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March 3, 2021




Czech extremists announce another public march in Litvinov

Litvinov, 19.11.2008 22:26, (ROMEA) Members and followers of the Czech extreme rightists Workers' Party (DS) are preparing another protest march in Litvinov, DS deputy chairman Petr Kotab told journalists today.  full story

Czech Republic faces great civic disturbances-Romany activist

Prague, 19.11.2008 22:24, (ROMEA) The Czech Republic faces the greatest possible civic disturbances due to recent events in Litvinov where the police prevented far right radicals from marching through a Romany-populated housing estate, Cyril Koky, member of the government council for Romany affairs said today.  full story

12 Czechs accused of breach of peace due to racist march

Litvinov, 18.11.2008 22:29, (ROMEA) The Czech police have accused 12 people, mostly of breach of the peace in connection with an extremists' march to the Romany-inhabited Janov housing estate in Litvinov on Monday, local police spokeswoman Ludmila Svetlakova said.  full story

CzechRep sees toughest clash of police, far-rightists since 2000

Litvinov, 17.11.2008 22:33, (ROMEA) Hundreds of policemen today clashed with supporters of the Czech far-right Workers' Party (DS) near a Romany-inhabited vicinity in Litvinov, probably the toughest similar clash since 2000 when riots accompanied the world financial institutions' session in Prague.  full story

Czechs Greens want govt to discuss extremists' actions

Prague, 24.10.2008 21:07, (ROMEA) Czech Education Minister Ondrej Liska (Green Party, SZ) wants the government to discuss the rightist extremists' action in Litvinov, north Bohemia, last Saturday, he says in a statement his party sent to CTK today.  full story

Czech Romanies call on govt to avert further clashes in Litvinov

Louny, 23.10.2008 14:48, (ROMEA) Czech Romany groupings associated in the Romani Alliance movement called on the government today to immediately start dealing with the situation after a rally of rightist extremists in Litvinov, north Bohemia, on Saturday.  full story

NGO asks Czech Romanies to set up home guards to face radicals

Rokycany, 23.10.2008 11:10, (ROMEA) Czech Romany civic groups associated in the Romani Alliance today called on Romanies to form home guards in reaction to the recent demonstration of far-right extremists in Litvinov, and they called on well-off Romanies to go to Canadian exile.  full story

ROMEA: Politicians, break your silence!

Prague, 23.10.2008 10:20, (ROMEA) We are deeply distressed by the silence following the demonstration on Saturday by members of Národní odpor ("National Resistance") and the Dělnická strana ("Workers' Party") in Litvínov. From the very beginning, the unannounced gathering targeted the Romani minority living at the Janov housing estate. The concerns of those living there were completely justified. They had already experienced one provocation by members of the extremist DS on 4 October 2008, when the party's "Protection Corps" walked through the streets of Janov. In the media we saw clips of Roma holding baseball bats, which naturally prompted mixed feelings from the public. However, the Roma had received no assurances either from politicians or police that their safety would be protected, so it was unfortunately completely logical that they decided to take care of their own safety and that of their families.  full story

Romale, start your own "home defense" against pogroms

Litvínov/Janov, 20.10.2008 19:46, (ROMEA) According to Minister Ivan Langer, it is perfectly in order for Nazis and fascists to operate paramilitary organizations here. There is, therefore, no reason why you, the Roma, should not have them as well. The state evidently is losing the ability and will to protect you against pogroms. You should therefore defend yourselves. Everyone has the right to self-defense.  full story

Czech police accuse extremist of hooliganism over clash

Litvínov, 19.10.2008 14:56, (ROMEA) The Czech police have accused one of the four persons detained during a clash with rightist extremists on Saturday of breach of the peace, police spokeswoman Ludmila Svetlakova told CTK today.  full story

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