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January 24, 2022




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Czech anti-Islam movement figures experience some social exclusion of their own

28.6.2017 9:29 When he was running for election with the "Bloc against Islam", he declared he would "grind Muslims into bone meal" if he won - that was just the first of many outrageous remarks by Martin Konvička, and he has faced criminal prosecution for the more excessive ones. Ultimately, however, his biggest political success was to come in second-to-last in the Tábor district in last year's elections to the Czech Senate.  full story

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Analysis: Czech Police say situation after Chomutov shooting not tense, locals say otherwise

16.6.2017 6:56 In Chomutov the funeral is being prepared of the 34-year-old Romani man who died there on the night of 27 May as a consequence of a gunshot wound. The shooter, who is not Romani, is in custody and facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted.  full story

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Czech survey finds most people not opposed to inclusion, but children living with disabilities or Romani children raise concerns

27.3.2017 17:28 Most people in the Czech Republic (53 %) are not against including children living with disabilities into mainstream classes as long as certain conditions are fulfilled. The groups of people who have extreme opinions about inclusion - whether against it or for it - are smaller.  full story

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Czech Republic pays billions of crowns to nonprofits - who gets most of it?

23.3.2017 15:58 According to Czech President Miloš Zeman, nonprofit organizations are "leeches on the state budget", and other Czech politicians are now deciding to ride his wave of criticism of the nonprofit sector or of "political nonprofits". Investigative news server Hlídací has published a new overview of where the public financing for the nonprofit sector in the Czech Republic actually goes.  full story

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Analysis: The 2016 arson attack on Klinika Social Center - are the Czech Police incompetent, or omniscient?

7.3.2017 9:58 How can we recognize the democratic rule of law? In addition to many other factors, equality of all before the law is one sure way.  full story

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Czech NGO working with Roma says state is punishing the poor and motivating them through fear

17.2.2017 14:51 From the beginning of February an amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress has been in effect in the Czech Republic. In addition to other matters, the amendment establishes
that the aid provided to those in material distress (the minimum subsistence allowance) shall be reduced by roughly one-third for people who have been unemployed for one year and have not performed at least 20 hours of unremunerated work per month for their local authority's public works department.  full story

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Analysis: "Inadaptables get free apartments" - the Czech lie that kills

17.1.2017 11:50 The resistance of the ANO movement, the Christian Democrats, and the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) in the Czech Republic to social housing is based on fabrications that will have tangible consequences: People dying in the streets and broken families. The freezing temperatures falling to -20 C at night now form the backdrop to the coalition Government's tiffs over the planned law on social housing.  full story

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Czech Republic: Investigation into Romani man's death continues as interethnic gulf widens

11.1.2017 7:13 Last fall was marked for thousands of Romani people in the Czech Republic by the mysterious, still-unclarified death of a young man, Miroslav Demeter, in a pizzeria in Žatec. During 20 demonstrations and memorial assemblies around the country and abroad, Romani people took to the streets with the aim of expressing their opinion that the case must be properly investigated.  full story

Analysis: What happened to the Czech social housing law?

5.1.2017 10:24 Reporter Saša Uhlová, writing in Deník Referendum, has provided us with a very open description of the state of preparations for the law on social housing in the Czech Republic. A so-called national-level "Social Housing Office" (Úřad pro sociální bydlení) has made it into the law just because local authorities are refusing to administer social housing.  full story

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Karel Holomek on the "social unconscious" and the Roma Spirit Awards

18.12.2016 22:04 This year's Roma Spirit Awards had to grapple with a lack of comprehension from an unanticipated party: From Romani people themselves. I have done my best to grasp what has happened and it took me a long time before I understood it.  full story

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Analysis: The German parliamentary elections and refugee policy

18.12.2016 17:23 Next year parliamentary and presidential elections will happen in the two most significant Member States of the European Union. While in France the choice of the conservative required two rounds of voting and about four million people ended up choosing the new candidate, the determination of the candidate for the German conservative dual party of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) was a lightning-fast process.
 full story

Analysis: Czech media spread Islamophobic disinformation about court-ordered removal of Virgin Mary statue in France

16.12.2016 20:41 During the weekend of 4 December, the Czech News Agency published a news item saying that the French municipality of Publier, located on the intersection of the border with both Italy and Switzerland, must remove a statue of the Virgin Mary from public land on the basis of a decision by an administrative court tribunal in Grenoble. What is the reason for this decision?  full story

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Analysis of Czech-language Internet finds posts about Roma worse than two years ago - 80 % negative

11.12.2016 20:19 Romani people are discussed in the Czech language online predominantly in terms of stereotypes, and the voice of the Roma themselves in the virtual space is still proportionately weak. Media attention towards Romani people as a minority was overshadowed during 2015 and 2016 by a shift of focus to Muslims and refugees, but the
emotions expressed about the Roma are, at the same time, more negative than they were before.  full story

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Czech trial finally reveals what launched anti-Romani demonstrations in 2013

4.12.2016 14:22 Three years ago the Czech Republic experienced an unprecedented phenomenon - for several Saturdays in a row, thousands of citizens in a particular city engaged in street battles with police. The South Bohemian metropolis of České Budějovice had never experienced anything like it.  full story

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Analysis: How extremism has changed over time

11.10.2016 10:17 Times change. During the 1930s, the ruling elites were discussing deporting refugees to Madagascar.  full story

Analysis: Refugee curfew relaxed in German town of Bautzen, opponents of racism assemble undisturbed

22.9.2016 7:54 One week ago the long-term tensions in the town of Bautzen in the German region of Lausitz, located just north of the border with the Czech Republic, escalated. The clash between neo-Nazis, police officers, and a small group of young refugees resulted in the refugees being chased throughout the entire town and was reported on by news server in detail here.  full story

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Analysis: The phenomenon of the Alternative for Germany party

21.9.2016 16:20 Last weekend in Germany, the state of Berlin elected new representatives to the state legislature and to local municipal councils. The results of the elections once again demonstrate that the distribution of political forces in the various states is unique in each location.  full story

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Analysis: The Czech town of Varnsdorf is cursed by its populists

15.9.2016 12:23 Czech Vice Prime Minister Babiš has concentrated public attention once again on the northern Bohemian town of Varnsdorf, which was the scene of pogrom-like marches on Romani-occupied residential hotels in 2011. This year Babiš has become the king of the Varnsdorf populists, freely continuing the legacy, for example, of Czech MP Ivana Řápková and of local neo-Nazis.  full story

Czech historian responds to tabloid disinformation about Romani Holocaust site

15.9.2016 8:16 The "Gypsy Camp" at Lety by Písek in Bohemia was established on 2 August 1942. It was located on the site of a transit camp that had previously been a disciplinary labor camp.  full story

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