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December 6, 2021




Italy arrests 400 in illegal immigrants swoop

Italy, 19.5.2008 16:12, (Roma Daily News) Italian police announced on Thursday the arrest of hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants in a sign of the determination of Silvio Berlusconi's new right-wing government to clamp down.  full story

68% of Italians want Roma expelled - poll

Italy, 19.5.2008 16:06, (Roma Daily News) Sixty-eight per cent of Italians, fuelled by often inflammatory attacks bythe new rightwing government, want to see all of the country's 150,000Gypsies, many of them Italian citizens, expelled, according to an opinionpoll.  full story

Italy: Rights watchdog attacks anti-Roma Gypsy violence

Vienna/Warsaw, 16.5.2008 22:03, (AKI) The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe human rights watchdog has expressed concern over recent attacks against Roma Gypsy camps in Italy.  full story

Italy police to protect Gypsies

Italy, 14.5.2008 15:27, (BBC/ROMEA) Italian police are being forced to protect Roma Gypsies who have come under attack from local residents in Naples two nights running. Makeshift homes were set alight as demonstrators attacked two camps. The disturbance was sparked by an alleged kidnap attempt by a Roma teenager. There is deep suspicion throughout the country of the Roma community.  full story

Italy: Dismantling of illegal camp divides Milan's leaders

Italy, 11.4.2008 10:14, (Roma Daily News) Italy's controversial relationship with the Roma community has been further exacerbated after one of their camps was dismantled in the northern city of Milan.  full story

Berlusconi criticized in Brussels over anti-Roma remarks

Brussels, 14.2.2008 19:08, (DPA) A liberal lawmaker in Brussels and Roma rights advocates Wednesday demanded an apology from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi over his calls for "zero tolerance" towards Roma, illegal immigrants and criminals. Berlusconi made the comments at the start of the election campaign leading to next April's general election, in which he is vying for a third term in office.  full story

Join the protest against the anti-Romani statement of Silvio Berlusconi!

Brussels, 13.2.2008 19:03, (ROMEA) Viktória Mohácsi MEP-ALDE, and the following non-governmental organizations listed below, feel insulted by the statement of Silvio Berlusconi and demand his peremptory apologies. Silvio Berlusconi declared "Tolerance zero towards Roma, clandestines and criminals" during a phone interview concerning his program for the first 100 day of governance.  full story

Romanian Roma organisations call for Commissioner Frattini to step down

Bucurest, 15.11.2007 10:10, (ROMEA) On November 3, Mr Frattini, Italian Commissioner for Justice and Civil Liberties declared: "What has to be done is simple. Go into a nomad camp in Rome for example, and ask them: ?Can you tell me where you live? If they say they do not know, take them and send them home to Romania. That is how the European directive works. It is simple and safe. Romania cannot say they will not take them back, because it is an obligation that is part of being a member state of the EU."  full story

ERIO: Press release on Anti-Gypsyism in Italy

Brussels, 12.11.2007 16:52, (ROMEA) The emergency decree adopted last week by the Italian government facilitates expulsion of (Romanians, Roma) aliens without sufficient procedural guarantees. We are concerned that the application of the decree is violating European and international human rights standards and urge the Italian government to revoke the emergency decree.  full story

Romanian Premier Tries to Calm Italy After a Killing

Bucurest, 8.11.2007 10:39, (New York Times) Romania’s prime minister visited Italy on Wednesday to try to defuse a week of anger here, after the arrest of a Romanian in the killing of an Italian woman exploded into a national debate on immigration and crime. Some three dozen immigrants have been expelled since then, with calls from the center-right opposition for many more expulsions.  full story

Italy moves to expel EU nationals as part of crime crackdown

Rome, Italy, 6.11.2007 14:14, (EU Observer) Italian authorities have started rounding up Romanian immigrants illegally residing in the country following a fast-track adoption of a decree allowing expulsions of EU citizens who pose a threat to public security.  full story

Stop anti-Gypsyism by joining our protest!

Italy/Romania, 5.11.2007 14:26, (Roma Network) Following a sustained campaign carried out in a number of prominent media since the summer months of 2007, inciting panic about crimes purportedly committed by Romanians -- and in particular Romanian Roma -- the Italian government has passed an emergency decree facilitating the expulsion of Romanian citizens, with only limited procedural protections. In the context of agitating for these new draconian measures, media in Italy and Romania have participated in explicitly racist incitement, and a number of high-ranking officials have made explicitly anti-Romani statements.  full story

President Basescu summons Brussels authorities to take stand on crisis affecting Romanians in Italy

Rome, Italy, 5.11.2007 12:41, ( Romanian President Traian Basescu criticized the activity of the country's embassies and consulates abroad in a speech on Sunday evening as Romanian immigrants in Italy have become the target of raids and fierce official rhetoric after one killed an Italian woman in October.  full story

Pope appeals for respect for migrants rights after Italy begins clampdown on Romanians

Rome, Italy, 5.11.2007 12:34, (Roma Network) Pope Benedict yesterday urged the Italian authorities to respect migrants rights, after the government begun arresting Romanians, deporting those they said were a 'danger to public safety' and bulldozing several shantytowns in which Romanian migrants lived.  full story

Italy turns on its immigrants in wake of a murder

Rome, Italy, 5.11.2007 12:24 These are the first victims of a brutal Italian crackdown on immigrants. As thousands await deportation without trial, are we entering a new era of intolerance across Europe?  full story

Italy death sparks expulsion order

Rome, Italy, 2.11.2007 12:26, (AP) A woman who was raped and beaten near a Gypsy camp allegedly by a Romanian has died, state radio has reported. The latest attack blamed on a foreigner has prompted the government to give authorities the power to expel EU immigrants deemed dangerous.  full story

Rome criminal’s denouncer, taken into custody

Rome, Italy, 2.11.2007 12:19, ( The improvised camp where the Roma immigrants lived in Rome’s suburbs, on the bank of Tibrus, was fully „cleaned up” by the Italian Police on Thursday morning.  full story

Roman Catholic Charity Attaked for Hosting Rroma People

Pavia, Italy, 11.9.2007 10:53, (Church News) In Italy, Pavia, citizens attacked a Roman-Catholic Church charity for hosting Rroma. During last months many Rroma were attacked just for being in Italy. The worst crime was when a band of teenagers burn to death a camp of Rroma/Sinti and children died in fire. Yet, only few journalists dear to say those criminals are fascists.  full story

Roma People of Romania Origin Targeted by Extremists in Italy

Italy, 20.8.2007 10:32, (DIVERS) A previously unknown group of Italian extremists, the Armed Group for Ethnic Cleansing (GAPE), claimed in a letter to an Italian newspaper last weekend that they were behind the death of several Roma children originating from Romania in a fire in Livorno on August 11.  full story

Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General: Italy should take action to integrate Roma

Strasbourg, 15.8.2007 10:39, (ROMEA) “When a Roma child dies due to deplorable living conditions, the whole society bears the responsibility and not only the parents”, said Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer-Buquicchio today following the deaths of four Roma children in a fire on the outskirts of Livorno, central Italy.  full story

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