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September 15, 2019
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German Constitutional Court won't release intelligence files on Eichmann

Berlin, 29.7.2014 18:14, (ROMEA) The German Constitutional Court has rejected a request from the daily Bild to have the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) publish the complete file it has on Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust. The publisher of Germany's most-read newspaper reported the rejection on 25 July and said it was considering filing suit with the European Court of Human Rights to gain access to the file.  full story

Czech Police arrest man who painted Nazi graffiti

Most, 15.7.2014 16:14, (ROMEA) Police have charged a 24-year-old man from the town of Litvínov (Most district) with displaying sympathy for a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms and criminal property damage. The man has admitted to spray-painting Nazi symbols on a building in the outskirts of the town of Most.  full story

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Czech Republic: Arrested neo-Nazi also sought by Austria

Karlovy Vary Region, Czech Republic, 30.6.2014 19:05, (ROMEA) Detectives in the Karlovy Vary Region have begun criminal proceedings against a 41-year-old foreign national for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and expressing sympathy for a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms. The man charged is said to have committed this behavior this past weekend around midnight in a local restaurant in the town of Hroznětín.  full story

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Deaths of paratroopers who assassinated Nazi official in Czechoslovakia remembered

Prague, 21.6.2014 0:13, (ROMEA) People gathered today to mark the anniversary of the death of seven Czechoslovak paratroopers in the Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius on Resslova Street in Prague. The men met their deaths in the crypt of the Orthodox church 72 years ago.  full story

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Czech Govt proposes granting Nicholas Winton the Order of the White Lion

Prague, 18.6.2014 20:36, (ROMEA) The Czech Government will propose to the President of the Republic that Nicholas Winton, the man who saved hundreds of Jewish children during WWII, be awarded the Order of the White Lion. Czech Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek (Christian Democrats -KDU-ČSL) informed journalists of the Government's decision yesterday.  full story

Czech judge who dissolved neo-Nazi party joins Constitutional Court

Brno/Prague, 9.6.2014 22:42, (ROMEA) On 30 May the Czech Senate approved Czech President Miloš Zeman's proposal to promote Judge Vojtěch Šimíček to the Constitutional Court. Šimíček chaired a panel at the Supreme Administrative Court that decides on electoral and political party cases.  full story

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France: 70th anniversary commemorations of D-Day

Normandy, France, 6.6.2014 20:38, (ROMEA) Since midnight, thousands of people have been commemorating the 70th anniversary of the landing of the Allied troops in Normandy, an event that became the turning point of the Second World War and forecast the ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany. During a nighttime vigil at Pegasus Bridge, the first jump by British paratroopers was commemorated, while on Ohama Beach people waited emotionally for the dawn, the moment when, 70 years ago, the first Allied soldiers stepped onto French soil.  full story

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Switzerland: Hitler salute in public not always a crime

Lausanne, Switzerland, 23.5.2014 20:37, (ROMEA) According to the Swiss Supreme Court, giving the Nazi salute is not an unpermitted act of racist discrimination if the gesture is meant solely as an expression of personal conviction. The Associated Press reports that the court has released a ruling entitled "Hitler salute in public not always punishable".  full story

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Germany: Granddaughter of Nazi concentration camp commander writes book

Hamburg, Germany, 21.5.2014 20:16, (ROMEA) German author Jennifer Teege has released a book called Amon: My Granddad Would Have Shot Me. In it, the author describes her painful self-discovery and search for her roots after recently learning she is the grandchild of Amon Göth.  full story

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UK: Rescuer of Jewish children from Holocaust turns 105

London, 19.5.2014 17:49, (ROMEA) Today Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved 669 Jewish children from the Nazis in Czechoslovakia, celebrates his 105th birthday. After celebrating yesterday with his family at his home in Maidenhead, he is scheduled to attend another party today at the Czech Embassy in London to which many of those whom he saved have been invited and where his daughter, Barbara Winton, will launch a book about her father's life.  full story

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Czech PM at Terezín: It is important to stand up to anti-Semitism

Terezín (Litoměřice district), 19.5.2014 3:33, (ROMEA) Jaroslav Vodička, the chair of the Czech Freedom Fighters' Union, said today that German President Joachim Gauch's recent visit to the former Jewish ghetto at Terezín was a courageous step and a gesture of partnership. Hundreds of people remembered the victims of Nazism during WWII today at a commemoration ceremony in Terezín.  full story

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Czech Government still can't find money to remove pig farm from Romani Holocaust site

Lety u Písku, 10.5.2014 20:05, (ROMEA) Money to get rid of the pig farm standing on the site of a former concentration camp for Romani people at Lety in the Písek district of the Czech Republic is not likely to be provided by the government of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. For years, the surviving relatives of the victims of the Romani Holocaust have been calling in vain for the farm to go, as have the Council of Europe, the European Union, the United Nations, and various NGOs.  full story

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Commentary: When a memorial stinks

Prague, 9.5.2014 21:15, (ROMEA) The WWII-era suffering of Romani people was not spoken of in the Czech Republic for a very long time. The horrors of the concentration camps were primarily linked here with the Holocaust of Europe's Jews.  full story

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16 May 1944: Romani Resistance Day

Prague, 9.5.2014 0:15, (ROMEA) It seems that the denial of genocide and the denial of racism are communicating vessels. An ethnic group whose genocide is denied continues to be targeted with racism.  full story

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European Center of Romani Music production about Lety concentration camp for Romani people

Prague, 7.5.2014 0:04, (ROMEA) The European Center of Romani Music in Prague, in collaboration with Slovak director Dana Račková, is producing a musical theater performance entitled "Lety - 1942". The production tells the story of the fates of the victims of the Czech concentration camp of Lety by Písek, which was called a "Gypsy Camp" at the time.  full story

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Czech politicians outraged by Justice Minister's remarks about the Nazi Protectorate

Prague, 25.3.2014 20:47, (ROMEA) Politicians are outraged by remarks made in an interview for news server Echo24 by Czech Justice Minister Helena Válková (ANO) about the situation of Czechs during the time of the Nazi Protectorate. The minister said that "not that much happened" to Czechs under Nazi occupation.  full story

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