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August 3, 2020




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Czech academics sign petition against xenophobia

17.8.2015 17:46 Scientists and other staffers of the Czech Republic's academic and research institutions have signed a petition against the growth of xenophobic sentiment in Czech society. They are also disturbed by extremist group activity which, in their view, is not being sufficiently counterbalanced.  full story

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Czech football fans hang up Islamophobic banner during match, team later apologizes

14.8.2015 21:07 During a football match on 2 August between the Bohemians 1905 and FK Jablonec teams, fans from Jablonec nad Nisou hung up a banner in the stands that insulted Muslims. The provocative caricature depicted a Nordic female carrying a shield inscribed with "Europe" and kicking a pig wearing a turban, who is dropping a copy of the Koran as a result.  full story

Drahomír Radek Horváth (photo: Saša Uhlová)

Drahomír Radek Horváth: I don't know where to stand on fear of immigrants and Islam

30.7.2015 23:48 I am not a paranoid person and I don't generalize, I judge people by the quality of their character, not their skin color, I tolerate other opinions, religions, sexual orientations, etc. Simply put, as a member of a national minority I have "enjoyed" plenty of generalizations about Roma in my own life.  full story

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Czech Interior Minister: Islamophobic populists using same methods as ultra-right

19.7.2015 4:16 The Czech Interior Ministry anticipates that anti-immigration and populist Islamophobic organizations will increase their activities and that their themes will be more actively taken up by "traditional right-wing extremists". The ministry's predictions are part of its report on the development of extremism during the second quarter of this year.  full story

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Czech Republic: Thousands call on Government to stand up to hatred

6.7.2015 17:01 Last Wednesday's demonstration on Wenceslas Square in Prague demonstrated how hot-button problems related to the hysteria being spread on the topic of refugees in the Czech Republic are being dealt with. The event sparked a more or less immediate reaction and an Open Letter to the Czech PM and Interior Minister was posted online within 48 hours.  full story

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Czech Republic: Anti-immigrant, Islamophobic protest in Prague

1.7.2015 17:41 Several hundred people demonstrated yesterday in Prague against the Czech Republic receiving refugees. Their claim is that the recent decision of the Czech Government to voluntarily receive several hundred migrants is a "dirty trick".  full story

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Czech Police acted unlawfully when intervening against activists holding Czech-Romani flag

2.5.2015 21:58 The Czech Police have apologized to Romani activist Ivana Čonková for detaining her, together with evangelical priest Mikuláš Vymětal, for holding a Czech-Romani flag together at a counter-protest in January against an anti-Islamic demonstration. Čonková's complaint in the matter has been evaluated as partially justified.  full story

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Czech Republic: Ecumenical prayer against Islamophobes to take place in České Budějovice tomorrow

13.3.2015 20:24, (ROMEA) Tomorrow, Saturday 14 March, the "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" initiative will hold yet another demonstration, this time on Přemysl Otakar II. Square in the town of České Budějovice. In the Facebook announcement of the event, organizers led by Martin Konvička are tempting people to come by saying the event will feature the sale of propaganda items and refreshments and are attempting to ensure a big turnout by arranging for participants to drive there together.  full story

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Czech-language hate group tries to pass off picture of Nobel Prize winner as its Facebook administrator

Prague, 27.2.2015 21:53, (ROMEA)
Can we believe anything at all on the Internet anymore? Has it just become a tool for fraudsters, haters and propagandists? 
 full story

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Expert says Czech society's discussion of Islam is the worst in Europe

26.2.2015 0:25, (ROMEA) "The discussion [of Islam] in the Czech Republic is not substantive, we are deceiving ourselves," says Miloš Mendel, an Arabist and Islamologist at Masaryk University in an interview for news server Aktuálně.cz. When asked what bothers him so much about the Czech discussion of Islam, he answered as follows:  full story

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Czech Republic: Even other Islamophobes reject the DSSS

Prague, 22.2.2015 22:26, (ROMEA) Even the current wave of anti-Islamic sentiment in the Czech Republic failed to attract a larger amount of people to an assembly convened by the Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) against immigration and Islam yesterday. About 40 people turned out to listen to a speech by DSSS leader Tomáš Vandas on the Old Town Square in Prague.  full story

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Czech Republic: Islamophobic demonstration greeted by counter-protest

Brno, 15.2.2015 0:03, (ROMEA) The Czech News Agency reports that about 600 people came to Moravské Square in Brno today to demonstrate against Islam. Advocates of religious freedom and tolerance convened their own assembly nearby, numbering about 200.  full story

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