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December 5, 2021




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Czech Republic's second-largest city awarded funds to keep students from failing school

30.3.2017 7:21 The City of Brno has published on its website that the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has recommended it receive funding for a project called "Preventing failure at primary schools in the City of Brno". The city's request for funding has now been fully approved.  full story

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Czech artist's guide to Brno neighborhood nominated for award, Romani activists are not happy

20.3.2017 21:02 A guidebook to the neighborhood in Brno colloquially referred to as the "Bronx" that has been published by artist Kateřina Šedá, has been previously reviewed by news server The book,"Brnox", has now been nominated for the Magnesia Litera award in the category of "Journalism".  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani social workers share their experiences ahead of Rapid Re-Housing project in Brno

24.2.2017 12:43 The City of Brno will be renting apartments to 50 families now living in residential hotels and shelters in the city as part of its Rapid Re-Housing project. The amount of the rent charged will depend on the amount of housing benefit the tenants receive.  full story

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Civil society members of Czech Gov't Council on Roma Affairs visit Brno to discuss policy with Romani community

29.1.2017 8:36 Members of the Czech Government Council for Roma Minority Affairs and government staffers visited nonprofit organizations in Brno working with Romani people last Tuesday and so-called socially excluded localities on Brněnská, Cejl and Francouzská Streets. The visit was one of the first that the members and staffers of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic will be gradually undertaking during 2017.  full story

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Review: Czech artist's "guide" to slumming in Brno's Romani neighborhood is a tasteless mockery

23.1.2017 8:12 "A Guide to the Brno Bronx - BRNOX - a Kateřina Šedá action" is the entire title of a publication that has recently sold out here in the Czech Republic. Its second subtitle (a Kateřina Šedá action) tells you all you need to know about what its real subject is.  full story

Czech Republic: Romani tenants at risk of eviction got their leases extended

31.12.2016 20:33 The mass eviction of tenants from seven apartment buildings in the Cejl Street area of Brno, which more than 110 families were in danger of at the end of this year, has been postponed. The owner of the properties, the Fidurock Brno company, has extended the tenants' leases and begun to negotiate payment plans with rent defaulters, the Czech daily Mladá fronta DNES reported yesterday.  full story

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Czech artist writes a guide to the Brno "Bronx", says Romani people "uninterested" in education

27.12.2016 22:18 The Brno-based artist Kateřina Šedá and a team of collaborators have put together a "guide" to Brno's so-called "Bronx" neighborhood and she has given an interview to news server in which she criticizes the life of Romani residents there. The artist is quoted as saying in the interview that local Romani people are not interested in education and that their children's aim in life is to draw unemployment benefit because that is what they see adults doing in their families.  full story

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Czech Republic: Demonstration supports 100+ families at risk of eviction in Brno

7.12.2016 19:46 More than 100 households in the apartment buildings of the Brno-Zábrdovice quarter are living in uncertainty. The buildings' owners are changing and the new owner plans repairs to the properties.  full story

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Czech Republic: Protest march planned in Brno over eviction of 100+ mostly Romani families

3.12.2016 8:04 More than 110 families with children living on Cejl Street in Brno, Czech Republic are in danger of eviction over the New Year. The "We Want To Live Indoors!" initiative (Chceme bydlet!) is therefore convening a protest march on Tuesday, 6 December, to express support for the at-risk families and draw attention to the practices of those speculating in housing.  full story

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Czech principal sharing building with all-Romani school does all she can to avoid social contact with its pupils

11.11.2016 19:30 The Czech School Inspection Authority is investigating the J.A. Komenský Primary School in Brno over some undignified measures that it has taken. The building of the school is undergoing reconstruction, so its management has had to agree to an offer made to it by a different primary school, ZŠ Merhautova, which owns two buildings, one on Merhautova Street and one on Vranovská Street.  full story

Dancing group Piroš rouža. Photo: Babylonfest

Czech Republic: Babylonfest, a parade of national minorities, begins in Brno today

13.9.2016 13:34 Babylonfest, a festival and parade by the national minorities living in the Czech Republic's second-largest city, will begin today in Brno. The ninth annual festival will run through Saturday.  full story

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Czech Republic: Amaro Records releases its first two videos by young Romani singers

8.8.2016 17:46 The Brno-based recording studio Amaro Records has been running for three months and has just released its first two video clips. The recordings were made by young Romani singers who got the opportunity to record in exchange for their volunteer work during the construction of the community recording studio.  full story

Dozens of public figures protest untruthful reporting by Czech Television of 1 May events

Brno/Prague, 3.5.2011 17:44, (ROMEA) Dozens of public figures are protesting against what they say was untruthful reporting by Czech Television of the 1 May blockade of a neo-Nazi march in Brno. According to those who have signed an open letter, the reporting "includes inaccuracies and does not report in a balanced way on both of the groups that participated or their actual intentions, distorting the truth about our participation in the 'BRNO BLOCKS' action." News server is publishing the open letter in full below:  full story

Online reporting from 1 May counter-protest against neo-Nazis in Brno, Czech Republic

Brno, 1.5.2011 17:49, (ROMEA)

Today, 1 May 2011, people sympathetic to neo-Nazism marched through the streets of Brno once more. This year they intentionally selected a route leading through a quarter where many Roma families live. Roughly two thousand people stood up to the neo-Nazi march and expressed their resistance to it. A total of eight people have been arrested for the time being, seven of them right-wing radicals. The full description of today's events as they unfolded is below. News server will publish a summary of the day's events later.  full story

Four anti-Nazi actions planned for 1 May in Brno, support for blockade increasing

Brno, 26.4.2011 18:01, (ROMEA) 1 May 2011 in Brno is going to be lively. In response to a march announced by proponents of neo-Nazism and racism, several gatherings of respectable people are going to be held. Those attending will be local Roma people as well as Roma from around the country, activists, other opponents of Nazism and racism, artists, and church representatives and members. The four events are: A nonviolent blockade of the march, a gathering at the Museum of Roma Culture featuring a concert, a street-theater performance, and an ecumenical religious service.  full story

Czech Republic: City of Brno says ultra-right march on 1 May can only use one route

Brno, 21.4.2011 23:55, (ROMEA) Extremists who were originally planning to march along two routes through a socially excluded locality of Brno have accepted City Hall's suggestion that they only use one. "City Hall negotiators secured agreement to the changes," registrar Pavel Loutocký said today. Loutocký said officials strove for even greater adjustments to the route, but the conveners refused.  full story

More and more Czech celebrities supporting blockade of neo-Nazi march in Brno on 1 May

Brno, 19.4.2011 16:57, (ROMEA) The brutal interventions recently committed by the Czech Police and Czech Interior Ministry officials against the nonviolent, peaceful blockades of neo-Nazi marches in the towns of Nový Bydžov and Krupka have not scared off those opposed to neo-Nazism. On the contrary, more and more celebrities from public life are starting to join their efforts.  full story

Brno to renovate its Romany neighbourhood

Brno, 24.9.2008 13:56, (ROMEA) Brno City Hall wants to invest 311 million crowns into the renovation of the Cejl neighbourhood, where mostly Romanies live, Oliver Pospisil, Brno deputy mayor, told journalists today.  full story

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