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November 17, 2019
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videoCzech demonstration against doubting the genocide of the Roma, hatred and racism

17.3.2018 22:07 Today at 13:00 in Prague there was a demonstration against doubting the Holocaust and its Romani victims, against racism, and against violence that was attended by several dozen Romani people and other opponents of the dissemination of hatred. In addition to speeches, the names of the victims of racial violence in the Czech Republic were read and the Romani anthem was sung by the Bengas band.  full story

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TODAY!!! Romani people to demonstrate against racism on 17 March in Prague's Klárov Park

10.3.2018 8:08 Romani people and others opposed to the dissemination of hatred in the Czech Republic will be protesting racism, violence, and the doubting of the Holocaust and its Romani victims on Saturday, 17 March 2018 in Prague at Klárov Park, the grassy area across from the Malostranská metro station. In addition to speeches, the names of the victims of racist violence in the Czech Republic will be read aloud, the international Romani anthem will be sung, and the Romani band Bengas will perform.  full story

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Opinion: Running a nationalist party in Europe is a very good business plan

21.12.2017 9:43 According to the director of the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations Working with Migrants, Anna Dumont, running nationalist parties in the Czech Republic is a very good business plan for those in charge of them. "As a result of their gains in the recent elections, the SPD has been given from the state budget CZK 54 million [EUR 2 million] plus another CZK 20 million [EUR 777 700] annually per elected MP. This is a business. This is a machine for producing money that functions effectively, and not just in our country. This is a perfect way to cheat the voters. All of these party leaders have known, from the beginning, that they will be unable to fulfill any of their promises," Dumont said in her speech at last weekend's demonstration against the Prague conference of the anti-immigration, hateful, xenophobic parties in the ENF group at the European Parliament, which news server is publishing here in full translation.  full story

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Roma take to the streets to show political preferences on Czech state holiday

21.11.2017 8:06 The celebrations of the Velvet Revolution last Friday, 17 November were joined in Prague by a small group of Romani people from the Buči organization and the Romani Democratic Party. The memorial to the events of 1989 was visited by Czech presidential candidate Jiří Drahoš, among other politicians.  full story

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Czech Republic commemorates Velvet Revolution, Prague Police arrest two right-wing extremists

18.11.2017 13:25 Yesterday the inhabitants of the Czech Republic commemorated the anniversary of the events that transpired on 17 November 1989 and 1939. The biggest number of such events was held in the capital, Prague.
 full story

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Almost 2 000 Roma assemble in Czech town to ask for equal access to quality education

13.11.2017 12:33 According to organizers' estimates, almost 2 000 Romani people assembled in Ostrava on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the judgment against the Czech Republic for discriminating against Romani children in their access to education which was handed down by the European Court of Human Rights. The Romani people gathered to ask for equal access to quality education for their children.  full story

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Roma to demonstrate in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Saturday for equal access to quality education

8.11.2017 10:22 On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the "D.H. case" against the Czech Republic for discriminating against Romani children in their access to education, a concert by popular Romani bands and performers will be part of a "happening" on Svatopluk Čech Square in Ostrava this Saturday, 11 November at 13:00. Many experts on education will speak at the event, both parents and professionals.  full story

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UK: Thousands of Muslims protest against ISIS and terrorism in London

12.10.2017 13:01 The British newspaper The Independent reported that more than 10 000 Muslims marched on Sunday, 1 October through London protesting against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) and terrorism. The peaceful assembly on the Muslim holiday of Ashura commemorated the victims of the ISIS terrorist organization.  full story

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Czech-Roma group alleges more people may have died at Roma genocide site than previously known, will demonstrate for pig farm removal

21.7.2017 8:28 On Sunday, 30 July at 13:30 an assembly will be held on Hradčanské náměstí near Prague Castle called "Remove the pig farm! Remember the victims of the Samudaripen".
The main demand of those demonstrating is the removal of the pig farm from the site of the WWII-era genocide of the Roma at Lety u Písku.  full story

Lety u Písku, 24. 6. 2017 (FOTO: František Bikár,

Czech Justice Minister says moving pig farm from Roma genocide camp may require expropriation

26.6.2017 23:30 On Saturday 24 June, the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM) and the nongovernmental organization Konexe hosted an event called "Dignity for Lety". They gathered with activists from the Czech Republic and 15 other countries to demand the removal of the pig farm located on the site of a former concentration camp at Lety u Pisku. Politicians and ambassadors of various countries gave speeches in support of the removal of the pig farm. aired the event live.  full story

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videoUnited States: Protestors against Sharia Law Link Muslims to Terrorism

13.6.2017 22:00 US media report that on Saturday, June 10, anti-sharia law demonstrations happened across the United States in which traditional Muslim practices were called a threat to U.S. society. The protests were organized by the conservative group ACT for America, an organization that self-identifies as the "only national security grassroots foundation" within the U.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which was created to fulfill the goals of the civil rights movement, analyzes ACT for America as an anti-Muslim hate group.  full story

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videoGreece: Non-Romani residents attack Romani ones after Romani man accused in shooting death

13.6.2017 21:40 Greek media are reporting that the Roma community of Menidi has been targeted with violence in response to the death of an 11-year-old non-Romani boy there. A Romani man has been accused of causing the shooting death of the boy on Thursday, June 8, when a stray bullet struck his head during an end of school celebration.  full story

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Hungary: Protests criticize Government, including over Roma integration

26.5.2017 7:52 Thousands of people have once again turned out on the streets of Budapest and other towns throughout Hungary to protest the Government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his FIDESZ party. The demonstrations on Sunday, 21 May were organized by the civic initiative "Nem maradunk csendben!" (We Will Not Be Silent!).  full story

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Girl Scout from iconic photo in Brno, Czech Republic tells she feels obligated to protest fascist ideologies and opinions

4.5.2017 8:27 An iconic photograph of a young Girl Scout who decided to protest on 1 May 2017 against a neo-Nazi assembly in Brno, Czech Republic has flown around the Internet, and not just the "Czech" one. The photo has received more than 60 000 "likes" and almost 6 000 comments on the Reddit social networking site.  full story

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videoCzech neo-Nazis experience May Day debacle as counter-protests drown them out with music

2.5.2017 7:21 Yesterday neo-Nazi adherents assembled on náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) in Brno, the second-biggest city in the Czech Republic, for their 1 May march. Those opposed
to them outnumbered them on the scene and were there to dance and drum.  full story

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Demonstration in Barcelona calls on Spanish state to receive more refugees

24.2.2017 12:03 As many as 160 00 people demonstrated in Barcelona last Saturday in favor of more refugees being received by Spain as the authorities pledged to do in 2015. Left-wing Mayor Ada Colau called on the demonstrators to fill the streets in a march called "We Want to Welcome Them".  full story

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NGO representatives from 20 countries attend ODIHR/OSCE round table on monitoring demonstrations and keeping them nonviolent

6.1.2017 8:06 Last month the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) held a three-day round table on the topic of monitoring public assemblies and demonstrations during which representatives of nonprofits from 20 countries, including a representative of the ROMEA organization in the Czech Republic, presented their experiences with monitoring demonstrations and working with local authorities and police during public assemblies. Roughly 35 representatives from 20 countries worldwide attended.  full story

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Czech trial finally reveals what launched anti-Romani demonstrations in 2013

4.12.2016 14:22 Three years ago the Czech Republic experienced an unprecedented phenomenon - for several Saturdays in a row, thousands of citizens in a particular city engaged in street battles with police. The South Bohemian metropolis of České Budějovice had never experienced anything like it.  full story

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Right-wing extremists supporting Czech President blocked from marching through Prague's Jewish Town on 17 November

18.11.2016 21:14 On Thursday, 17 November 2016 a demonstration in support of Czech President Miloš Zeman was attended by roughly 400 people. Shortly after a musical performance by Tomáš Hnídek Ortel, a former member of the neo-Nazi group Conflict 88, the demonstration was officially ended.  full story

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video30 000 assemble on Prague's Wenceslas Square to celebrate 17 November - VIDEO

18.11.2016 19:58 As many as 30 000 people set off alarm clocks yesterday on Prague's Wenceslas Square during the celebrations of the anniversary of the beginning of the fall of state socialism in the former Czechoslovakia. The alarm clocks were supposed to symbolically wake civil society from its sleep, according to organizers of the "happening".  full story

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