incidents is sparking concerns among Britons that the results have encouraged extremist elements in society, the Bloomberg wire service reports.  full story

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Slovakia: Neo-Nazis assemble for hate demonstration, but many more counter-demonstrate against them

27.6.2016 11:02 Hundreds of people participated in a neo-Nazi demonstration and march on Saturday, 25 June in Bratislava "against the dictatorship of Brussels and for stopping the liquidation of Europe," as well as a concurrent assembly by those opposed to extremism. More than 10 extremists were detained by police and taken to stations for questioning.  full story

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Czech Republic: Anti-refugee hoax online after gas station attendants mistake Roma from Slovakia for "refugees"

10.6.2016 10:59 Employees of the Gold gas station near Mohelnice, Czech Republic are spreading a hoax about "refugees" online. When a bus full of Romani people heading back home to Slovakia after seasonal work harvesting hops in the Czech Republic stopped at their station, the attendants thought they were a group of "refugees".  full story

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Member of Czech Freedom Fighters' Union says chair did not speak for her during the Terezín commemoration

17.5.2016 15:02 As a member of the Founding Organization of the Czech Freedom Fighters' Union (ČSBS) in Kladno, I must respond to the speech given by the chair of the ČSBS, Jaroslav Vodička, on behalf of all the members of the ČSBS during the official speeches at the Terezín commemoration on 15 May 2016. Speaking as a representative of the ČSBS, Vodička called for protecting our borders against refugees and for the protection of our culture.  full story

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Czech report on extremism for last year: 307 events, anti-refugee protests replaced anti-Romani ones

8.5.2016 16:59 Czech extremists held 307 events last year, 16 more than in 2014. They assembled most frequently in Prague, and police reported protests outside of facilities for foreign nationals as a new phenomenon.  full story

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Academic research finds no differences between Czech and Romani pupils' delinquent behavior

6.5.2016 9:39 According to a new study performed by the University of Kentucky in collaboration with the Institute for Psychology at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and published in the prestigious Journal of Criminal Justice, no differences were found between Czech and Romani pupils attending the same schools when it came to alcohol use, school misconduct, or theft. The website of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic reported the publication on 2 May.  full story

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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis try to provoke local Roma in Přerov during 1 May protest

2.5.2016 7:20 An assembly and march by about 30 neo-Nazis from the National Regeneration (Národní obroda - NO) group took place yesterday in Přerov. The leader of the NO, Pavel Matějný, gave a speech very similar to those he has given to previous such assemblies.
 full story

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videoCzech Republic: 1 May assemblies against refugee reception and against xenophobia, right-wing extremists verbally assault journalists

1.5.2016 17:22 Since the early morning hours of 1 May there have been peaceful demonstrations, marches, and traditional assemblies throughout the entire Czech Republic. One demonstration against tax havens and xenophobia was attended by 250 people and began on the Square of the Republic in Prague.  full story

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Czech Police charge racist activist Adam B. Bartoš with crimes against humanity

1.5.2016 12:49 On 29 April the Prague Police charged the chair of the ultra-right National Democracy group, Adam B. Bartoš, with three counts of crimes against humanity. Police say he has committed those crimes through the content of his book and other writings he has published, as well as through his public speeches.  full story

Romani football team removed from competition in the Czech Republic

Děčín, 9.7.2011 15:07, (ROMEA) The Romani football club FC Děčín will not be competing next season. On Thursday the Sports and Technical Commission (Sportovně-technická komise - STK) of the district union did not include the team in class III, allegedly because of unpaid debts. News server broke the story yesterday.  full story

Roma in Croatia play football against racism and discrimination

Zagreb, 4.3.2010 23:06, (Croatian Times) Roma have played a football match against Zagreb city officials under the slogan "with a ball against discrimination, racism and poverty."  full story

Hungary: American FBI to join investigation of Roma murders

Hungary, 5.5.2009 11:43, (Hungary Around the Clock) The FBI will help Hungarian police to find the perpetrators of the murders of five Roma in recent months, National Police chief József Bencze announced on MTV Monday morning. Unidentified people have killed five Roma and injured several others in a series of attacks since last summer.  full story

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