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October 17, 2021




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Germany: Merkel's popularity rising, anti-refugee populists losing favor

10.7.2016 18:48 German Chancellor Angela Merkel is enjoying her highest ratings since the beginning of the refugee crisis. A total of 59 % of Germans are assessing her work positively, the highest rating since last September.  full story

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Germany: Number of refugees arriving has significantly fallen

10.7.2016 11:34 During the first six months of 2016 more than 220 000 migrants arrived in Germany. The figure was announced on 8 July by German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.  full story

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England: Roma immigrant in Sheffield will not risk traveling abroad after Brexit win

8.7.2016 12:24 Czech Radio reports that concerns about the consequences of Brexit have already permeated the alleys of the northern English town of Sheffield. Many East Europeans live there now, including many Romani people from the Czech Republic or eastern Slovakia.  full story

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Petr Uhl: British Tories and the Czech ODS are two Trojan horses inside the EU

27.6.2016 14:47 The European Union should change. The form of that change, however, will now be the subject of much discussion, as there are very different ideas for it being proposed.  full story

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Slovakia: Neo-Nazis assemble for hate demonstration, but many more counter-demonstrate against them

27.6.2016 11:02 Hundreds of people participated in a neo-Nazi demonstration and march on Saturday, 25 June in Bratislava "against the dictatorship of Brussels and for stopping the liquidation of Europe," as well as a concurrent assembly by those opposed to extremism. More than 10 extremists were detained by police and taken to stations for questioning.  full story

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Record high number of 65.3 million people were forcibly displaced last year worldwide

26.6.2016 12:59 Last year the number of people forcibly displaced rose to 65.3 million worldwide. On 20 June the UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that figure is a record high, with the number of forcibly displaced persons worldwide exceeding 60 million for the first time ever.  full story

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British educator, ashamed of his country's vote on remaining in EU, calls for referendum on exit terms

26.6.2016 10:13 Mark Penfold, an educator and founding member of the Roma Education Support Trust, has written the following letter in response to the results of the referendum on Brexit. News server republishes it here in full.  full story

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UK police officer Petr Torák: I'm still in shock over Brexit

25.6.2016 10:28 Petr Torák, a Romani émigré from the Czech Republic, is a police officer who is more than successful in Great Britain. Last year he was made a Member of the British Empire for his work.  full story survey: Roma from abroad living in Britain fear for their future after Brexit

24.6.2016 21:22 Romani people from abroad who are living in Great Britain are not enthusiastic about the results of the referendum on leaving the European Union. Britons have decided to leave the EU and all immigrants there suddenly do not know what exactly lies in store for them.  full story

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UNICEF: Unaccompanied minors increasing among refugees

23.6.2016 8:35 Among the asylum-seekers traveling from Africa to Italy by sea there have been 7 009 unaccompanied minors so far this year. That is double the number of children who traveled alone last year.  full story

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EU Member States may not punish migrants for illegal entry by imprisoning them

15.6.2016 6:18 Migrants who illegally cross the borders of most EU Member States in the Schengen zone may not be punished with imprisonment for so doing. The European Court of Justice has decided that instead of that punishment, the Member State concerned should take advantage of the so-called "Return Directive" to deport the migrant, according to the conditions of the directive, back to the country from which the migrant performed the illegal crossing.  full story

Marine Le Pen is elected as leader of France’s National Front party

Paris, 27.1.2011 16:01, (ROMEA) Command of the far-right National Front (FN) in France is now in the hands of 42-year-old Marine Le Pen, daughter of the previous leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen.  full story

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